PS4 error SU-30627-8 indicates a problem with the system update download. The PS4 has received a fresh system update. It consistently receives updates quickly. 

You can quickly fix PS4 Error SU-30627-8 by examining your hard drive, rebuilding the database, examining system software updates, and initializing PS4Every error you see on PS4 has a prefix. These prefixes identify the occurrence of the error. It provides a concept of the error’s cause.

While updating your system, you can resolve the SU-30654-8 error code on your PS4. This issue can still arise at any time throughout the update procedure. If not addressed immediately, it causes software difficulties. 

Causes For PS4 Error SU-30627-8

Given below are some causes.

Update Failed

The reason is that the upgrade failed somehow. The internet connection may have gone down when performing the mode Still, it could have gone wrong on the server end. If this is the problem, try again later; it will automatically update.

Corrupted System Software Files

One of the causes of the inaccuracy is this. It’s possible that the system software was corrupted. The system software update is unable to be installed. ps4 settingsHence, you can quickly fix this.

USB Storage Device Not Supported

Update firmware from a USB disk. Also, you can update your PS4 from it. However, this problem may occur. fix usb file systemThis could be due to malfunctioning USB cords. Sometimes, the equipment itself has issues.

Hard Disk Is Damaged

The problem is with the PS4’s internal hard drive. Hence, it could be loose cables, or your hard disk will fail. This could be another cause, and it could be the hardest to solve. Simply file a warranty claim if you have one.harddrive ps4

If your hard disk is damaged, your PS4 could’ve also been turning off randomly. We got you covered if you face that issue as well!

Common Fixes For PS4 Errors

Hence, here are the common fixes for PS4 Error SU-30627-8.

Firmware Update

Some issues with the PlayStation SU may reoccur regularly. It is because of less connectivity for internet-enabled televisions. Furthermore, it results from using outdated firmware on the game system. However, you may see issues if your firmware needs to be updated. A fast update can solve some, if not all, of your problems.system update ps4

Examine The HDMI Ports

Constantly verifying the status of your HDMI ports and connections is critical. Check it for both your console and your TV. Some issues include your system failing to display graphics or connecting to your HDTV. multiple hdmi portsHence, they are typically associated with HDMI ports. It is simply avoidable if these cables are subjected to frequent inspections.

Perform Routine Hard Disk Check

Hard disk issues always have a significant impact on your PlayStation 4. However, it is critical to perform routine checks. The problem you are experiencing could result from a defective hard disk. Follow these simple procedures to do a hard drive check:

Here’s a video on how to check and change your hard disk in case yours has gone bad and needs a replacement.

  1. Check that your PlayStation 4 is turned off.
  2. Disconnect the power supply and connect all the cords.
  3. Shift the HDD bay cover.external hard drive
  4. You can check the hard disk for any potential damage. Ensure it is correctly installed in the HDD bay.

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Tips To Fix System Software Update Issue

Here are tips for fixing the system software update issue PS4 Error SU-30627-8.

Here’s a video that goes over all four methods that are as follows:

Examine Your Hard Drive

If your PS4 hard disk drive is faulty, the PS4 error code SU-30627-8 may display. Remove the hard disk drive from the PS4 to confirm. If there is a flaw, take your PS4 to a service center to file a warranty claim.hard drive ps4

The hard disk is in decent condition. If the warranty expires, get a replacement with the same hard disk drive size. It would be best if you initialized your PS4.

Rebuild Database

The PS4 error SU-30627-8 could be caused by corrupt firmware. Follow the steps to recreate the database.

  1. Enter Safe Mode
  2. Select Database Rebuild.
  3. You can get into safe mode now. Please choose the Rebuild Database option.
  4. Then, try again.

If the error remains after rebuilding your firmware, your hard disk may malfunction.

Examine For System Software Updates

PS4 error SU-30627-8 could be caused by out-of-date firmware. However, you can quickly access System Software Update. You can enter Safe Mode and then choose Update System Software. Update The PS4 firmware using System Software. Hence, update it via the internet or using a USB storage device. Check for System Software Updates by following the procedures below.

  1. You can get into safe mode. 
  2. Please select System Software Update.
  3. Update it if one is available. Wait for the procedure to complete.
  4. Then restart your game.

Initialize PS4

If the PS4 issue SU-30627-8 continues after attempting all the preceding options, something seriously damages your firmware. Resetting your smartphone to factory settings can delete the data. Further, you could boot up PS4. Select Initialize PS4 by following the procedures.

  1. Choose option 6 to start the PS4.
  2. The process will now be complete.
  3. If the error remains, try again. This time, select option 7 to initialize PS4.


Can you hard reset a PS4?

Turn your PS4 off entirely if it is on. Hold the power button for around eight seconds. Enter safe mode once you've shut off your PS4.

Why is my PS4 displaying an error message?

Some users reported a sign-in error message for the PS4. However, people who have bought a game machine frequently experience this problem. Still, they must verify their PSN account first to start the game machine.

Does the PlayStation 4 have a reset button?

Turn off your PS4 system and unplug it. On the controller's back, press the tiny reset button. For three to five seconds, hold the button down.

Does resetting PS4 delete everything?

Yes, do not turn off the PS4 system during the initialization process. When you restart your machine, it erases all saved settings and information. This procedure cannot be reversed. Make sure you keep all vital data.

Is the PS4 prone to overheating?

Your room's temperature, as well as faulty hardware or firmware, can all have an effect. If the vents are obstructed, your PS4 may overheat. This is possible if there needs to be more room between the vents and other items. The PS4 will further overheat if there is a lot of dust inside.

Does removing games make PS4 faster?

Another aspect that contributes to PS4 performance issues is insufficient disk space. However, games are most likely to take up the most area. Remove any games that you are no longer actively playing. It significantly increases your speed. Your game, thankfully, will be saved. You may always reinstall and continue playing without losing any progress.

Why is my PlayStation 4 so sluggish?

The PS4 runs slowly due to a variety of factors. It is due to less drive space. Other causes include faulty hard drives, dust collection, overheating, etc.


It is all about fixing PS4 Error SU-30627-8. It is straightforward to resolve this error code. Almost any gamer can overcome their problems in at least one of these ways. Only a few users corrected their issues in different ways. Now, you can quickly fix the system software update issue.