{Solved} How to Fix Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt


Service Registration is Missing, or a Corrupt error occurs often. But don’t worry as we have 3 Ways to Fix Windows Update Service Registration that is Missing or Corrupt. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem.

service registration is missing or corrupt
Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

Various solutions are available for the error service registration that is missing or corrupt in Windows 7/8/10. But we will try to provide a complete and detailed solution. The solutions provided here are accurate and to the point to help you better. The love and affection shown by you are remarkable, and it provides us with incentives to do better each time. We need your support and never-ending warmth to keep going. Press Windows + ‘I’ to open Settings> Go to Troubleshoot and select Other Troubleshooter>Click Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.

The error service registration is missing or corrupt is a frequent member of the club comprising of errors and is a highly dominative one. It occurs mainly due to the system is unable to update its files. Many other complicated reasons exist, but we should focus on its solution instead. It distracts other normal operations of the system too. Therefore, it correctly complies with the phrase “one bad mango can ruin the whole lot.”

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3 Ways to Fix Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

Track these straightforward steps and fix the Windows 10 service registration is missing or corrupt error:

Method 1: Start Windows Update Procedure

The prime reason for the error service registration is missing and corrupt is the non-updation of the Windows function. In most cases, this procedure solves the error the maximum number of times and can be highly beneficial in your case also.

1. Open “Run” with the “Windows Key+R” together.
2. Feed the keyword “services.msc” in the run box and click “OK.”


3. Locate and select the “Windows Update” service to unbolt the “Windows Update Properties” dialog.

Windows Update
Windows Update

4. Apply “Startup Type” to Automatic and hit on “Apply.”

automatic startup type
automatic startup type

5. If the service status is clogged, select the “Start” button to enable the service. After that, click on “OK.”
6. Repeat the above steps to start or restart the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service.”
7. Also, repeat the same steps again for starting and restarting “Cryptographic Service.”
8. Download and install the updates again and remove the error service registration is missing or corrupt.

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Method 2: Immobilize Windows Firewall Temporarily

It is a compact method but can provide efficient results as the solutions proceed ahead. Do not feel doubtful by looking at the steps, as it can provide desired outcomes.

1. Launch “Control Panel” and click “Windows Firewall.”

Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall

2. In the left tray, choose “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.”

turn windows firewall on or off

3. Select the Radio button next to “Turn off Windows Firewall” and proceed with “OK.”

NOTE: After successfully troubleshooting the error, it is recommended to turn on the Windows firewall immediately for the overall security and safety of your expensive system.

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Method 3: Initiate sfc /scannow Command

Every time an error occurs, the most reliable and expert stuff which comes to the mind of the sufferer is the command prompt. Hence, we will take up this step and ensure victory to a greater extent.

1. Press “Windows Key+X” together and click on “Command Prompt.”

Command Prompt (Admin)
Command Prompt (Admin)

2. Feed the following command “sfc /scannow” and press “OK.”

Sfc /scannow
Sfc /scannow

3. The command executes appropriately, besides taking a fair deal of time. Remember to be enduring and cooperative.

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Hence, the error service registration is missing or corrupt must fix, and your system would be free from the burden of an unnecessary and passing error that does not have any justified reason for existence. This error is a matter of specific steps and procedures after the execution.

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