Service Host Local System High Disk Usage is a prevalent issue. But don’t worry. We have 3 Ways to Fix the Service Host Local System High Memory Usage. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem. A broad scope of errors is possible in each area of your system, as a malfunction in any sphere will cause a new error flash. Regarding this error, Service Host Local System High Disk Usage is a standard error, and it is visible when the task manager is opened and is visible as it is taking away all your CPU speed and other valuable resources.

To fix service host local system high disk usage error, you must perform a clean boot first. You can also open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete> Task Manager. Expand Service Host: Local System on the Process tab to see the specific eater of your computer disk usage. Select the item, then click the End task button on the bottom right.

There are a bunch of system processes with numerous tasks running in it. Hence takes ample space and efficiency of the CPU. Learn more in this guide about this error and ways to solve it.

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How to Fix Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage in Windows 10

The great and honorable gentleman explained in simple and lucid words that a vast gap exists between a desire and a dream. A dream is a much broader term than desire and has a higher scope than it. A desire cannot contribute much to solving a problem, for instance, in the form of an error but a dream to make your system hassle-free can do. Just a few rundowns of technical information can be in the form of a revolution for your PC for its independence from bullying errors.

Throughout this guide, proper step-by-step instruction is provided to ace over the error service host local system high disk usage. Numerous people around the globe have faced this error to date. A good guide is unavailable, but you can guarantee victory following ours. As many background processes and functions keep running, a precise account has to be kept of them, or errors of these kinds prevail in the system. Follow the guide faithfully and get the desired results. Chase these steps precisely to troubleshoot the error service host local system high disk usage in Windows 10:

Method #1 Repair and Fix Windows Update

It is firmly believed that one of the background processes which utilizes the best out of CPU is Windows update. It can be a silent killer for your system, which can backfire resulting in errors like these. Do try this step if the rationale behind the error is Windows Update.

1. At First, proceed to Control Panel by pressing the Windows Key from the Keyboard.

2. Then click on View by Category & choose System and Security.

System and Security

3. Afterward, choose Security and Maintenance.

Security and Maintenance

4. Go to Troubleshooting and choose Fix Problem with Windows Update, located below that option.

Fix Problems With Windows Update

4. Then select Next & click on Try troubleshooting as an administrator. Prefer a Restart to make better out of step executed.

Try troubleshooting as an Administrator

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Method #2 Block a Few Specific Services

Navigate and find the specific services adding their part to make this error more haunting and scary. If you hit those small services that constitute the whole process, it would be far easier to defeat it and throw away the error Service host local system high disk usage.

1. At First Task Manager right-click on the taskbar located at the bottom of the desktop.

Open Task Manager

2. Then open the drop-down list associated with the Service Host: Local System to find out the other processes associated with it.

Drop Down Service Host local System

3. Afterward, click on any one of the process, for instance, and hit End Task from the bottom right corner of the tab to close that service. Do this with every process under Service Host: Local System.

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End Task

4. Then, keep an eye on the CPU usage. If you can find the file causing the issue, then Right Click on it and select Open Services to stop it.

Open Services

5. Now, find the service with the same name & right-click on it to Stop.

Stop Service

Method #3 Disable Superfetch

Till now, the error must solve, but if not, do not worry, as the darkest fear of all errors, the Command Prompt comes into the scene. With the execution of a few coherent commands the error service host local system high disk usage will sign off, and the way will clear.

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1. At First, hit Windows Key+X together and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the list visible.

Select Command Prompt

2. Then feed the following command in the Command Prompt:

net.exe stop superfetch 

and then press Enter.

Disable Superfetch Service

3. Also, execute another command to ensure that the errors have no roots left fully:

chkdsk.exe /f /r

Afterward, type Y to confirm the disk check.

Disk Check in Command Prompt

4. Restart your system to implement the commands executed.

Method #4 Set Your Internet Connection as a Metered Connection

Service Host Local System consumes a lot of disk space as well as a lot of network connectivity too. So if you are facing this issue, you can change your Internet connection to a metered connection to solve this issue. Follow the steps:

1. Click Start Menu and search for Settings in the search bar.

2. Select Network & Internet option.

Network & Internet

3. Now, a new window will appear, search for WiFi here on the left side and click on it.

Wi-Fi Setting

4. Scroll down & find the option Set as Metered Connection under Metered Connection. After that, Enable it.

Set as metered connection

Method #5 Update Device Drivers to the Latest Version

Outdated, missing, or corrupt device drivers on your PC can create many problems for you, so updating them to their latest version is highly recommendable if you want to use your computer without disturbance and interruption. They can be the reason behind your PC’s high CPU or Disk usage.driver

Update the latest device drivers in your computer manually or by using any third-party tool like DriverEasy. It will automatically scan for the latest updates of the drivers on your computer and will update them in a short period. While if you upgrade your drivers manually, you must spend much time and effort on it. So use DriverEasy to get your work done in no time.

Method #6 Disable Automatic Updates

This is a complex or risky task, but many users have rectified the Service Host Local System High Disk Usage error by disabling Windows Updates on their PC for quite some time. This method can help you fix the issue permanently without risking it troubling you again.

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However, this should be your least preferred method as updating Windows from time to time is essential for the efficiency of your system. But if you want to try this, follow the steps:

1. Press Win+R keys simultaneously to directly open the Run command window.

2. Type “services.msc” in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.


3. A new window will appear, containing all services running on your PC.

4. Search for the service that says Windows Update and double-click on it. A popup window will appear named Windows Update Properties.

Windows Update service properties

5. In the Startup type, select Disabled mode.

Windows Update Startup Type Disabled

6. Choose Apply and click OK to save the changes. This should fix the service host’s local system’s high disk usage error.


What are the common signs of high disk usage caused by the Service Host's Local System?

First and foremost, I could see tired framework execution. Also, your PC's reaction time may be slower, and you might encounter successive freezes or crashes.

Why does Service Host Local System cause high disk usage?

Administration Host Neighborhood Framework is a critical Windows process with various framework administrations. Nonetheless, when particular administrations glitch or consume over-the-top assets, it can bring about high plate use. Hence, recognising it is vital for resolving these hazardous administrations.

How can I determine which specific services are causing the high disk usage?

To recognize the offender administrations, you can utilize the Errand Chief utility. You can sort the cycles by their circle utilization by opening Undertaking Supervisor and exploring the 'Cycles' or 'Subtleties' tab. Along these lines, you can pinpoint the administrations using inordinate circle assets.

What are some practical ways to fix high disk usage caused by Service Host Local System?

First and foremost, you can take a stab at restarting your PC, as it might determine impermanent issues. Furthermore, playing out a malware filter utilizing dependable antivirus programming can help distinguish and remove any harmful projects causing high circle utilization. Moreover, refreshing gadget drivers, debilitating specific administrations, changing your virtual memory settings, and upgrading your framework for better execution are reasonable arrangements.


Hence, we arrive at the end of the content in which we discussed the various measures to solve the error service host local system high disk usage in Windows 10. The heavy usage of the CPU is the cause of the problem. The dilemma can quickly sort out if you follow the steps mentioned accurately and efficiently. Windows 10 is turning out to be a storehouse for errors. This robust and latest operating system has accumulated tons of new errors.

The Microsoft Corporation has least bothered about the errors and problems faced by the users in their daily lives. It is also somewhat not informed about how the users face compelling circumstances. But until we are ready and on time for your rescue, you do not need to worry for even a second or a moment. The amount of effort and hard work we put in to deliver quality content is considered remarkable by all you viewers. That is why we get loads of reasonable responses in return. Looking forward to your valuable comments and feedback below.

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