Top 5 SMS Tracking Apps for iPhone


Now, it’s quite evident that you can use SMS Tracking Apps for iPhone to hack messages from target phones. As for the results, you can get them remotely without having to access the phone. The SMS tracking aspect also applies to iPhones too.

They use the iCloud, which is easier to target if you have the right tools. Other apps may recommend you to install it on the targeted phone before you can track it. The question here is, which apps will help in tracking text messages seamlessly?

SMS Tracking Apps

We decided to take a look at what the developers out there are doing.

5 Best SMS Tracking Apps for iPhone

We then came up with a list of top 5 tracking SMS apps you should consider. We also have the best recommendation.

Let’s see what they hold and how they can aid you in tracking SMS without getting caught.

1# Spyic SMS Tracker (Best SMS Tracking App)

One of the best apps that will secretly and remotely track SMSs for you is the Spyic monitoring application. It has already benefited millions of users in more than 190 countries.

The reason behind its popularity is its ability to track SMS while hidden and deliver them to you remotely. It also has other tracking features as well, which include phone calls, location, and social media, among others.

In iPhones, Spyic will track all the sent and received messages and iMessages, including the deleted ones. The best part about it is that you don’t need to download or install it. Spyic uses the iCloud ID to track every SMS that is on the iPhone.

Spyic SMS Tracker
Spyic SMS Tracker

Also, it does not require any jail-breaking techniques. It has the cutting edge technologies that will fetch the messages and deliver without altering the phone’s functionality. As for the compatibility, Spyic works with all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 and above.

Once you register an account with Spyic and verify your target’s iCloud credentials, that’s it. You can start tracking the messages online. Spyic has a user-friendly dashboard that will show the actual text, the contact details, and the timestamps.

It’s compatible with all browsers so you can use any device to log in and view. Now, do you want to have a good spy on iPhone text messages like Spyic? Here are the steps you need to have it.

How to Start Tracking SMS Using Spyic Application

Step 1: Register your free account via the Spyic website.

Register an account
Register an account

Next, choose the Apple icon to see the available plans.

available plans

Step 2: Select the plan that you need and make the payment. Now, confirm your email with a receipt, log in details, and the receipt.

Step 3: After the confirmation email, log into your Spyic account and verify the target’s iCloud details.

log into your Spyic account
log into your Spyic account

Next, select the device you want to track and wait for Spyic to sync with the iCloud.

wait for Spyic to sync
wait for Spyic to sync

Step 4: After the synchronization, you will access the dashboard. It will have all the tracking features on the left and the phone’s summary on the right.

access the dashboard
access the dashboard

To see the messages, click on ‘Messages’ and ‘iMessages’ to view the results.

2# Track iPhone SMS with Cocospy Solution

Another powerful application that will track the iPhone messages is the Cocospy solution. It’s also an app with more tracking features for the iPhones too. When it comes to messages, Cocospy will get you even the deleted iMessages.

cocospy solution
Cocospy Solution

It captures the actual text, the contact details of those involved, and the timestamps too. It also works in stealth/hidden mode so, your target will never know about it. When displaying the results, you will need an account with Cocospy via the main website.

That way, you get the results remotely without the iPhone. It’s also a non-jailbreak solution so; it’s easier to use it. When acquiring, you only need the iCloud credentials of your target to start tracking.

After registration, confirm the iCloud ID, and you are good to go. The messages will always be updated on that account, and you can view them anywhere. Cocospy has a control panel that works with all browsers.

As for compatibility, Cocospy works with all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 or later. For more information, check out the website and demo page too.

3# Appmia

Another SMS Tracking Apps for iPhone is Appmia. When used on iPhones, it gets you all the sent and received messages, contact details, and the time and date.


Consumers have reported it has a user-friendly interface, and you can view the results using any internet-enabled device. Other features worth noting here include live call recording, and blocking social apps and unwanted websites.

4# SMS Peeper

If you want to track the SMSs only and nothing else, then here is a service you can use. SMS Peeper is quite different from the rest of the apps we have discussed. It’s a web-based service that needs your target’s country name, mobile number, and your email address.

Once you feed in the required inputs, it will give you 100 messages in total — 50 incoming, 50 outgoing SMSs. In exchange, you have to fill in a survey and then get a file with the activation code.

SMS Peeper
SMS Peeper

The limitation here is that SMS Peeper will give you only a number of the messages, so not everything. Also, you cannot use it to track anything else.

5# TTSPY SMS Tracker

The last one on the list of SMS Tracking Apps for iPhone is an app that is compatible with a variety of iPhones on the market. It can track SMSs together with everything else involved.


It’s known to have other powerful features such as remote camera recording, live microphone, and remote screen control. As for the messages, you get them remotely and in real-time via TTSPY’s online dashboard.


Now, in the top 5, you may be asking about our recommendation. After checking through all, Spyic ranks first, in the list of best SMS Tracking Apps for iPhone which means it’s our top recommendation. It is easy to use and will require minimal steps to start tracking iPhones.

Our next recommendation is Cocospy. It’s also comfortable to use, and it has a user-friendly dashboard. If you have any questions regarding this blog or any of the apps listed, feel free to comment below.