You know that feeling after a hard day when all you want to do is relax on your sofa with Netflix on and watch an episode of “Friends”? It is like a tiny corner of a relaxing paradise. But wait a second! Once you press the Netflix button on your remote, boom! You see the screen mirroring netflix with no video instead of Chandler’s snarky comments or Rachel’s fashion misadventures. What were you looking for?

Don’t panic yet! When you see Netflix showing a black screen, make sure both devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network to resolve the Netflix black screen problem during screen mirroring. If not, join the same network as them, and you should be able to continue watching Netflix without any issues.

Don’t worry if following these instructions doesn’t work. The most effective remedies have been given to you. Let’s look into the Netflix black screen error while screen mirroring, discover why it occurs, and look at possible solutions.

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Why is my Netflix screen black?

The possible reasons why you are facing the screen mirroring netflix with no video might be due to the following reasons:

  • Screen mirroring with Netflix may not be supported by an earlier operating system you’re running.
  • Mirroring Netflix may be difficult if your devices can’t multicast or if one of them doesn’t support it.
  • Mirroring is incompatible with Android versions before 2.3. Both iOS 6.0 and Android Tablet 3.0 are backward compatible.
  • Some Netflix subscribers have issues with their devices after an upgrade. When upgrading, exercise caution.
  • Screen mirroring problems with dark screens might also result from using several Netflix accounts.
  • It’s crucial to check the state of the cable, port, and adapter before connecting your device to your TV with an HDMI cable and adapter. You will experience the Netflix not mirroring video issue if there is any damage to the cable or the port in the video cable section.

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What do you do when your Netflix screen goes black?

For various reasons, screen mirroring netflix with no video may result in a blank screen. Here’s how to resolve the issue in various scenarios:

Ensure your device’s OS is up to date:

The first step in fixing the screen mirroring netflix with no video is to update your device’s operating system to ensure that your device’s OS is current. The first step in resolving the Netflix black screen when screen mirroring issue is to ensure that the operating system of your device is current. If your Netflix app isn’t working on TV, check this out.
Os updateFind any updates that are accessible, then download and install them if any are found. After that, try using Netflix again with screen mirroring!

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Make sure your Chromecast is connected:

If your Chromecast isn’t connected to the internet, Netflix viewers may get a dark screenchromecastYou can reboot both your router and Chromecast to restore the connection to fix this. Disconnecting your Chromecast for a short while could help.
Signing in and out of Netflix is a helpful additional step!

Switch Netflix profile:

Use the same Netflix profile on both devices to guarantee that Netflix screen mirroring runs wellswitch netflix profileWhen trying to screen share Netflix, you’ll run into the Netflix black screen problem if one of your devices is signed into a separate profile.
Go to your account settings to see which profile is presently active.

Update the Netflix appupdate netflix
An outdated Netflix app is another potential reason for screen mirroring netflix with no video. Here’s what you can do to solve it:

    1. Reinstall after uninstalling: The Netflix app should be uninstalled from your device before being re-downloaded.reinstall
    2. Reinstall a Previous Version: Reinstall an earlier version of the Netflix app if the issue continues. reinstalling previous versionThe previous version may be updated from within the program without being uninstalled.

Try a different TV (If possible):

Consider utilizing a separate TV that supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) coding while attempting to mirror Netflix to your TV.
Your TV might not be HDCP compliant if it is an older model. You may either test Netflix on a more recent TV or look into your TV’s HDCP compatibility to make sure:

    1. Check TV Packaging: Check the packaging of your TV for information on HDCP capability. If it’s there, everything is in packaging
    2. Review the owner’s guide: Consult the owner’s handbook, particularly the section on video cables, if there needs to be more information on the packing.
    3. Support from the Manufacturer: Inquire about HDCP compatibility for your TV model with the help desk of the TV
    4. Examine Non-HDCP Devices: Connect non-HDCP-compatible gadgets to your TV to see what happens. HDCPYour TV supports HDCP if you see a blurry image.

Disconnect other devices:

Sometimes, your device will be connected to a different device than the one to which you are trying to cast Netflix.disconnecting other devices Simply unplugging the second device, in this case, can frequently fix your screen mirroring problem.

Check HDMI and port cable:

Don’t worry if one of your devices needs built-in HDMI capability if you choose a connected HDMI connection rather than remote screen mirroring. You may still utilize an adapter.
It’s essential to check if the HDMI connection is functioning correctly in this situation:

    1. Inspect the HDMI Cable: Look for any evidence of wear or damage on the HDMI cable.checking hdmi cable
    2. Check the HDMI Port: Make sure your devices’ HDMI ports are clear of debris and corrosionhdmi slotBy doing this, you can make sure that the HDMI connection for your Netflix screen mirroring is seamless and error-free.

Try a different browser:

Some browsers may not support Netflix screen mirroring due to copyright security requirements.browsers You could wish to try a new browser if a specific one causes you to experience black screens to see if the issue resolves itself. The solution can be as straightforward as switching your browser for Netflix screen mirroring to function correctly.

Clear Netflix’s cache:

You are facing the issue of Netflix not working because of the app’s cache and data files that are not cleared. It’s a good idea to erase these files to avoid similar issues periodically. This is how you do it:

    1. Open the Settings on your smartphone.settings menu
    2. Click “Apps” at the bottom of the page.settings apps
    3. Locate the Netflix app among the ones you’ve installed and tap on app
    4. Locate the “Storage” menu clear data
    5. Locate and pick the “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” storage
    6. Restart your mobile device and link it to your TV after clearing the data and cache. clear cache

Check if the issue has been rectified.

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Is Netflix mirroring possible?

Yes. Launch the Netflix mobile app, touch the Cast icon, then select your smart TV or the preferred Netflix streaming device to start screen mirroring. The Netflix display will immediately start to be mirrored after this step.

Why can't I screencast Netflix, exactly?

If Guest mode is off on your Android device, Netflix screencasting might not be possible. Go to Google > Devices & Sharing > Cast options and turn on Guest mode to allow casting options.

Why can't I project Netflix?

Use an intelligent projector or a projector with Wi-Fi capabilities to show Netflix films. Having a correct HDMI cable connection is critical for a perfect Netflix projection. Follow the directions in the handbook or an instructional video to connect your equipment correctly.

Why does Netflix only play audio and not video?

Netflix viewers may experience problems like “Netflix black screen with sound” with web browsers. The first step in fixing this black screen problem with sound is to see whether the web browser has any accessible updates.


That concludes the list of possible causes and solutions for the screen mirroring netflix with no video. By resetting your device and browser, verifying HDCP functionality on your TV, and swapping the HDMI port and cable, you may fix the black screen problem while screen mirroring.

Keep your devices up to date, try out various TVs, and make sure you’re using the same user profile across both devices.

Your best action is to contact Netflix customer service for more assistance if none of these fixes fix the problem. Hopefully, you’ll soon be back to watching as usual!

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