Your PS4 is subject to network faults, as are most internet-connected devices. The error message NW-31449-1 is highly generic. It mainly points to a memory problem on your console. The issue also occurs when the user attempts to download the game. The article discusses troubleshooting PS4 Error NW-31449-1.

You can quickly troubleshoot the PS4 Error NW-31449-1. Power Cycle your PS4, Rebuild the database in Safe Mode, Free up your PS4 storage space, and Use an external drive for your PlayStation 4 to troubleshoot it.

One might receive this error message for many reasons. Check to see if you’re logged in using your PSN account. Before proceeding, ensure all account settings and preferences are backed up to the cloud. Read below to learn troubleshooting ways of PS4 Error NW-31449-1.

What are PS4 Error Codes?

The PlayStation Network serves as the PS4’s primary operating system and interface. Error codes like PS4 Error Code WS-37431-8, PS4 NAT Type Failed Error, and many others plague the console. error occuredThis PlayStation error NW-31449-1 must have a minimum of two letters. It is followed by a series of digits in hyphen code format.

These error codes may be displayed if there is an issue with the game disc. Occasionally, the disc drives in your computer may have been detached. As a result, you must send your console back for repair or replacement.

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Troubleshooting PS4 Error NW-31449-1

Here are different ways to troubleshoot PS4 Error NW-31449-1.

Power Cycle Your PS4

If your PS4 console is in an incorrect status, it will not function properly. It can also display error warnings. This is also another probable explanation for NW-31449-1. In this scenario, a simple power cycle will resolve the issue.

  1. Turn off your PS4 device from the front of your console. Disconnect all peripherals.
  2. Shut down your PS4 console completely. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and solve the NW-31449-1 PS4 error.
  3. For around 30 seconds, hold down the PS4 power button. Make verify that all electricity is turned off.
  4. Allow your PlayStation 4 to sit inactive for 4-5 minutes. Then, reconnect and turn on the PS4.
  5. After that, you can attempt downloading games or updates again. You can also see if the error message is no longer visible.

Rebuilding Database In Safe Mode

If power cycling does not work, try rebuilding your Play Station’s database. There is a PS4 Corrupted Database, or something has gone wrong. It is the origin of the error message NW 31449 1. You have enough storage to install the game. First, put your PS4 in Safe Mode. Select the Rebuild Database option.

  1. To turn off the PS4 on the front panel, press the Power Button. The indicator will flash many times.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button after shutting off your PS4. Please continue to keep it until you listen to the beeps. 
  3. When you first press it, you will usually hear the first beep. 
  4. The second beep occurs after around 7 seconds of continuous pressing.
  5. Connect to the PS4 controller. Press the Play Station button on the controller. 
  6. Continue by selecting Rebuild Database. Examine to check if the problem has been rectified. Restart your Play Station after finishing the process.

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Free Up Your PS4 Storage Space

You must have at least twice as much free space on your PS4. The methods above sometimes may fail to resolve PS4 problem NW-31449-1. Your PS4 storage capacity needs to be increased. You may view the available storage space in your PS4 Settings.

The free space on the PS4 hard drive must be increased to download a game. Spend some time cleaning up your hard disk. You should pay closer attention to the Capture Gallery and Apps.

The Capture Gallery will take up a lot of space if you record your gaming every time. In PS4 Settings, go to System Storage Management and clear it. You may need to remove some games or applications from your PS4. Follow the steps below to solve PS4 Error NW-31449-1 and remove games on your PS4:

  1. Navigate to PS4 Settings > Storage > System Storage > Applications.ps4 settings
  2. Scroll for the game you want to uninstall for PS4 NW-31449-1. Press the Options on the PS4 controller.system
  3. Choose Delete.applications
  4. Boxes will display on the left side of all games. In the lower right corner, click Delete. Choose the games you wish to delete.delete
  5. To erase all of the games from your PS4, press OK.delete saved data
  6. After you’ve freed up some storage space on your PS4, you can attempt downloading games. Examine whether the NW-31449-1 error has been fixed.library

Use External Drive For Your PlayStation 4

The PlayStation’s internal hard drive is up to 1TB. It is enough for most PS4 users to solve PS4 error code NW-31449-1. However, the size of the PS4 hard drive is indeed limited. PS4 gamers download, install, and play a variety of titles. ps4 driveIf you install too many games, your PS4 could quickly run out of space. The NW-31449-1 mistake is possible.

Choose an effective external hard drive for your PS4. Connecting an external hard drive can expand your PS4’s storage capacity. However, you must ensure it has adequate free space and is correctly attached. Make no modifications to your installed games or saved data.


Why is my PS4 reporting an error?

Some users reported receiving a PS4 sign-in error message. It is a common issue for new users. They just bought the game machine. They launch the game machine without first validating their PSN account. You need to validate the email address to set up their PlayStation 4.

Can you hard reset a PS4?

Do not begin with a controller. Manually press the power switch on the console. Hold it for around eight seconds. When you first select the button, it will beep only once. And again before entering Safe Mode.

Can you soft reset a PS4?

Press the power button and switch off your console for three seconds. Before going off, the power indicator blinks briefly. After turning off the console, press and hold the power button one more. Let go when you hear another beep.

Does PS4 require maintenance?

Proper PS4 maintenance is simple. It's well worth the minimal time and work required. Simple care should be taken to maintain the gadget clean and well-ventilated. You may extend the life of your PlayStation by months or even years.

How do I rebuild my PlayStation 4 database?

Press the PS button on the controller. Choose Rebuild Database. This examines the drive and builds a new database containing all the content. This operation takes some time, depending on the data elements.

Can dust harm your PS4?

Yes, dust can accumulate in your PS4 over time. It jams the inlets and outputs as the PlayStation fans block them. Fans must work harder to bring fresh air into and out of the console.


It is all about fixing PS4 Error NW-31449-1. Errors are unpredictable; indeed, they appear for a cause. The majority of the time, there are significant causes. Many users, particularly those new to the PS, encounter the error. So, use the methods given above to troubleshoot PS4 Error NW-31449-1.

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