Outlook PST Repair: 5 Ways to Repair PST File Under 5 Minutes


Repair PST File: Most of the users are aware of the fact that Microsoft Outlook functions more than just sending and receiving email messages. It works as a personal information manager for different fields such as calendars, contacts, notes, appointments, etc. All the information related to these is stored as an Outlook data file known as PST in your system.

The PST file has to be maintained properly as it is required so that Outlook can work normally and can show you your data. However, due to different reasons the outlook file can corrupt and will become inaccessible by the users. Different kind of messages are received by Outlook users during the corruption of Outlook Data File (PST) such as:

  • Unable to display the folder. The file xxx.pst could not be accessed.
  • Microsoft Outlook has recognized a problem and needed to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The file xxx.pst is not a personal folders file.

During the damage or corruption of PST files, the emails, calendar, contacts, journals, notes, etc becomes inaccessible for the Outlook users.

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How to Repair PST File Under 5 Minutes?

It is essential to repair the corrupt PST file to repair corrupt outlook. There are a number of tools available that can help you to fix the corrupt PST files and can also recover the attributes such as contacts, emails, notes, tasks, appointments, meetings, etc.

The software can be utilized to repair all types of errors related to PST file. They extract the contents of your PST files and then identify the problems in it. After fixing up the issues, it produces a new PST with all the Outlook attributes recovered again.

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Method #1 Repair PST File Using Remo Repair Outlook

Remo Repair Outlook is extremely simple to use and understand. It comes up with an intuitive design and user interface. Follow the steps to use it:

1. At First, download and then install the Remo Repair Outlook software.

2. Launch the software. You will see three options on the home screen to select the PST file:

  • Open default PST File: – Go for this option if you want the Remo Recover software to open the PST file related to the Outlook profile.
  • Choose PST file manually: – Go for this option if you are aware of the location of your PST file for the Outlook version that you use. The location of the PST file is different for each Outlook version of Outlook.
  • Find all PST files: – Use this option if you cannot find the PST file or if the file is not present at the default location in your PC.
Remo Repair Outlook Main Screen
Remo Repair Outlook Main Screen

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3. After choosing the PST file, you will see two scanning options. They are Normal scan and Smart Scan.

  • Normal Scan: – Use this scan if your PST file is partially corrupted or if the Outlook causes problems to open usually.
  • Smart scan: – Use this scan if the PST file is severely corrupt or if you need to recover your deleted stuff such as emails, contacts, files, etc.
Scan Options
Scan Options

4. Now, click on Browse to choose a location where you will save the repaired PST files. Click on Next.

5. The software will take some time to complete the scanning. The duration of the scanning depends on the amount of corruption and the size of your PST file.

Remo Repair Outlook Scan Summary
Remo Repair Outlook Scan Summary

6. When you do it, you can check it in the folder where the repaired file has saved.

Method #2 Run Scan.pst

Scan.pst works with a lot of errors associated with the corruption of PST file. But it comes with a disadvantage that it mainly repairs the header of the PST file and deletes everything else that cannot be recognized by it in the PST file. It might include your crucial data as well. To run Scandisk, follow the steps:

  1. At First, go to Programs > Accessories > System Tools or Download the Inbox Repair tool from Microsoft’s official website. It will run automatically for you.
  2. Click on Browse and choose the PST file that has already damaged or corrupted.
    outlook pst repair
    Outlook PST Repair
  3. After the selection, click on Start. After its completion, it will show you the error found in your PST file.
  4. Afterwards, click on Repair now to start repairing the errors.
  5. Now when you open the Outlook, your Inbox will look normal, if it doesn’t, follow the steps again as at times users have to run the Scanpst.exe many times so that all errors can be repaired.

Method #3 Use Microsoft’s Crop Tool

If your PST file has over-exceeded the size limit, it will get corrupted. The limit set for the Outlook PST files is 2 GB. If you go ahead of 2 GB, the whole file will get damaged. In this case, you need to use Microsoft’s Oversized PST crop tool to shorten the file to below 2 GB.

However, be aware as this can lead to deleting some of your emails and you have no control about which data will get eliminated in the PST file shortening process. Also, it is the only way to go for if you want to open the PST file in Outlook again. You cannot download Microsoft’s crop tool. Instead, it can avail by only reaching to the Microsoft product support line.

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Method #4 Use Recovery Toolbox

You can use a third party program called Recovery Toolbox for Outlook which can save your PST file from the errors and can recover your emails. Its working is safe as it will create a new PST file and will copy all the data from the corrupted file. However, the tool will scan the file and will go through several steps to recover as much data as it can.

use recovery toolbox
Use Recovery Toolbox

The important thing is that this tool is not free of cost. You need to pay to get its license to recover your data. However, if you have plenty of emails and they are crucial for you, you can surely pay $50 to retrieve your emails as it would be worth it.

Method #5 Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

This tool can help you to repair PST file even if it’s severely affected or damaged. Using this tool you can recover emails, calendars, journals, contact, notes, etc. You can also restore formatting from HTML messages. You can quickly repair the damage done from an application malfunction or due to improper file exchanging on LAN/WAN. Malicious software, PST compaction and OS corruption are some other causes of PST file corruption that can be cured.

In Conclusion

There could be different reasons behind the corruption of your Outlook PST file. When it gets corrupted all the work stops and you fail to receive your emails. If you are a business professional and your work depends on Outlook, then most probably you need the services of PST repair tool that too immediately. All the methods given above can help you repair PST file in your PC. So go ahead and solve your problem of PST file in no time.