There are many SERP tracking software available for you to think about. We will offer you an overview of the many tools available in our evaluation of the top SERP tracking tools and assist you in selecting the right one for you!

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Manual keyword research used to be the norm for most businesses, but depending on how often you’d access the data and how big your database is, it may take a while. The SERP tracking software includes AccuRanker, Mangools SERPWatcher, Improved Web Ranking, SE Ranking, and ProRank Tracker.


SERP tracking software is great for finding profitable keywords and tracking them over time. Some top SEO software products include helpful features, integrations, and analytics reporting to help organizations that take SEO seriously retain their rankings. So read below to know in detail.

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Top 5 SERP Tracking Software

Different SEO software is a cool and convenient option. However, you can trust the SEO promotion of your website to professionals, such as the Luxeo Team, and it will be more quality and reliable. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 SERP tracking software programs that can find, monitor, and track your search ranks and 10x your efforts.


AccuRanker costs by the number of keywords tracked, with monthly fees beginning at $99 for 1,000, similar to many of the SERP tracking software on this list. 


  • It supports several search engines and allows you to update ranks practically immediately. It is the fastest and most accurate tool on the market.
  • Instead of just taking a quick look at where you stand for a certain phrase, it carefully examines your search rankings.
  • Agencies and professionals are the target audience for AccurRanker. Domains can be tracked indefinitely. Additionally, you may run various reports, including sharing voice reports and distributing white-label reports to your clients using a drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Agencies will also gain from being able to examine and report on ranking history as well as having the option to update rankings every two hours because customers may be a demanding bunch.
  • AccuRanker’s agency bias contributes to one of its main flaws, its price. The quantity of terms you want to track determines your account level, as is customary for these programs.

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Mangools SERPWatcher

There are some excellent tools, but if rank tracking is all you need, paying for other things you won’t use can be infuriating. 


  • Mangools‘ price is more than fair, nevertheless. The $29.90/monthly basic plan allows you to track 200 keywords, making it appropriate for affiliate marketers. The owners of standalone specialized websites can also opt for website audit services Team.
  • You receive daily updates on your standing in terms of features. We know that it can be tempting to check results every couple of hours, especially in the early months of your first website. 
  • However, there is no necessity. Daily updates are sufficient and let you make quick revisions in response to unexpected SERP tracking software changes. You may keep track of past statistics and get email alerts when the SERPs suddenly shift.
  • The Performance Index is one of SERPWatcher’s greatest features. 
  • This displays the current and projected traffic for your chosen keywords and your website’s total organic search traffic levels. In contrast to Share of Voice, this is focused on organic search. It demonstrates how much more proficient you may be.

Improved Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is not for novices or people with only one blog. It is for companies and internal teams that must monitor numerous keywords and generate numerous reports. 

advanced web ranking

  • It keeps track of the keywords you enter throughout the top search engines, including Google, some of the most well-known international search engines, and video-sharing websites like YouTube. 
  • And it measures extra SERP tracking software components, including photos, news, and knowledge box results, and covers organic search results. 
  • AWR is aware of your website if it appears anywhere in the search results.
  • You will receive daily, weekly, or monthly historical data and reports in addition to global, national, and local results.
  • The list of functions that AWR strives to provide its users with includes reporting highly. Creating and customizing reports is possible with the basic plan. However, accessing local keyword search volumes requires the Agency plan. 
  • It is perfect for agencies because you can also add your branding and take Advanced Web Ranking away.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers three main subscription plans. However, they are flexible. If you’re ready to forgo daily updates and pay yearly, you can reduce the cost you must pay by more than half.

se ranking

  • You also receive a few additional relevant SERP tracking software. Additionally, you get an on-page checker, backlink monitor, and keyword recommendation tool. It’s not a complete set of SEO tools, but it’s okay, especially given that all membership levels include tools like the keyword tool.
  • The ranking tracking program will track data on opening Google Chrome, Bing, and Yahoo, including Google bundles like Maps and Ads. 
  • Every report contains a visibility score, ranking how well you’re performing across your keywords, and you can compare your results with up to 5 rivals.
  • It is another appropriate tool for agencies because it has reporting features. This time, you receive a subdomain for each customer, and if you have a Plus membership or higher, you can white-label the reports so that your client is unaware that you used SE Ranking to produce them.

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ProRank Tracker

One of the top SERP tracking software for businesses is provided by ProRankTracker. Although it lacks some of the more sophisticated tools provided by some other solutions, it is less priced and simpler to use.

pro rank traker 

  • According to location, ProRankTracker monitors terms across numerous Google, Yahoo, and Bing variations. 
  • Additionally, it performs a great job tracking the positions of your Amazon listings and YouTube videos. Additionally, it records results across desktop and mobile, a standard feature in an era where Google uses mobile-first indexing strategies.
  • You may take advantage of on-demand updates based on your selected subscription plan. Although all subscriptions come with automatic daily updates, you can run reports as frequently as you’d like if you purchase a Standard or higher package. 
  • There are restrictions on domains, pages, and keywords, but there is also a good range of subscription package sizes, so you should only pay what is necessary.


How does SERP tracking operate, and what is it?

An additional tool for supporting other features is SERP tracking. However, its SERP Tracking function offers thorough national, state/provincial, or local tracking for day-to-day ranking updates. To know exactly where you stand, it offers a comprehensive collection of measures to gauge your visibility index.

What is a SERP(Search Engine Ranking Page)?

Which SEO rank-tracking tools work the best?

Ahrefs is a top-notch rank-tracking tool. You may easily maintain your website with Rank Tracker and connect your Google Search Console account to Ahrefs. Add the keywords you want to track afterward.

How can I determine the SERP ranking of my website?

However, you should consider employing SERP tracking software and tools to monitor your business's performance on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). You can use these tools to analyze your performance in Google SERPs so that you always know how your website performs for various keywords.


These were, therefore, some of the top SERP tracking software on the list. These SERP tracker tools will now be of the uttermost use to you as you examine the overall performance of your website.

Additionally, you can learn new, creative ways to enhance your SEO techniques using these. Most of them are free, allowing you early access and comprehensive insights about your SEO website.

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