PS4 Controller Won’t Connect To PS4 With USB? Here Are 10 Fixes


Although PS4 is one of the best things to come out of Playstation, it is not susceptible to technical issues. Sometimes, there is an issue where the ps4 controller won’t connect to ps4 with USB. This article will discuss some of the ten easy solutions to why a controller has problems in connecting to PS4, like checking for a loose USB connection, testing the cable, syncing your controller, and many more. Click on this article to know Why Does Hulu Keep Freezing?

There are a lot of ways to fix the problem as to why ps4 controller won’t connect to ps4 with USB which include using hard reset, checking the cable, and so on.

So, if you are wondering, ‘why isn’t my PS4 controller connecting?’, the article will give you the answers and solutions to fix this minor issue in detail. Also learn different ways to fix Error 42125 Zip.

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Ways To Fix Connection Of PS4 Controller To PS4 With USB

Demonstrated below are the ways to solve the problem where PS4 controller won’t connect to PS4 with USB:

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Checking For A Loose USB Cable Connection

The first thing to check after realizing the connection is not happening is whether your USB cable is too loose. It so happens that even though both your controller and the USB cable are working, it might not connect because it being loose prevents the connection.loose cable

You might also verify if the cable is loose or if there is a fault with the USB itself. The USB can collect some dirt and dust over the years. If not delicately taken care of, it can get in the way of the controller from connecting to the USB. Wanted to remove Remove Bluetooth Device In Windows 10? Click here!

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Make Sure The USB Is Not Faulty

There might also be instances where the problem may lie with the USB cable and not the PS4 controller. If your PS4 controller doesn’t connect to PS4 with USB, you can check if your USB is working correctly or not.

To do this, you can try plugging the USB device into another controller, if you have one, or in your phone or computer. After this, check whether you can transfer any kind of data like photos, videos, or files to and fro. If you can do this, your USB cable works, and it is the controller’s fault.

To check whether USB works with the PS4 controller, look at the controller’s lights. If the light is on, then the USB cable is well connected to the PS4 controller.

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PS4 Controller Won’t Connect To PS4 With USB? Consider Changing The USB Cable

At times, when you know that your PS4 controller is working and the fault lies with the USB cable. At moments like these, you can change the cable.

damaged cable

Keep checking whether it can transfer data and it is not too loose.

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Disconnecting Other Devices

If your USB and your PS4 controller work but you still see the PS4 controller not connecting, you should remember all the other devices you connected the controller with. 

You may have connected the PS4 to your phone or your PC and forgotten about it. This can result in the connection still going strong on these other devices and not your USB cable.

ps4 to phone To avoid this, one needs to ensure that there are no devices nearby trying to connect with your controller. Another thing to remember is to sever the connection between another PS4 controller you might have and the PS4. Click here to learn how to reinstall Windows 10 without losing data. Wanted to know Is IPTV Worth It in 2022? Read this review by just clicking here!

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Remove Sources Using Bluetooth

If your ps4 controller isn’t connecting to ps4 with USB, you should check if your Bluetooth is on. Bluetooth connections are stronger than the cable ones, and having Bluetooth on can sever the connection of the ps4 controller and USB cable.

bluetooth on ps4

A way to determine whether Bluetooth is at work is seeing the controller switched on, but no wireless or wired connections work. Another method to find out is by checking whether the connection loses quickly. If it does, you must turn off Bluetooth on your ps4.

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Syncing Your PS4 Controller

In this method, the problem might lie with the ps4 controller and console and not your USB cable. If your ps4 controller and console are not synced together, it does not matter if the USB works or not. Here is how to sync when your ps4 controller won’t sync:

  1. Insert or plug in one end of the USB to the controller’s port plus the other end to the console’s port.
  2. Press the console’s power button, so it turns on and assigns you to a slot.
  3. Press the PS button of your controller so it can show you the login screen.

This activity will sync your controller and console, and the ps4 will connect properly again.

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Checking The Charge

Your ps4 controller and USB can both work without fault but having no charge in the controller can result in it not connecting. If it powers on, then it has some charge left, and if not, you should charge it.


If you see the ps4 controller charging but not connecting the two, the battery could be a suspect. You can consider changing it or putting it up for repair. 

Restarting The Console

The problem may stem from the ps4 and not your USB cable or controller. If ps4 controller won’t connect to ps4 with USB, restarting it will always help. 

Press the PS button of your controller so it can show you the quick menu screen.


Furthermore, go to power and then restart ps4.

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Executing A Hard Reset On Your PS4 Controller

If you are assured that the problem lies within the controller, you can execute a hard reset on it. The method to do it is tricky but once done; it will work like new. You will need a pointy object like a needle, paper clip, or SIM card ejection tool to perform one. 

Turn off your ps4 controller and flip it over so you can see a tiny hole beside a screw by the L2 button.


Using the pointy object, try holding this button for at least 5-8 seconds to be able to perform a hard reset.

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an you combine different PS models, like PS4 to PS5?

Truly, you can connect the PS4 controller to the PS5. By doing this, you can play PS4 games with both controllers but cannot play PS5 games with a PS4 one. This is because of the backward compatibility that PS4 possesses.

Which ones are the most common issues that lead to ps4 not connecting?

Problems with syncing two devices is considered the most common problem severing the connection. Another close second is problems related to battery or the USB cable. Signal or Bluetooth interference can also cause problems with the connection.

Why is my PS4 showing a white light while playing?

The white light on top of your controller means that the ps4 has been disconnected. This can happen due to divergent reasons like Bluetooth or signal interference. To connect it again, press down and hold the PS button for around 15 seconds, so it resets and connects again.

How long will the ps4 controller battery last for?

The ps4 controller comes with very improved and state-of-the-art features and attributes. One of them is its battery life which can last upto 5 hours if fully charged. This conveys that you can play for a long time without interruption on the ps4 controller.


With these questions, our article comes to an end. The eight solutions given above on what to do when ps4 controller won’t connect to ps4 with USB are tried and tested, and one of them will be bound to work. We hope this article was captivating and insightful for you!!

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