Secure Windows 10 With These 8 Easy Ways


Some love Windows. Others loathe it. No matter what, Windows still remains the most used operating system around the world. Only last year, Windows 10 surpassed Windows 7 to emerge as the most popular OS for PC users globally. Nevertheless, it’s still got its fair share of security issues bugging users from time to time. That includes zero-day threats, malware from APT attack groups, and the never-ending saga of Windows 10 updates. Fix the problem of Windows not having a network profile for your device.

Be it a new PC out of the box when you get your first chance to get security options right or one after years of owning it, one can still tweak or bring on additional features to keep things secure and less prone to system troubles for good.

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How to Secure Windows 10?

Here are 8 ways to Secure Windows 10. Some of these tips might apply to Windows Business users mostly, while the others can be adapted for any ordinary user.

Enabling Bit Locker

According to global threat intelligence experts, it is of utmost importance that one turns on the disk encryption.

enable bitlocker
Enable Bitlocker

Now, both Windows 10 Pro, as well as the Enterprise edition, comes bundled with BitLocker that help enable full disk encryption to minimize chances of data loss, in any case, your PC in compromised. When you turn on Bit Locker or any other disk encryption for that matter, always choose to keep the recovery key locked. Either in a USB drive or written on a piece of paper.

Trust Windows Defender

Windows Defender, no matter what, functions as good as any other antivirus available in the market and is reportedly maintained by qualified experts who are well versed on all latest stuff in computer security and supposedly knows about the OS more than anyone. If you are setting up your PC for the first time, it’s always good to enable the firewall that came along with it.

windows defender
Windows Defender

Of course, later, you can tweak some of its settings, unlock or block some of its features as the need be. Also, make a note to keep the real-time protection enabled to help with scanning with new viruses and threats. If you have mistakenly downloaded a malicious file, the protection measure will work to secure your PC before a hacker can have control over your data and compromise your system.

Use a Local Login

Windows 10 Home, by default, picks your Windows account while trying to connect to your machine. However, to up the security quotient, it is advisable that you create a local login account. Albeit, log in via your Windows account is always convenient given the sync options and other benefits. But it also poses a risk of your PC being compromised, in case your Hotmail account is hacked.

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Enabling Controlled Folder Access

To limit the damage caused by the sudden intrusion of ransomware and other malware, one must choose to enable Controlled Folder Access.

enabling controlled folder access
Enabling Controlled Folder Access

It is available in every single edition of Windows 10.

Keep Windows Hello Turned On

If you use Windows 10 for your business, you might want to keep Windows Hello turned on for good. It helps in quick unlocking of devices using features like fingerprint readers and facial recognition in comparison to passwords which are much easier to hack or steal.

windows hello
Windows Hello

Nevertheless, one can still use a PIN as a backup in case anything goes terribly wrong. In essence, Windows Hello offers a logging method that is way more secure and faster too.

Never Use the Admin Account

A lot of users feel that they don’t need to create a separate account. Other than the Admin as they will be using a Windows PC all by themselves. However, this is the wrong approach. Think of your admin access as a privileged account, which can be used to install software and updates only. The local account, on the other hand, should be used for every additional task.

Additionally, it is also essential that you keep both the accounts secured with unique passwords and never the same for both the accounts. When installing new software, Windows 10 won’t ask you to swap user accounts, and one can simply punch in the passkey for the Admin account to proceed.

Say Yes to Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Windows 10 as an OS is delivered in the form of a service, and hence it calls for updates periodically. Now, keeping Windows 10 automatic updates turned on can be a tad cumbersome for many users. It tends to slow down systems and bring programs to a halt.

enable auto update
Enable Auto Update

Despite all that, there is no denying the fact that your Windows 10 PC is far more secure with automatic updates on compared to manual updating. Any business wanting to keep the setting on and still not face issues should be deploying upgrades across a test environment on an initial basis.

Such tactics are beneficial, knowing that the tech team will be able to check and verify whether the patches are safe enough to be rolled out for the entire organization. For a regular user, although, ready access to a security fix is what makes automatic updates a prime need. Read this if your Windows 10 upgrade assistant is stuck.

The Undeniable Importance of Backup

Every single security measure that one adopts eventually boils down to the most critical aspect-Backup. After all, backup is your oxygen portal in case of any mishap. Start by signing up for a cloud backup service that seamlessly works to backup all data as you keep working away.

backup windows
Backup Windows

As an additional resort, always chose to keep a copy of your important stuff offline. In case you have enabled System Restore, ensure that all restore points are created successfully. While many people advise about keeping a backup of your work, people still seem to ignore it. They will only understand the significance of an offline copy when the mishap takes place. Backup not only offers protection against system crash downs, viruses or malware attacks but also peace of mind.

Wrapping Up!

So, what are you waiting for? Head back to your home or office and start incorporating the tips to Secure Windows 10 for your Windows 10 PC today!