Smart Boards, Smart Desks, and Tablets: Study Equipment of Digital Age


Speaking of school, we often imagine a typical dull building, dull classes with creaky desks, a mess of textbooks in very heavy backpacks.

However, in fact, modern schools, on the contrary, try to get as far as possible from the usual image. Bright classes of unusual shape, recreation areas, cafeterias instead of a dining room, an internal garden or a gym on the roof of a building – this is intended to interest a child, to show him/her that the school is first and foremost a place where it is comfortable and easy for him/her. All this is complemented by a stylish and bright design, ergonomics and modern technology.

Modern learning involves the use of interactive boards, interactive desks, laptops and tablets in combination with online services instead of paper books, notebooks, class magazines, and diaries. The digital format makes life easier for both students and teachers. Electronic data carriers last longer than paper, weigh much less, and their production does not harm nature as much as pulp and paper mills. We will talk more about the types of innovative study equipment in the digital age with experts from the Pro-Papers team.

An essential criterion for success in the classroom is the interaction of the teacher and the student, the constant exchange of information between them. Today it is very difficult to explain to a child accustomed to online games that writing with chalk on a blackboard is not boring. Interactive boards and desks are quite other things.

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Interactive Whiteboards

The use of projectors in the school has enlivened the learning process, showing all kinds of presentations, multimedia manuals – just a way to present the material. And interactive (smart) boards are ideal for a genuinely successful teacher-student interaction.

interactive whiteboards
Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive boards are used in preschool institutions, and institutions of secondary education, and higher educational institutions as well. An interactive whiteboard is a universal tool that can be used by a teacher in any educational institution to explain new material or organize collaboration.

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The interactive whiteboard for the school looks like a regular marker one, but this is connected to the computer using wires or wirelessly. Special software is already on the computer, thanks to which the interactive whiteboard becomes an input device. Everything you write or paint on the surface of the interactive school board will be displayed on the computer screen. And then you can project the image from the computer screen onto its surface with the help of a projector.

The resulting interactive system provides users with unlimited possibilities for demonstrating presentations and conducting lessons, training, seminars. Using a school interactive whiteboard in a lesson gives the teacher many advantages to make classes more effective and more interesting for students.

The advantage of electronic interactive whiteboards is the ability to animate: viewing the drawings made, recording lectures in real time. An interactive whiteboard is a great brainstorming tool. All ideas written on it during the discussion are securely in a computer. After you can restore it too.

Interactive school boards allow you to combine all the benefits of a classic presentation with high-tech capabilities. A projector connected to an electronic interactive whiteboard allows you to work in a multimedia environment. Combining the classic type of presentation with a demonstration of information from the many places. Like the Internet, from a VCR, from a computer, DVDs, flash memory, or from a video camera.

Lessons conducted using interactive whiteboards become more interesting and richer, increasing the level of learning. A special tablet will enable the teacher to maintain mobility during the lesson. And aloow the teacher to closely interact with the class.  And also controlling the lesson from a distance. Specialized software provides teachers with a wide range of tools and templates for creating interactive lessons. All this makes interactive whiteboards increasingly in demand in schools. Using such smart boards, you can create visual topics for specific types of discussions. In which all students can participate. By controlling the discussion, the teacher can push the students to express their own thoughts on a specific topic. Since all materials are ready and available in advance when using an interactive whiteboard. The teacher can ensure the optimal pace of the lesson.

Interactive Desks

These desks are special school desks with a sensory surface to make school fun. Each interactive desk in the classroom is in connection with a teacher’s computer desk. The children receive various tasks from there. Tables are full of features with a touch screen and projectors. All movements of human hands are monitored by infrared cameras inside the table.

interactive desks
Interactive desks

Interactive desks are a whole interactive system that allows children to learn and create freely and cheerfully. And the teacher – not to lose control over what is happening. Also to find out what this or that ward is doing at the right time. The use of such technologies makes the access of children to information technologies more equal.


An interactive tablet is a great solution for lessons, lectures, seminars. The portability provides free movement in the room without interrupting the performance. Working with a digitizer allows you to organize work at any point in the classroom. At any convenient time, you can give the device to another participant. That person without rising from his/her seat, make additions to the material.


The use of such technical innovations in education stimulates the activity of the group and ensures overall participation and involvement in a dynamic process. Among other things, the results of surveys and tests carried out using the interactive voting system can be displayed on the tablet display.

Extensive use of tablets opens during the diagnosis of educational achievements. When diagnostics occur, the main advantage is that the teacher immediately sees who has started work, who has done the task quickly, and there is an instant assessment of the results. This optimizes the learning process.

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