How to Fix Skype Update Failed to Install ( Error666/667)


Skype is an application that allows social interaction through electronic devices. You simply need to add your friends in your profile to communicate with them. You can call, chat or even video call your friends and do many more things using this application.


It also provides file transfer and media sharing facilities. Above all, it is a totally free application which attracts more and more users to it. This fits perfectly for company meetings or any formal meeting. When there is a lot of distance between the members. These features are free of course. But if you subscribe to Skype you get some more benefits also. Many users complain that the Skype update failed to install. And the majority of cases arise  from Windows 7 users.

Here in this article, we would suggest you some possible causes of this error code. And also the ways to fix them.

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Possible Causes Behind Skype Update Failed to Install

Multiple users have reported that this error follows a sudden system shutdown or an Antivirus scan. That has affects on some information regarding Home edition of Windows. There can be many possible reasons why the Skype update fails. But most common cause is a file that is corrupt functioning in the background. Following are some of the causes that might cause the Skype update failed error:

  • System File corruption
  • Internet dis connectivity
  • Excess cache data collection
  • Incompatibility between Windows and Skype’s version.

How to Fix the Error Skype Update Failed to Install?

We have already discussed some possible causes of the Skype update failed to install error. Following are the different ways to fix this error step by step. Before proceeding to any method you shall first restart your system. If the problem persists then proceed to the upcoming measures.

Start DISM and SFC scans

If the cause of the error Skype update failed to install is a file in the system that is corrupt. Then this measure is definitely going to solve your problems. Windows provides a built-in facility for checking thsese files through DISM and SFC  scans.

  • DISM stands for Development Image Servicing and Management. DISM allows Windows users to detect bad files in the system and replace them with healthy copies. In order to have a DISM scan in your system you need to prompt the Run command. And enter the DISM scan. This will start the DISM scan in your system.


Dism scan
Dism scan
  • SFC stands for System File Checker. SFC helps the Windows users to replace corrupted files that it identifies. It’s an older tool than DISM. To get an SFC scan in your system you need to prompt the Run command again. And then enter SFC scan.
sfc scan
sfc scan

After making these scans, restart your system to see the changes in action. Try to update the Skype app as well after the scanning is complete.

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Clear the Cache Data

Cache data is something that the system stores temporarily in memory. Cache data is really helpful because it keeps on saving the files visiting by you on the internet. So what happens next time if you reopen the file on the browser? Then your system can give you a better and faster service. But if this data is not clearing regularly, it makes the system slow. And some applications might misbehave due to an overloading of processor. Thus, it is important to regularly clean this cache data. In this case, the Skype update is unable to install error might get solve by clearing cache.  You can follow given steps to clear the cache data:

  1. Go to System Settings from the Start menu.
  2. Search for the Storage option. And then the ‘apps and features’.
storage settings
storage settings

3. Select the Skype application.


4. Go to app info and clear the Cache Data

Now the system clears the cache. It will resolve the Skype update failed to install error. If not, you need to go to the next method.

Install latest Version of Skype Directly

This error mainly deals with the installation of a new version of Skype. Then the simplest way to come out of this problem is to manually download the latest version of the app. Here are the steps to uninstall the old version and install the new version of Skype:

  1. Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Scroll down for the Add And Remove Programs option.
  3. Right-click on Skype and click on the uninstall option.
Install latest version
Install latest version

Once it uninstall the application you need to install the new version. You can install a new version of Skype by following the given steps:

  1. Go to the Windows store.
  2. Search for Skype application.
  3. Click on install option.

Check Your Internet Connection for Stability

what if the above-given measures do not work for you? Then there are chances that your system has got some technical issues. Sometimes applications are not able to update themselves due to poor internet connection. You can go for internet data reboot. This would increase data speed and some technical errors as well. The steps you should follow to reboot your internet data are:

  1. Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Search for the Network and Internet option and select it.
  3. Scroll down for the Reboot option and click on it.
  4. Your internet network will reboot itself now.
Checking network Stability
Checking network Stability

Now you shall find your Skype updating itself smoothly and eradicate the Skype update

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These were some very easy to follow and quick methods to fix Skype Update install error. We hope these methods resolve your issue. But if it still persists we would suggest you to contact the customer service for Skype or Microsoft company.

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