Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point? Fix It Right Away!


You run the chance of having problems with your wireless adapter and Access Point if you prefer manufacturers like Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, and others. Here’s where we step in. It makes no difference if you have already encountered the issue, have done it several times, or have always had it with your wireless adapter and access point.

We are here to provide you with a variety of solutions so you can end the problem permanently. You can use the internet whenever you wish once the issue has been resolved.


There are numerous significant benefits and uses for the wireless adaptor. It does not, however, imply that there aren’t any drawbacks.

The Connection May abruptly terminate

Nobody anticipates that the wireless adapter will suddenly stop functioning, but it does. Even if that may be disappointing, we should always be ready for anything and everything.

The Connection Can Be Sluggish

A wireless adapter may occasionally result in slower connections than an Ethernet cable. When you are online and everything moves slowly, it is really frustrating. Nobody enjoys that. Even worse is when a video you are streaming begins buffering. We believe that you may have encountered the circumstance once or twice.

What Is A Wireless Adapter?

A wireless adapter is a hardware tool usually connected to a laptop or a pc tool to hook up with a Wi-Fi gadget. 

what is wi-fi adapter

Devices required the usage of Wi-Fi adapters to hook up with a community earlier than the appearance of gadgets with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Wireless adapters are thus called Wi-Fi adapters. Let’s know more about the problem with the Wi-Fi adapter or access point.

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What Is An Access Point?

The access point is a gadget that sends a Wi-Fi signal and connects to a router using a LAN wire.

access point

You can quickly connect to the internet through a common node over a great distance by using an access point.

Problems Because Of Wi-Fi Adapters Or Access Point  

Oh no! Lost your net connection? You are worried that you couldn’t get the right of entry to your Wi-Fi as usual, after which you run the Windows Network Diagnostics. So, you start pronouncing the problem with Wireless adapter or access point gets right of entry to point. 

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Cause For The Error 

The blunders assertion shows that the difficulty might be with the drivers and offerings within the gadget, which creates a problem with the Wi-Fi adapter or access point. It can also be with the receiving hardware, with the gadget, or the router itself.

problems because of wi-fi adapters or access point.
Problems because of Wi-Fi adapters or access points.

Before checking everything else, take a look at if different gadgets. Whether they are linked to the net through the router, they can get the right of entry to the net well or not. If yes, the router itself is probably fine. But the hassle might be together along with your gadget.

Solutions To The Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point

Solutions for problems with the Wi-Fi adapter or access point. Try the subsequent answers sequentially to clear up the difficulty:

Update Wi-Fi Driving Force

Updating the Wi-Fi driving force will repair the problem with wireless adapter or access point.

  • Press Windows Key +R to open the Run window.
  • Now, the kind “ncpa.cpl” and Network Connections window will be opened when you press enter.
  • Within the listing of the adapters, properly click on the community adapter you’re using, after which click on “Properties.
within the listing of the adapters, proper click on the community adapter you're the usage of, after which click on properties.
Community Adapter
  • Now, click on “Configure.
  • In the Properties window, click on “Update driving force.”
  • You can be asked, ‘How do you need to look for drivers? ‘, click on “Browse my laptop for driving force software. “


  • Now, click on “Let me choose out from a listing to be had drivers on my laptop. “
  • Then you will find a few community drivers on this window and pick out a suitable adapter driving force.
  • Lastly, click on “Next” to put in the state-of-the-art driving force.
  • Click on “Close” to shut the replace driving force window.
  • Remove the Network Connections window.
close network connection
Close Network Connection
  • Check your network once by rebooting the laptop.
reboot your laptop
Reboot Your Laptop
  • Try to hook up with the community once more after rebooting your laptop.

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Uninstall The Adapter Driving Force And Reboot

Another method by which you can fix the problem with wireless adapter or access point is by uninstalling the adapter driving force. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows Key +R to release the Run window.
open run
Open Run
  • Now, kind “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter to open the Network Connections window.
open network connection
Open Network Connection
  • Inside the listing of the adapters, proper click on the community adapter you’re the usage of, after which click on “Properties.
  • Click on “Configure. “
  • In the Properties window, click on the “Uninstall tool. “
click uninstall in properties
Click Uninstall In Properties
  • Again, click on “Uninstall” to uninstall the motive force out of your laptop.
  • Check your network once by rebooting the laptop.
reboot your laptop
Reboot Your Laptop
  • The lacking driving force can be set up via way of means of Windows itself when booting up.

After rebooting your laptop, you may be in a position to connect to the Wi-Fi community with no issues, which decreases the problem with wireless adapter or access point.

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Power-Cycle The Modem-Router-Laptop In Case Of APIPA

  • Press Win + R to launch the Run window and sort the command cmd. Press enter to open the Command Prompt window.
open command prompt
Open Command Prompt
  • Type the command IP configuration and press Enter. It might show a fixed amount of information.
windows ip configuration
Windows IP Configuration
  • From the set of information, take a look at the cost of the IPv4 address. If it’s miles 169.254.*.* something, it shows a situation known as APIPA in which the gadget assigns itself an IP address. 

To clear up the situation, we might power-cycle the modem-router-laptop.

Switch OFF all of the three gadgets.

The modem has to be turned on.

Stop until all lights are on and stable.

Then switch ON the ROUTER.

Wait until all the lights are up and stable. 

Finally, boot your gadget and look at its position to hook up with the community.

Update The Community Drivers To Solve The Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point

You may want to connect your gadget to the community difficult stressed out to replace the drivers. If that doesn’t paint both, under is the manner to replace the drivers in Windows 10.

install driver from intel
Install Driver From Intel

Download the drivers you want from the net if you cannot hook up with the community. You can download the drivers from Intel’s download middle or the manufacturer’s internet site and switch it to the gadget using a USB pressure or something else. Therefore, you get a way to fix the problem with a Wireless adapter or Access Point.

Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily

Many customers have stated that this problem with wireless adapter or access point simultaneously occurs with the loose model of McAfee antivirus or different antivirus applications.

disable antivirus
Disable antivirus

To isolate the difficulty, disable your antivirus application temporarily, then take a look at it as soon as with community connectivity. This proves to be a potential solution to solve the problem with a Wireless adapter or Access Point.

Disable The IP Helper Provider

  • Press Win + R to open the Run window and sort the command offerings.msc. To open the Service supervisor window, press on entering.
open run
Open Run
  • In the listing of offerings that are ordered alphabetically, discover the IP helper provider.

disable ip helper provider

  • Right-click on the provider and pick out Properties.
  • Change the Startup kind to Disabled. Then apply and shop the settings.
  • Check your network once by rebooting the laptop.
reboot your laptop
Reboot Your Laptop

Hence, trying out these solutions will surely solve problems with a Wireless adapter or Access Point. 

Reset Network Profile

  • Search for Command Prompt withinside the Windows seek bar and properly click on the icon. Select Run as administrator.
run as administrator
Run As Administrator
  • In the executive command activate the window, kind the subsequent command and press Enter to execute it: delete profile call=” WirelessProfileName”
  • WirelessProfileName is a call you want to provide to the brand new Wi-Fi profile.
  • Restart the gadget to eliminate problems with the Wi-Fi adapter or access point.

Update Your Wi-Fi Community Adapter Driving Force

One reason for going through this hassle can be the incorrect Wi-Fi community adapter driving force in your Windows 10 laptop. You can, without difficulty, remedy it by updating the motive force. You can routinely replace your community adapter driving force with the state-of-the-art model with Driver Easy. It will routinely understand your gadget and discover the appropriate drivers for it.

update community driver adapter
Update Community Driver Adapter

You can replace your drivers routinely with both the FREE or the Pro model of Driver Easy.

Note: You want to get the right to enter the Internet to replace your community adapter driving force, which addresses the problem with the Wi-Fi adapter or access point. You can transient join your laptop to a stressed-out community or use the Offline Scan characteristic of Driver Easy.

Download And Set Up Driver Easy

Run Driver Easy and click on Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then experiment with your laptop and come across any unwanted drivers if found. Your incorrect Wi-Fi adapter driving force isn’t any exception. 

download and set up Driver Easy. 

  1. After the fagged community driving force, click the Update button to download and routinely set up the appropriate driving force model.
  2. Or click on Update All to routinely download and set up the appropriate model of the drivers, which could be lacking or obsolete in your gadget (this calls for the Pro model – precipitate to improve while you click on Update All).  

Restart your laptop and reconnect with your Wi-Fi community. 


What can be done to resolve a wireless adapter or access point issue?

As everyone is aware, a straightforward restart can resolve a variety of issues, including network and access point problems. Therefore, before trying the very next options, make sure to reboot your computer and router. After finishing, access the internet to see if the wireless adapter or access point error has been resolved.

How can I fix a Windows 10 wireless network device that won't work?

selecting 'device manager' option, Choose the Network Driver option and expand it. To remove, use a right-click on the wireless network device. Run the computer again. From the manufacturer's website, download and run the newest wireless network adapter driver.

Why is my laptop's wireless adapter not operating properly?

There are times when a driver issue is the root cause of a wireless adaptor or access point issue. Therefore, upgrading the driver could be a great option in this case. For instructions on updating the wireless driver, see below. Device Manager should be opened. Find your network adaptor right now.

Why do I continually losing connection to my access point?

Your access point might continually disconnecting for a number of reasons. It can be because your router is too distant from the access point, there is a poor signal, or there is interference from other devices. A closer location for your access point and router might work. Try altering the channel that your access point is providing if that doesn't work. Usually, the access point's settings menu include a channel-changing option.


The solution to a Wireless adapter or access point has been taken over with guaranteed solutions. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above cautiously to maintain a hassle-free system.

Simple yet effective tip to remember – Generating a password that is too easy to remember could be problematic, so always make sure the combination you input combines lower- and upper-case characters, special symbols, and numbers.

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