Have you ever waited for someone to send you a crucial email, only to open it to find the email content empty? Sometimes a sender will accidentally send an empty mail, but there may also be a problem with Outlook not displaying email content. Need not despair; there are procedures to retrieve the mail.

There are occasions when we receive a crucial email on Outlook and discover that Outlook is not displaying email content. Its causes range from applied fil  ters to problems with internet connectivity. There are several ways to get the emails back, including checking the default reading options and preferred font colors. You can launch Outlook in safe mode or activate/uninstall the antivirus.

If you’re bothered by this problem, let’s explore how to easily fix the issue in Outlook.

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Possible causes of the problem with “Outlook not displaying email content”

There could be several causes for the Outlook inbox not to display all emails. Among them are:

  • There is no or minimal network connectivity.network error
  • Emails that are out of sync for various reasons, including hardware problems and software incompatibilities.
  • The PST File format is too big, according to a second filter within the Outlook folder

We’ll make an effort to go over a number of crucial and useful techniques that each and every Outlook consumer can employ to retrieve misplaced emails and put them back in the Outlook inbox folder, as we can only assume that not viewing some important emails in your mailbox can irritate and worry any user to some extent.

Fixes for Outlook not displaying email content

You can choose from a number of methods to resolve the outlook problem. 

Verify the Font Color Preferences

The problem “Outlook 365 is not showing email content” appears when the font color is set to white.

Steps to follow:

  1. Select Options at the base of the File tab.select options
  2. Select the Email tab on the left of the Outlook Options box, then select the Stationery and Fonts option.select signatures and stationery
  3. Tap the Font option under Generating and read a clear text message in the new window’s Personal Stationery tab.signatures and stationery
  4. Verify that Automated is selected for the Font color. If not, change it to any color other than white.font color
  5. Restart Outlook and check to see whether the email content is now accessible. If not, try the following solutions.

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Verify the default View Settings

The following action is to seek any filtering software in the Outlook folders’ default View Settings which may cause the “Outlook does not show the body of the email” issue.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open the Outlook application.
  2. Click on “File” and select “View Settingsview settings
  3. Dialog box appears, Click on the “Filter” button.filter button
  4. To delete all originally set filters, navigate choose Clear All.clear all
  5. Open the Outlook inbox and click the Send/Receive tab to examine if all of the deleted emails have been recovered.

Activate or Uninstall Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is crucial for digital security, but it shouldn’t be ignored that certain antivirus programs can result in a variety of problems, from program failures like Outlook not showing text in the email.

Steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to the File menu bar.click on file
  2. Select Options and then Add-ins. add ins
  3.  In the add-ins tab select COM Add-ins and then click on “Go.”manage
  4. Take the antivirus add-ins off and disable them. Unchecking their checkboxes and pressing the OK button will disable them.com add ins
  5. To eliminate them, you must tick the appropriate boxes prior.
    And To remove, click on the Remove option.disable add ons
  6. Reload Outlook now and see if the email body is accessible in this software. 

Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Safe mode is an additional method for using Outlook without any add-ins. It can also be a suitable solution if you want to address some flaws while waiting for Microsoft, like why you can’t view email content in Outlook to fix the problem but don’t want to go back to an earlier version of Microsoft Office.

Steps to follow:

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key while starting Outlook. 
  2. Proceed by selecting Yes in the ensuing dialogue box.microsoft outlook in safe mode
  3. After that, Outlook will launch in safe mode. You can close the app after you finish using it, but doing so will keep it in Safe Mode. You may also launch Outlook in Safe Mode by holding the Windows key and the R hotkey together simultaneously, then typing Outlook.exe/safe.

Make sure Outlook doesn’t have the “Work Offline” feature enabled

Outlook users can choose offline mode instead of having the application connect to their server. As a result, consumers don’t receive any new communications till the service is turned off yet again. Hence the issue of Outlook not displaying email content.

Albeit less probable, you might have engaged this feature as shortly as Outlook received the email, but the server’s linkage dropped before Outlook could access the email’s contents. As an outcome, the final email you received before activating this option was blank.

Deactivate Work Offline so Outlook can reconnect to your mail server and retrieve the mail.

Steps to follow:

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. Select the Send/Receive tab.send receive outlook
  3. Select “Work Offline” from the menu.

Update Outlook

Outlook message text not visible is a problem that defects in the existing version of the Outlook application may cause. Update this software in this situation.

Steps to follow:

  1. Select the Office Account choice from the File tab.office account
  2. Select the Update Now button after expanding the Update Options on the right side.update outlook
  3. Await the completion of the upgrading process.
  4. Once the upgrading is complete, see if Outlook allows you to access the content of your emails.

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Why does the content of emails disappear?

If emails were unintentionally archived, removed, or tagged as junk, they might not arrive in your mailbox. To scan all of your emails, including ones that are not in your mailbox, follow these steps: Open Google Mail on your device. Choose Mail, then Spam, and then Trash by clicking the All Mail drop-down menu.

Why does the text vanish once I access an email in Outlook?

If you're employing Outlook, go to the File menu, select 'Options,' and thereafter, select 'Mail' from the left. From the Mail list, choose 'Editor Tools,' and then from the menu, choose 'Advanced.' To exit each window, undo the selection of 'Use Overtype Mode' and then hit 'OK.'

Why do my emails vanish in Outlook after I view them?

When you have the setting set to designate emails as read instantly after x seconds and you are viewing your mailbox using a filtered display or the Unread Mail Search Folder, it is possible that the emails will automatically vanish when they are labeled as viewed.

Why is Outlook unable to display email content?

Microsoft Outlook not displaying email content is caused by a variety of circumstances. However, the following are the most frequent ones: incorrectly configured font colors, software interference from antivirus, and hardware graphics acceleration turned on.


You might have noticed that Outlook stopped showing email content while attempting to view an email in Outlook. We addressed how to tackle the Outlook not displaying email content issue. We also examined the root reasons for this problem. The answers are intuitive and simple to implement.

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