Run_time error 429 is related to a Visual Basic error often occurring while working with MS Office. While it does not happen on all computers, it still is a significant concern among many users. With the evolution of the operating system over these years, users still face this Windows malfunction- run time error 429. When this particular error occurs, the application might experience a sudden crash and stop abruptly, and no user wants to experience such interruptions while working.

Solutions For Run_time Error 429:

  1. Do An SFC Scan
  2. Scan For Virus
  3. Register The Application Again
  4. Register The Specified File Again
  5. Scanning Registries
  6. Check For Any Updates.

Today, with this article, we will know how to solve the runtime error429.

What Causes Run_time Error 429?

The significant applications facing this particular error are the MS Office programs like Word, Outlook, and Excel. This error occurs when the applications try to access files that are either corrupted, are not registered, or don’t exist in the system.

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Solutions For Run_time Error 429

Here are some quick and easy steps to follow to solve Runtime error 429.

Do An SFC Scan

System File Checker(SFC) scans Windows for any faulty or corrupted files that may harm the system and repair the same.

  1. Open the command prompt using Windows + X keys or search it using the search icon at the start.execute sfc command
  2. When the window opens, type “sfc/scannow.”
  3. Press enter to let it scan the PC for any faulty system files.
  4. After the process, restart the device and check if the error is solved.

Use the sfc/scannow to fix the Windows run_time error 429 quickly.

Scan For Virus

The malware present in the device can also affect the files and corrupt them. Hence, checking the device for any virus is always recommended. choose the best antivirus

Choose The Best AntivirusUse the most compatible antivirus program for your device.

Register The Application Again

One might face an error on a particular application. Suppose the device is facing runtime error 429 Excel while using MS Excel. Re-registering it might help in fixing the issue.

  1. Log in to the application as administrator.
  2. Get the full file path of the particular application from the directory. It looks like C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\ command
  3. Next, press Windows + R to open the run.
  4. Copy the file path name in the dialog box and add /regserver at the end. Execute it.
  5. Open the app.

See if the problem is solved after the above process is done.

Register The Specified File Again

The runtime error 429 activex can also occur while using a particular file. Mainly files with .DLL/.ocx extensions. Registering it might help.

  1. Open the command by using Windows + X key. 
  2.  Type: “regsvr32 Filename.ocx” or “regsvr32 Filename.dll” in the box. Under “Filename,” put in the file name you are facing issues with.execute regsvr32 filename.ocx" or "regsvr32 filename.dll" command
  3. Use the return key to finish registering the files.
  4. Check if the run_time error 429 is solved by reopening that file.

Executing this command usually solves this issue. If it doesn’t fix the runtime error, scroll down to see other methods you can adopt.

Scanning Registries

Registries help the computer/laptop read different files and settings to run the system. Sometimes the registries may get corrupted; hence, to prevent losing the files, it is recommended to create a backup. 

  1. To continue this method, ensure a registry cleaner is present on your PC.
  2. After the installation, open the application.
  3. Select the Registry tab and then click Scan for Issues
  4. Now, it starts checking the errors present. After the process is complete, an option Fix Selected Issue will appear. Select that, and the errors may get fixed.

If you have no backup, you can use this method.

Check For Any Updates.

Outdated versions of Windows may also give rise to the runtime error 429. Hence, checking for available updates may help in solving the issue.

  1. In the search bar, type Windows updates
  2. Choose “check for updates” to make the available updates visible.
  3. If any updates pop up, press download.
  4. Performing a reboot to check the issue is the next step.

Checking for updates is the easiest and quickest solution for the run_time error 429.

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Here are some FAQ’s that accompany the run_time error 429.

Is ActiveX Safe?

ActiveX controls can be dangerous and should only be used if necessary. Be sure to download it from a trusted source.

What Is A Runtime Error In Programming?

When the program is free from syntax errors, but the issues are only detected on execution can give rise to runtime error. The most common is the IO error.

What Can Cause Runtime Errors In Excel?

There may be an issue between the application and the operating system. Moreover, an application's corrupt or incomplete installation might also cause this error.


We hope this accessible guide will help you solve the run_time error 429. Now you can complete all your work without any delay!

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