This article will cover how to fix an Origin game stuck on finalizing. We will provide a complete guide on the various steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue, including checking your internet connection, updating the game and Origin, repairing the game, updating graphics drivers, checking for software conflicts, and contacting EA customer support. This should all cause the game to start downloading, preparing, and starting back up again.

The most important details in this text are that if your Origin game has trouble finishing, you can take a few measures to fix the issue. First, you can stop downloading by selecting cancel, then go to My Game Library and choose repair. Then, you can go offline by clicking Go Offline, then clicking the X button and canceling the download. Finally, you can go back online by clicking the X button and going back online.

If you’re having issues with an Origin game that won’t finish, you’re not the only one. Being unable to play your favorite games due to this problem might be immensely annoying. This article will give a detailed walkthrough of troubleshooting and fixing an Origin game stuck on completion. We’ll go over the typical causes of this problem and give detailed guidance on how to remedy it. You can get your game functioning correctly and start playing again as soon as you follow these instructions.

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If you’re an avid gamer, you’re probably familiar with Origin – a platform created by Electronic Arts (EA) that allows you to purchase, download, and play games.origin logo However, occasionally you could run into a problem where the game gets stuck on finishing and won’t move on.

This may be annoying and keep you from enjoying your favorite games. This post will give a thorough walkthrough on fixing an Origin game stuck on completion. Check this out if you want to play a full-screen game on a second monitor.

Problems With Origin Game Stuck On Finalizing

There are a few reasons why an origin game is stuck on finalizing. Some of the most common causes include

Internet connection problems

If you’re having trouble with your internet connection, the game may become stuck, and the origin game won’t finalize. Check this out to fix the slow internet on Windows 10 after an update.check internet connections This is because the game has to download and install updates to function properly, and problems may arise if your internet connection is sluggish or unstable.

This can lead to problems with the Origin, and then the Origin won’t resume the download, and in the ce of game updating, the Origin game update is stuck on finalizing.

Lack of storage space

If your computer lacks room to install the game, it may hang up throughout the completion process. lack of storage spaceBefore installing the game, ensure your hard disk has adequate free space so you do not face issues with the Origin install stuck.

Damaged files

When there are corrupt files of the game’s component, the game may become stuck during the completion process. file corruptedSo, make sure to check for corrupted or damaged files when facing this issue.

Outdated graphics drivers

If your graphics drivers are outdated, it may affect how well your game runs and keep it from have 4 outdated drivers Outdated drivers can cause various issues. Therefore it’s better always to keep them up-to-date.

Other software conflicts

The game may become stuck during the finishing process if other programs are installed on your computer that conflicts with it.troubleshoot software conflict Hence, resolve software conflicts if facing such an issue.

Steps For How To Fix An Origin Game Stuck On Finalizing

If you’re dealing with an Origin game stuck on finalizing, you can try a few different things to fix the issue. Here are some steps you can follow:

Verify your internet connection:

Ensure the game will run smoothly and quickly on your internet connection.speed test Moreover, You can perform a speed test to determine if your connection is enough.

Check for updates

Sometimes, installing updates can fix issues with the game.check for update Ensure you have the latest version of Origin installed, and check for updates for the game itself.

Free up storage space

If your computer does not have adequate storage space on your computer in that case it can cause the origin game to get stuck on finalizing.settings storage Make sure your hard drive has enough space before installing the game.

Repair the game

You can repair the game in Origin to fix any corrupted files causing the issue. To repair an Origin game, you must go to your Origin library. my game library repairOnce you have found the game you want to repair, right-click and select “Repair” from the context menu.

Update your graphics drivers

It can cause issues with the game’s performance if you have outdated graphics drivers.update driver on device Therefore, ensure your machine runs with the most recent graphics drivers.

Check for software conflicts

If you have other software installed on your computer that conflicts with the game, it can cause the origin game to get stuck on finalizing.disable softwares Try disabling unnecessary software or uninstalling conflicting programs to see if it helps.

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Contact customer support of EA

If none of those above measures successfully resolve the problem, your last resort is EA customer support.ea help You should contact EA customer service to solve this issue.


'Origin game stopped on finishing' – what does that mean?

When the Origin client, a digital distribution platform for video games, becomes stuck while attempting to complete the installation or update of a game, the phrase 'Origin game stuck on finishing' is used. This may frustrate players and make it impossible to play the game.

What are a few typical reasons why the 'Origin game stopped on finishing' happens?

Many causes could cause the 'Origin game to stop on completion.' These may involve problems with the computer's other software, problems with the Origin client itself, or problems with the internet connection.

Is it possible to fix the 'Origin game blocked on finalizing'?

Yes, performing a sequence of debugging steps, 'Origin game stopped on finishing,' is typically fixable. These actions can involve reinstalling the game, rebooting the Origin client, or testing the internet connection.

What should I do if the problem notice 'Origin game stuck on completion' appears?

The first thing to do if 'Origin game stuck on finishing' appears is to check the internet connection to ensure it is steady and functioning as it should. Restart the Origin client or reinstall the game if the issue is not with the internet connection. Closing other programs or applications that conflict with the game is also beneficial.

Can I take additional troubleshooting measures if the 'Origin game stopped on finishing' keeps happening?

More sophisticated methods could be required if the troubleshooting steps above do not fix the 'Origin game stopped on finishing.' This can entail clearing up temporary files and directories, fixing the Origin client, or turning off particular services or programs with which the game might be having trouble. EA, the business that creates and maintains the Origin client, might also be able to help.


In conclusion, if you’re experiencing an issue where your Origin is stuck at finalizing, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

These include checking your internet connection, installing updates, freeing up storage space, repairing the game, updating your graphics drivers, checking for software conflicts, and contacting EA customer support for assistance.

Following these instructions, you can resolve the problems as the origin update is stuck on finalizing and resume playing your favorite games.

It’s important always to ensure you have the latest version of Origin and the game and that your internet connection is stable. Your computer has enough storage space and updated graphics drivers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact EA customer care if you face a problem with your Origin game stuck on finalizing.

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