Do you want to know how to get Poseidon for Kodi? You are in the proper spot, then. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for getting Poseidon. Poseidon is one of the oldest Kodi addons- for streaming movies and TV shows.

To get Poseidon Kodi, First Launch Kodi > Select System settings > Turn on Unknown Sources under the Addons menu > Return to the System page > To access File Manager choose to Add source and Select None > Enter URL > Kodil Repo as the name > Return to the home screen after clicking OK > Select Addons> Install from zip file by clicking it > Select Kodil Repo > Choose > Then select Install from Repository > Choose the Kodil Repository > Choose Video addons> Choose Poseidon > Click the Install button, then enjoy Poseidon!

The Poseidon Kodi addon is excellent if you only care about watching movies and television series and don’t need anything else other all-in-one addons provide. The situation would be even worse if you were a fan of Exodus looking for a substitute. Despite a few broken parts, this addon is simple to use, and owing to a straightforward menu layout, locating material is relatively easy. Exodus Kodi, a well-liked add-on, has been forked into Poseidon for KodiExodus Kodi ceased being updated and assumed its place when it entered the community. Though its parts are slightly more sophisticated, Poseidon Kodi’s UI is identical to Exodus’.

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Installation Manual for Poseidon Addon

If you follow our comprehensive instructions, we’ll set you up and operate quickly and without problems.

Enable Unknown Sources 

You must ensure that Unknown Sources are enabled on Kodi before installing third-party add-ons. 

  1. From the home screen, choose the Settings icon (the little gear in the upper left corner). Then select System settings to confirm they are.system settings on kodi
  2. Right-click Addons and check whether the Unknown Sources option is turned on. Activate it if necessary by clicking the switch to the right.

Installation Source for the Kodil Repository should be added

Let us see the steps to install the source for the Kodil Repository.

  1. Initially, select the Settings icon on the Kodi Home screen. Top left of the screen, there appears to be a little gear. Select File Manager next.file manager
  2. The Add Source button is located in the left pane of the File Manager interface. Next, select “None” by clicking the Add file source box. Click OK after entering the URL in precise detail.add file source
  3. To alter the source’s name, return to the Add file source box. It’s not significant enough to use “repo” as the default. Rename the media source by clicking the “repo” line under “Enter a name for this media source” and adding a more appropriate name. Since Kodil is where the Kodil repository is installed, we picked Kodil. To save the new source, confirm everything is in order and click OK.

Putting The Kodil Repository in Place

Once the source has been set up, the repository will be installed.

  1. Select Addons from the menu on the left of the Kodi Home screen. Next, select the Addon Browser icon in the upper left corner. This one has an open-box aesthetic. Installation from a zip file is done from the Addon browser screen.selet add on
  2. To run the Poseidon repository installation, select the Kodil source first, then click kodil zip
  3. A notice at the top right of the screen will indicate the Kodil repository’s successful installation after a brief delay. The repository’s name is, as seen from the notice.

How to Set Up The Poseidon Addon Kodi

The actual addon installation, the final stage, is now ready to perform.

  1. On the Addon browser screen, select Install from the repository while still there. From the list of accessible repos, select the Kodil Repository.kodi add on browsers
  2. After that, select the Poseidon on Kodi addon from the list by clicking Video poseidon
  3. Click the Install button to install Poseidon in the bottom right corner of the Poseidon addon details page. This will start the addon and all of its dependencies installation.

Several notifications will flash momentarily at the top right of the screen when installing the addon and its dependencies. The Poseidon for Kodi Addon installation will be verified by a final message after a brief interval.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Poseidon For Kodi

Despite having many great features, the Poseidon addon is far from flawless. It is listed below its primary advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Poseidon for Kodi

  • Most content or material that works functions quite well. Even material that doesn’t function frequently has nothing to do with the add-on. One possibility is if the source is broke.


  • You may select the one to play from a list of sources organized by resolution. This may be helpful, for instance, if you want to minimize the bandwidth you consume by selecting SD sources.
  • The addon automatically attempts the following source in the list if a chosen source doesn’t play until it does.

Drawbacks of Poseidon for Kodi

  • IMDB User Lists and Critters Corner, two entirely functional portions of the Poseidon addon, are completely broke. 

drawbacks of poseidon for kodi

  • The add-on is a little too similar to previous Exodus forks; The Top Movies barely functions, just one category out of sixteen functions. And the Kodi scene is home to a sizable number of them.

The non-working portions are the only difference between it and the Neptune Rising addon. A few tiny and barely perceptible variances exist between it and its relatives.


How can I download Poseidon for Kodi?

Kodil Repository by clicking it. Browse to Video Addons. Choose Poseidon. Choose Install. Await the installation of the repository.

Kodi server, is it free?

The Kodi Foundation, an independent technological organization, created the free and open-source media player program known as Kodi. With a 10-foot user interface for usage with televisions and remote devices, Kodi is accessible for various operating systems and hardware platforms.

Does Kodi work on PCs?

Like most other Windows programs, Kodi for Windows may be installed easily. Download the installer, launch it, and then adhere to the instructions.

A Kodi device: what is it?

In addition to running on Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, tvOS, and Android, Kodi is a renowned free and open-source (GPL) video player and entertainment hub. It's created with a '10-foot user interface' for usage with televisions and remote controllers in mind.

How come Kodi is good?

Kodi supports full HD and 4K resolution when playing content from your personal media collection. However, the streaming quality will differ if you use add-ons. It is necessary to locate a streaming service with 4K material and a Kodi addon and confirm that it supports 4K streaming.

How can I set up live television on Kodi?

Select the addon you want and click Install in Kodi by going to Addons> Download > Video Addons. The numerous Kodi add-ons may be used to watch live TV, and although some are free, some require subscriptions.

Will a VPN work on a Smart TV?

Yes. You can install a VPN on your smart TV if the manufacturer and operating system are appropriate. It will be quite simple to set up if your smart TV has an app store with VPN programs. You might have to put in more effort in other situations, such as when configuring a VPN on a router.


The incredible Poseidon for Kodi Addon streams the most recent movies and TV shows to your Kodi-compatible devices. Also, know about doing proper vpn tests and enjoy your favorite tv shows and movies.

The movies and TV shows you watch on this addon can also have Kodi subtitles added. One frequently updated addon enables you to keep up with brand-new materials quickly.

With all the new and updated movie material posted, it has quickly risen to a tremendous height that only a select few other Kodi addons have been able to match. The methods above make installing it more accessible and simpler.

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