Page Fault In Nonpaged Area: We often encounter several error messages while working with the Windows Operating System. In this article, we shall discuss one such error: the page fault in non-paged area error. This error occurs when the operating system tries to access a page that the Memory Management has not mapped into the memory. It causes the system to abort all its functions and displays an error message. We need to fix the issue to revert the functionality of our computer system.

There are many ways to fix this issue, like checking hardware connections, updating device drivers, running memory tests, checking disk integrity, disabling automatic paging, and resolving software conflicts. Even if these don’t work, we have more methods mentioned below.

There are several causes for the page fault in nonpaged areas, but the most common ones are Sudden power off leading to corruption of the OS, Insufficient memory allocation by the MMU, Fault in the installed drivers for hardware, Issues with the insertion of RAM Disks, or Third-party anti-virus programs.

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How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Issue

We have discussed the methods that you can use to fix the page fault in the nonpaged area. Please read the article till the end, and it is sure that you will find a solution to the problem.

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Method 1: Manual Management of Page Size

Often, the allocated memory for the page becomes insufficient for the program, leading to an exception handling, which shows the page fault error fault in nonpaged area error It can be fixed easily by the manual allocation of memory. To do this, follow these steps:

1: First, Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R.

2: Open System Properties by typing the following command.


3: Out of the various tabs displayed, select Advanced Tab.

advanced tab select setting

4: Click on the change option under the Virtual Memory section.

5: Define the custom size of the page (minimum and maximum).

virtual memory

6: Finally, Click OK and exit.

Restart the computer system, and it is possible that your page fault in nonpaged area issue has been fixed. But in case it hasn’t been fixed, we have more methods.

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Method 2: Repairing Drivers by Booting in Safe Mode

If your system has a page fault in a nonpaged area Windows 10 error, it may be due to some faults in the drivers. It could be an issue of using an outdated version of drivers or even incompatible drivers. Whatever the issue, it can be fixed by booting in safe mode. It can be done by following these steps:

1: First, Start the system and press any key. keyboard keys

2: Select Repair Your Computer.

repair your computer

3: Select the Troubleshoot option.

troubleshoot option

4: Click on Advanced Options.  advanced options


5: Select Startup Settings.

startup settings

6: Click on the Restart tab at the left bottom of the screen.  restart button


7: Press the F4, F5, and F6 keys corresponding to Boot in Safe Mode.

Your system will boot into safe mode, and you can fix driver issues from here.

8: Open the Control Panel.

control panel

9: Select Device Manager.

device manager

10: Check for any faulty driver indications. If found, update the drivers.

update the drivers

11: If there is no indication of faulty drivers, uninstall and then reinstall the drivers.

12: Finally, Restart the system.

Once you have done this, your page fault in the nonpaged area issue will get fixed if some driver issue is causing the error. If the issue hasn’t been fixed yet, try the methods discussed below.

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Method 3: Run a Disk Check on the System

Whenever there is an abrupt shutdown of the operating system, it increases its chances of going corrupt. If you are one of the people who does not use a UPS, the page fault in nonpaged area error could result from this issue. To fix that, you need to run a disk check by following these steps:

1: First, Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R.

2: Type the following command.


chkdsk f r

3: Type Y and press the enter key once you get a message to schedule the disk check.

4: Open the Run command again and type the following command.



5: After this, select the Restart Now and Check for Problems option. The system will restart and will run a disk check. Wait for the process to complete.

restart now and check for problems option

6: Finally, Log on again and check if the issue has been fixed.

If your page fault error has not been fixed yet, there are still more methods to try, as discussed below.

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Method 4: Revert to the Last Known Good Configuration

If some recent changes made by you (or someone else) has caused the page fault error in your system, this method could fix it. The steps to be followed are:

1: First, Restart your computer system.

2: Press F2 (or F8) for Advanced Options menu.

advanced options

3: Select the Last new Good Configuration.

last knew good configuration

4: Save and exit.

5: Finally, Restart the system.

Check if the page fault in nonpaged area error message still shows up. If yes, you might need to try the Recovery Partition method, which we will discuss below.

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Method 5: Using the Recovery Partition Method.

The Recovery Partition is somewhat similar to the disk checker. It checks for the faults in programs and fixes them. However, you need to back up your data to avoid data loss while using this method to fix the page fault error. Once you have backed up your critical data, follow these steps:

  1. First, Restart your computer system.
  2. Press the F11 key to access Recovery Partition. keyboard keys
  3. It will start the process. Restart the system after the process is complete.

There are high chance that your page’s fault in the nonpaged area issue will be fixed by this method. But, if the issue is solved, try a few more techniques discussed below.

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Method 6: Disable Anti-Virus Programs

Sometimes, specific anti-virus programs also cause the page fault in nonpaged area error in a computer system. antivirus To find out if the same is causing the error in your system, disable the anti-virus program and restart your system. If your system works well, switch over to another anti-virus program.

Method 7: Check RAM

Often, the issue of page fault results from the improper insertion of RAM disk into the slots. The solution to this problem is to insert the disk correctly into the slots and restart. To do this, you may refer to the user manual.

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How do I fix Page Fault in the nonpaged area?

Answer- To fix Page Faults in nonpaged areas, try these methods: Use SFC and DISM to repair system files Update the Windows and clean junk files Reset the Windows specifications Check the RAM storage Check the Hard Disk and memory space Update all the drivers.

What is the cause of PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA?

Answer- The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error is caused by unrecognizable data in a non-paged RAM section. Also, this error may occur due to malfunctions, mismatched drivers, and damaged hard discs.

What is a fault in the nonpaged area?

Answer- Fault in nonpaged area is a Windows BSOD error, often due to driver issues, faulty RAM, or corrupted files. It signals Windows couldn't access non-paged memory, leading to crashes. Fixing it may require troubleshooting and hardware or software solutions.

What is nonpaged memory?

Answer- Non-paged or non-paged pool memory is a RAM section always stored in physical memory, not swapped to the hard drive's page file. It's crucial for critical system tasks requiring rapid access, enhancing system stability and performance by avoiding delays from disk I/O operations.

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These were the methods to fix the page error issue in Windows 10. It is for sure that one of the methods discussed above would have fixed your issue. If you have a NO as an answer, you should reinstall the Windows and fix the issue without any hassles. But be careful not to lose your data in the process.

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