Your PlayStation 4 may exhibit some unusual behavior due to software updates. The PlayStation 4 has frozen or isn’t acting generally while receiving a firmware update. The article discusses the causes and fixes for PS4 Stuck On System Software Update Error.

There are a few causes of PS4 being Stuck On System Software Updates. They are PS4 Overheating, PS4 Power Failure, Hard Drive Failure, etc. You can quickly fix them by Restarting PS4, Rebuilding Database, Using Safe Mode To Update The Console, etc.

You frequently encounter this issue when installing a PlayStation 4 software update. Read below about the causes and fixes for PS4 Stuck On System Software Update Error. The part also includes the main reasons for the SU-30746-0 error.

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What Are the Causes Of PS4 Software Update Errors?

Here are the different causes for PS4 Stuck On System Software Update Error.

PS4 Overheating

The PS4 frequently overheats since it uses such an enormous amount of electricity. When the system is updated, it occurs. This will cause it to freeze and stop working. The PS4 can freeze if it overheats for a required time. overheating

Disconnecting it is the only workaround for the problem.

Always keep the PS4 well-ventilated to avoid the issue. It entails keeping it out of a small space. Place it on a surface where air can circulate the bottom. Away from windows, please.

PS4 Power Failure

A reasonably stable power system powers PS4. It still has the potential to fail, though. It harms nothing essential, such as wires or cords. sytem power cords

During a system firmware update, you will experience severe problems like the PS4 freezing.

Hard Drive Failure 

There is a typical hard drive in the PS4. Hard disks made of metal could be more dependable. They could fail at any time, but especially as they get older. A broken PS4 hard drive is the reason for the PS4 freezing during a system firmware update. harddrive failure (1)

The PS4’s drive exhibits any signs of trouble as SU-30746-0 frozen. Make a backup of the data immediately to prevent losing crucial information. Next, try changing the drive.

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System Software Issues 

The most crucial program is the PS4 system software. It operates on the PS4. It controls the PS4’s hardware, software, processes, and memory. Additionally, it enables communication with the PS4.

It converses even if it cannot speak the language of the PS4 system. In a nutshell, your PS4 is only helpful with the system software. ps4-system software

The PS4 system software has some corruption. Completely initialize the PS4 as the sole option. During the update procedure, the SU-30746-0 PS4 froze. The PS4 system software should be reinstalled entirely.

Database Corrupted

The PS4 uses a lot of data. Its database can be damaged in many ways. Particularly likely to occur is this. You have been switching drives, or something is wrong with your machine. ps4-rebuild-database

Resolve it by simply rebooting the PS4.

Fixes: PS4 Stuck On System Software Update Error 

The following fixes can resolve the issue of PS4 being stuck on the System Software Update Error.

Restart PS4

Restarting the console would fix any transient faults or glitches. So, the following is how to restart your PS4:

  1. Utilizing your controller, hold down the PlayStation (PS) button.
  2. The menu that opens lets you select Power. ps4 controller power button
  3. When you click the power sign, the final menu option on the screen that appears will be ‘Restart PS4‘.
  4. Don’t unplug any cords while your PS4 is restarting. Prevent the PS4 from rebooting if any hardware fails.

Using Safe Mode To Update The Console

Use it when the PS4 system encounters a PS4 SU-30746-0 error. Be sure to turn off the PS4 before beginning this:

  1. Visit the official PlayStation website. playstation support
  2. Get the most recent firmware version and save it to a USB disk.
  3. Switch off the PS4 entirely.
  4. The console will beep and switch off.
  5. A second beep will come once you press and hold the power button again. power button
  6. It will be about seven seconds later.
  7. The console will launch in Safe Mode as a result.

Connect The PS4 Controller Using A USB Cable

Follow these steps to connect the PS4 controller using a USB cable for error SU-30746-0.

  1. Choose the third option, Update System Software, from the menu. Select the X button.
  2. If you are connecting through Ethernet, select Update Using Internet. internet connection
  3. If you are not connecting to any Internet, insert the USB device using an Ethernet cable.
  4. It is where you keep the firmware file that you downloaded.
  5. From the USB storage device, select Update. usb device
  6. Restart your PlayStation 4 when the procedure is complete.
  7. Verify that PS4 Error SU-30746-0 has been repaired.

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Rebuild Database

Is PS4 stuck on the system software update error controller not working? Create a new database of the content when the disk scans by Rebuild Database. Follow these steps.

  1. Enter Safe Mode and then select Rebuild Database by pressing X.
  2. No games or features that you have installed will be impacted.
  3. Plan to rebuild the database. rebuild database
  4. We need to rebuild the database, which can take several hours.
  5. Choose OK.
  6. While the database is being rebuilt, the screen will become blank. Depending on how much stuff has been stored, it may take several hours. sign in screen
  7. The console will revert to the sign-in screen after the rebuild is complete.


Can I update my PS4 without the internet?

On the PS4, press the power button. This boots up your computer in safe mode. Spend at least seven seconds doing it. The PS4 can only be updated this way.

How do I update my PS4's software?

Go to the page for PS4 system software updates. The 'Reinstall system software' section should be chosen. Get the installation file now. In the 'UPDATE' folder, save it. Name the file 'PS4UPDATE.PUP' after saving it. Connect your PS4 console to the USB drive that contains the installation file.

What is the PS4's Safe Mode?

The most specific functions are the only ones that are utilized. You can start your PlayStation console in Safe Mode. You can use the Safe Mode settings to troubleshoot problems. Alternately, 'hard' reset the console to its factory default settings.

How can I force-clean my PS4?

Take your compressed air can, if it has one, and open it. Spray some air away from your PS4 for a moment first. Now, blast small bursts of air about your PS4 with canned air. Eliminate the dust. Put the straw in now for more thorough washing.

When should I clean my PS4?

When your PS4 is no longer under warranty, you should clean it. Indications suggest that dust covers it. This covers fan noise, excessive heat, and hardware breakdown. You must give your PS4 some tender care because of this.

Does formatting PS4 delete everything?

When you initialize the machine, it erases all information on the PS4.. There is no reversing this process. So, be careful not to destroy any crucial data accidentally.


It is all about the causes and fixes for PS4 Stuck On System Software Update Error.

You don’t have to let yourself get stuck in any never-ending loop of disappointment. It is a fact that many PS4 gamers are facing controller issues due to System Software Update Errors.

Now you can quickly fix the PS4 Stuck On System Software Update Error. For more such amazing articles, you can check this out.

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