The qtcore4.dll is mainly used to load system components. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. This error occurs if DLL files are corrupted or they go missing. qtcore4.dll is mainly a Dynamic Link Library. It is a part of the Dell Application for Reinstalling Cyberlink PowerDVD DX 8.2 Software by Dell for the Windows Operating System. These are the files that are situated outside of the software program.

Users might face error messages like “qt core four dll is missing.” There might also be a reason for this error like your Operating System did not shut down properly or some malware in your computer/laptop. 


These occur mainly at the start of the Operating System, the beginning of an application, or even while working on a specific task. A lot of users have faced these kinds of error messages. Keep reading the article to learn more about this error and ways to resolve it. 

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Methods To fix qtcore4.dll Are Missing

If you are one of them facing the qtcore4.dll issue, this article will be perfect as we will look into some of the methods to fix this issue.

Running A System File Scan

  1. Locate them in the taskbar with the Cortona button.
  2. Type cmd in the search box
  3. Right-click the Command Prompt option and select “run as administrator.”
  4. Enter the following: Dism.exe/Online/Clean-image/Restorehealthdism.exe online clean-image restorehealth
  5. Type the following code in the command prompt: sfc/scannowsfc scannow
  6. Restart to check if the error and fixed and your PC is working fine or not.

A tool included in Windows 10, System File Checker Tool, helps repair the system files

Using A System Restore Point

The following method might be by using a system restore point. It may happen that before the error qtcore4 dll is missing occurred at the startup, your system already had a system restore end ready. In that case, it will be easier to transform your PC to the previous state. Go through these steps:

  1. Press Windows + R keys together, and the Run command window opens. Type “stud” and click OK.
  2. The System Restore page appears. Click on Choose Different restore point and press Next.system restore
  3. You’ll be taken to another screen and select Show more restore points. Select the restore point already created before the “qt core dll” error starts appearing, and click on Next.
  4. Your system will start restoring after you press the Finish button. 

At this point, the qtcore4.dll error might be fixed.

Using Restoro

In search of some third-party DLL file protector? Restoro is an application you should look into. It is effortless to use as it uses many DLLs from an online library and replaces or repairs your corrupted and damaged files on your PC. An added benefit of the application is that it checks if malware is present in your PC and protects it. It is effortless and requires you to install it on your PC; the rest will do it independently. Let’s take a look at the steps: install restoro

  1. Download and Install Restoro
  2. Launch it on your PC
  3. It then scans the PC to detect any issues or any malware, if present.
  4. After the scanning process is done, click Start Repair
  5. Restart your PC, and the changes will be automatically saved. 

Now, your PC will work perfectly fine, just like any new Computer/laptop.

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Reinstalling The Application That Causes qtcore4 dll

It may happen that while opening an application, you are facing the qtcore4 error. In this case, reinstalling the application might be better.

re install

You may also get the error at startup; here, you should check the error name at the top of the error window. Make sure to know the reason behind the error, which helps determine which software is responsible. To help you understand better, let’s look at an example: if the error window starts with PatchProgress.exe, it means that reinstalling Patch Progress might fix the problem automatically.

Updating Your Windows

  1. Type update in the Search box
  2. Select Check for updates 
  3. Windows will detect the presence of an update 
  4. If there is any, download it. 
  5. Restart your computer/laptop to complete the updating process.

Performing an update might be the easiest method to solve qtcore4.dll.

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Scanning The Registry

For this method, if you have an application like CCleaner. Install CCleaner to get better results. 

  1. Open CCleaner. 
  2. Click on Registry to open the entire software’s Registry.ccleaner
  3. Select all the registry boxes, and it will perform a thorough scan. Check the box named Missing or Shared DLLs, as it is an essential element.
  4. Next, click on Scan for Issues.scan for issues
  5. After scanning, click Fix selected issues, and the entries will be repaired.
  6. Make sure to click yes on the dialog box that appears next. Here it’ll create a backup for the Registry.ccleaner
  7. Click on Next and Finish.

Invalid DLL registry might be the cause for the DLL qtcore4.dll error messages. Performing a scan and repairing them is a great option to resolve qtcore4.dll. 

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How to install a DLL File which is not present?

• First, locate the missing file at the DLL Dump Site with the extension .dll • Download that file and then copy it to ‘C:WindowsSystem32’ • Click Start, next run, and type code ‘regsvr32 name_of_dll.’

What are the steps to remove a DLL File?

• Go to Start, and in the Search button, • Search the DLL file you want to remove • Select the file with the .dll extension • Then select Delete

What is qtgui4 DLL?

It is a C++ Application Development Framework File. Errors related to qtgui4.dll might arise when a .dll file is removed, misplaced, or gets corrupted by some malicious software in the PC or even due to a corrupted Windows registry.


We hope those mentioned above have worked for you and you can enjoy working on your computer/laptop again. Qtcore4.dll might be a bit irritating as it frequently occurs for many users, and one of these methods will indeed work for you!


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