Are you experiencing the annoying problem of your Onn TV not turning on but red light is on? You’re not alone, so don’t worry. This issue freaks out so many users. But don’t worry, you are not alone. 

First, make sure the batteries are in the remote control. Make sure they’re operating correctly. If that’s not the problem, try reconnecting the TV after unplugging it for a little while. If ONN TV doesn’t come on, we will walk you through all the troubleshooting steps in depth later in this piece.

We’ll examine the prevalent issue of ONN TVs failing to turn on even when the red indicates that the unit is getting power in the post. We’ll look at the causes of this issue and review several workable fixes to help you solve it so you can watch your favorite films and television shows without interruption.

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Common Causes for ONN Roku TV not Turning on 

For the “ONN TV not turning on but red light is on” problem to be successfully troubleshooted, it is essential to comprehend these typical reasons.not turning off You can apply the proper remedy and restart your TV by determining the underlying problem.

Power Surge or Electrical Issues

Your ONN TV is only one of the many electrical gadgets suffering significantly from power spikes. The TV may not switch on due to a rapid surge of power overloading its circuits.electrical issues Invest in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or surge protector to safeguard your TV from voltage changes to avoid this.

Internal Hardware Malfunction

Your ONN TV can have an internal component failure, which prevents it from turning on. This might be anything from a broken power supply to a broken motherboard. internal hardwareIf you think this is the problem, you should have the exact hardware issue diagnosed and fixed by a specialist.

Faulty Power Outlet or Cable

A less severe but annoying problem is your power outlet or the power cable on your TV. Make sure the power outlet you’re using works and is supplying energy.faulty power outlet Furthermore, look for any obvious damage or loose connections in the power supply. Changing the power outlet or cable can fix the issue.

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Initial troubleshooting steps when ONN TV won’t turn on

If you are dealing with the issue of ONN TV not turning on but red light is on, try these basic troubleshooting fixes to see what’s causing the frustrating problem:

Checking the Power Source

Check that the TV is plugged into a functional power socket. Sometimes, the most straightforward fixes work the best. Verify again that the power supply to your TV is operational. To rule out any power supply problems, you can use a new power cord or try a different outlet.check power source

Testing with another electronic item: Plug in a different electronic device, like a charger or light, to ensure the power outlet functions as intended. If the gadget works, it indicates that the outlet is working, and the TV itself could be the issue.

Resetting the TV

Replugging the TV back in after unplugging it for a short while is a simple fix that frequently fixes little electrical device issues. Unplug the TV from the power source and turn it off. After a few minutes, try turning it on by plugging it back in. The internal circuits of the TV may be reset in this way.resetting tv

If there is a reset button on the TV, use it. Reset buttons are included on some ONN TVs, usually found on the side or back of the device. Go to the handbook to find this button and learn how to do a factory reset on your TV. This may fix the problem by returning the TV’s settings to their original configuration.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Once you’ve tried all of the basic troubleshooting methods and you are nowhere close to solving the ONN TV not turning on, but the red light is on, it’s time to investigate more sophisticated methods to identify and fix the problem.troubleshotting techniques If your TV is buffering, Click here to fix it. 

If your Tubi is Buffering, Click Here.

Inspecting for External Damage

Look closely at the outside of your TV to look for any apparent damage, such as dents, cracks, or burn marks (see below). Any physical damage to the TV might indicate internal malfunctions or issues with particular parts.externaldamage

Ensure there hasn’t been any moisture or water exposure on the TV: Electronic equipment may suffer damage from exposure to damp or water. Your TV could have had internal damage or a short circuit if it came into touch with liquids. Make sure a qualified technician receives this information.

Grounding and Electrical Issues

The significance of a suitable grounding system: A suitable grounding system is essential to safeguard your TV from electrical problems. Ensure your house’s electrical system is grounded correctly to avoid power surges and other electrical issues. Get an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and surge protectors to protect your TV from voltage changes.grounding issues

Dangers of power surges and overcharging can harm your TV’s internal parts. Using surge protectors and UPS devices is essential if you reside in a region where electricity is erratic. This will protect your television.

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Internal Hardware Checks

With specialized knowledge, diagnosing internal hardware problems might be simple. Look for indicators such as odd sounds, peculiar odors, or apparent damage to internal parts. Error codes can occasionally be seen on the TV’s screen, giving particular problem hints.hardware malfunction

If you cannot resolve the issue after using advanced troubleshooting techniques, you should consider hiring a professional specialist. They possess the skills and equipment necessary for thorough diagnostics and fixing or swapping out malfunctioning internal parts. Prepare a detailed report of the troubleshooting procedures you have performed, as this will aid the technician in identifying the issue more quickly.

Community Solutions and Experiences

Real-world stories from others who have had the same problem—their ONN TV not turning on, but red light is on—can offer important clues about possible repairs and remedies. communityLet’s examine some typical problems and solutions that have been successful for others.

User #1

Tom from a tech forum: “My onn TV won’t turn on, but the red light is on. Nothing appeared to function after unplugging it briefly and checking the power supply. I finally got in touch with ONN customer service. They advised doing a hard reset, which involves depressing the power button for 30 seconds. My TV started up, and, surprisingly, it operated like a charm.”hard reset

Solution: To force a TV reboot, try doing a hard reset, which involves depressing the power button for a long time—usually 20 to 30 seconds.

User #2

In a social network group, Jen said, “When my TV wouldn’t turn on, I assumed it was dead, but I later discovered that my remote control was the problem. As soon as I changed the batteries, the TV began to function. It appears that a signal from the remote was blocking the TV from turning on.”batteries

Solution: Always ensure your remote control’s batteries are in good shape. It could only be a simple repair to replace them.

User #3

In an online conversation, Mike said, “We frequently have power surges where I reside. I bought a premium surge protector to safeguard all my equipment, including my ONN TV. I have not experienced the problem of it not turning on after that. For the peace of mind it offers, the investment is little.”ups

Solution: To shield your TV from fluctuations and surges, use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or surge protector.

By discussing these experiences, the community can successfully diagnose and solve similar issues.

When to Seek Professional Help

While many common TV problems may be fixed with do-it-yourself troubleshooting, there are times when it’s essential to realize that getting expert help is the best course of action.professional help When should you consider contacting a TV technician?

Recognizing when DIY troubleshooting isn’t enough

When DIY troubleshooting is unsuccessful, especially in chronic issues or indications of internal hardware breakdown, seek expert assistance. troubleshooting not enoughTo keep the TV covered under warranty, contact a specialist. High-voltage components raise safety concerns, but qualified specialists ensure secure repairs.

Benefits of Consulting with a TV Technician 

Seeking advice from a TV technician offers an essential experience for identifying and resolving complicated problems and guaranteeing your TV operates at its best. One significant advantage of warranty protection is that it avoids paying extra for equipment covered under warranty. consulting

By handling electrical components carefully, technicians lower the risk of accidents. Because they have specialized tools, they can expedite repairs and save downtime. Getting professional assistance may save you time and aggravation by providing dependable and practical answers for your TV issues.


My ONN Roku TV won't turn on. How do I fix this?

When your ONN Roku TV won't come on, make sure it's plugged in correctly and inspect the power supply first. Check the batteries in the remote control are operational and try using a different power source. Please contact ONN customer service if the problem continues.

Why is the red screen on my Roku TV stuck?

In most cases, a hard reset resolves the red screen issue on your Roku TV. On the rear of your TV, look for the reset button. Hold down the reset button for about 30 seconds while the power is on, then let go. This usually fixes the problem.

When I turn on the sound on my ONN TV, why does it go silent?

One possible reason of sound problems on your ONN TV when it turns on might be a software update issue. Under such circumstances, a simple reboot can immediately fix the problem and bring back sound functionality.

How can I activate my ONN Roku TV?

Turn on your Onn Roku TV and see the activation code displayed on the screen to get it activated. After that, use your computer or phone to access the Roku activation page, input the code, and proceed with the instructions to establish or access your Roku account. This connects to your TV and prepares it for streaming.


We’ve looked at several troubleshooting techniques to fix the common problem of an ONN TV not turning on, but red light is on, from verifying power supplies to getting expert help. 

These steps allow you to recognize the issue and take appropriate action to resolve it. Maintain your TV’s cleanliness, shield it from power spikes, and watch for any warning indications. 

You can ensure that your ONN TV remains a dependable supply of pleasure and enjoy continuous amusement by being aware of the problems and remedies.

Let us know which particular fix worked best for you. If you have any other tips, you can share them in the comment section. 

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