Rainbow Six Siege is a great tactical shooting game released in 2016. Players use Discord overlay to use the text chat or voice chat feature while playing, as well as stream their gameplay. However, many players have complained that Discord is not working smoothly or consuming too much CPU memory while playing the game. We have prepared a guide on the Rainbow Six Siege discord issues.
rainbow six seigeYou can try troubleshooting Rainbow Six Siege Discord issues or turn off full-screen optimizations. If Discord still malfunctions in Rainbow Six Siege, we recommend reinstalling the app on your computer. The app’s in-game performance may be due to faulty installation files for Discord.

On Discord, server-related difficulties are the most frequent source of this issue. Incorrect device setups, sluggish network connections, or out-of-date app versions might also cause these issues. We have made a step-by-step tutorial for repairing Discord if it isn’t functioning on Rainbow Six Siege to assist you.

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Fundamental Troubleshooting

Read on to find out how.

Six Siege & Discord With Admin RightRun Rainbows

You will face this trouble if you run the Rainbow Six Siege and Discord app without permission or admin rights.

If you need to accomplish that, you can undergo the below steps.

  1. Press Windows + E
  2. Then, go To The Installation Folder Of Rainbow Six Siege Game 
  3. After this, right-Click The Executable File Of The Gameadmin rights
  4. Click Properties.
  5. Open The Compatibility Tab, Enable The Run This Program As An Administrator option.
  6. Save The Settings And Close The Window.
  7. Now, Go To Your Desktop And Right-Click The Discord Shortcut, and Click Run As Administrator On The Context Menu.

Then, launch the Rainbow Six Siege game and test whether or not you can use the Discord functions errors-freely or now not.

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Turning Off Full-Screen Optimizations

Some players have proved that disabling the whole-screen optimizations is acceptable to fix this Discord difficulty while playing the Rainbow Six Siege game.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. If You Have The Desktop Shortcut Of Rainbow Game, Then Right-Click On It And Choose Properties or Else, Open The Folder Where You Have Installed The Game And Right-Click The. Exe File To Select Properties.
  2. From The Properties Window, Go To The Compatibility Tab.full screen optimisation
  3. Then, enable The Disable Full-Screen Optimizations Option By Checking The Box.
  4. Finally, Click The Apply And Then The OK Buttons To Save The Changes.

Once you’ve finished the above steps, relaunch the game and spot if Discord is operating correctly or now not. 

If you still engage with the rainbow six siege discord not working, read the following article to deal with the Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issue.

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Methods To Fix Rainbow Six Seige Discord Issues

They are listed below.

Permit Discord Overlay

Sometimes, customers accidentally disable the in-game overlay function at the Discord app. If you did this unknowingly, then Discord will not work at all.

To dispose of this trouble, execute the below commands to allow the Discord overlay in your Windows computer.discord overlay

  1. Open Discord App 
  2. Then, navigate To The User Settings.
  3. You Can See Different Tabs On Your Left-Hand Side. From That, Locate The Overlay Tab And Click On It.
  4. On Your Right-Hand Side, You Can See The Enable In-Game Overlay Option.
  5. If You Find It Is Disabled, Click The Toggle Button To Enable It.

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Alter the Game Activity Settings

The wrong game settings of Discord is one of the fundamental reasons for this problem. If the Rainbow Six Siege sport isn’t always tagged with your Discord app, then Discord won’t work while you are playing the game.

So, correct the settings by going via the steps mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, Launch The Discord App On Your Windows 10.
  2. Then, open The User Settings To Make Some Corrections.
  3. From The Left-Side Panel, then click Games.
  4. Under The Game Activity, Click The Toggle Button To Turn On The Display Currently Running Games As A Status Message.
  5. Now, Click On The Add It Button
  6. After this, choose The Rainbow Six Siege Game From The Menu
  7. Click Add Game.

Enable Hardware Acceleration & Developer Mode in Discord

In most cases, we enable the hardware acceleration feature to improve the overall performance. The same, Discord requires hardware acceleration to run quicker and smoother.

If you’re facing problems with the Discord app, then enabling the hardware acceleration function is a good option.

To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Open Discord On Your PC
  2. Go To The App Settings, Click The Gear Icon.
  3. On The Left Panel, Select The Appearance Tab
  4. Under The Advanced Settings, Enable Both The Hardware Acceleration And Developer Mode Options By Hitting The Toggle Button.
  5. Relaunch The Rainbow Six Siege Game And See The Discord Issues Are Still Occurring.

Appoint High Priority to Discord

According to a few player reviews, they’ve resolved it by clearly placing the Discord priority high. We recommend you do the same to cast off this trouble.

  1. Make Sure The Discord App Is Running On Your Windows 10.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc Keys To Open The Task Manager.
  3. Once You See The Task Manager Window, Select The Details Tab.
  4. Right-Click On The Discord -> Choose Set Priority -> Click High.
  5. If You See Any Confirmation Window, Click On The Change Priority Button.
  6. Exit The Task Manager.

Check if the Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issues are solved on your computer.

Modify the VSync Settings

To change the VSync Settings, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Double-Click The Rainbow Six Siege Desktop Shortcut To Open It On Your Windows PC.
  2. Then, go To The Top-Right Corner Of The Window And Click The Gear Icon To Open The Settings.vsync
  3. Now, Choose The Options Button And Go To The Display Tab.
  4. Find The VSync Section -> Under The Drop-Down Menu, Select 1 Frame.
  5. Finally, Click The Apply Button To Save The Changes.

Reboot the Windows PC and relaunch Rainbow Six Siege to check the problem is fixed.

Restrict the FPS

Reducing the FPS to fix the Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issues is best.

Follow the steps to do so

  1. Press Windows + E
  2. Enter The Game’s Installation Directory
  3. Right-Click On The Folder Named With An Alphanumeric
  4. Select Open With restrict FPS
  5. Click Notepad.
  6. Locate The [Display] Section
  7. Find The FPSLimit Line
  8. Change The Value To 75.
  9. Press Ctrl + S To Save The Changes And Exit The Notepad.
  10. After That, Right-Click On The GameSettings File
  11. Click Properties.
  12. Then, go To The Attributes Section
  13. After that enable The Read-Only Attribute
  14. Click Apply And OK Buttons.

Now, Launch Rainbow Six Siege And See The Discord Overlay Is Working Without Any Issues.

Customer Care/Official Support

Rainbow Six Siege gamers can play the online game successfully through discord overlay. If you notice any troubles with Discord, you can follow all of the ones to be had workarounds.

One or more strategies in this manual will resolve the Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issue in Windows 10. If the reason for this problem is untraceable, then it cannot be fixed even after using all those tricks.customer care

If you still experience that Discord is not working when playing Siege, in that case, it’s best to uninstall and reinstall Rainbow Six Siege on your laptop. Even if you observe it doesn’t fix the trouble, open the Support Page Of Discord.

Now, please explain the issue and get instructions from them to restore it on your Windows PC.

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How do I turn off Rainbow Six Siege game chat?

Open the main menu and then select the Options. You can choose between Open, Push to Talk, and Disabled. Click on Audio, locate Voice Chat Record Mode, and alter the settings according to your preference

How to mute people on Siege on PC?

Check the scoreboard. Player usernames, kills, points, and other stats are displayed there. You can see a little microphone icon on the right of the name. Click on it to mute the corresponding player.

Why is my in-game overlay not working?

If the in-game overlay is turned off, you won't use Discord while playing the game. Before troubleshooting the GeForce overlay is not running, you must ensure the in-game overlay is turned on in the inner GeForce Experience.


Rainbow Six Siege is an outstanding shooting game that innumerable players favor. Players use Discord globally to use voice chat and text chat to interact with players while playing the game.

However, the connection between Discord and the game is disrupted for multiple reasons. Players have reported that Discord stops working in-game siege, not using voice chat, or high CPU memory consumption while playing the game.

We have collected all the reasons and the ways to deal with them. We hope we can resolve your Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issues.