Solitaire is a tabletop game that can be played alone, typically with cards but sometimes with dominoes. Many variations, such as FreeCell, TriPeaks, Spider, and Yukon, have remained unchanged for the past 300 years. Solitaire games on Steam offer a wide range of options. 


Solitaire games on Steam offer a range of options for those looking to play alone, including:

  • Regency solitaire
  • Faerie Solitaire
  • Solitaire Harmony
  • Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire
  • Mystery Solitaire Grimm’s Tales
  • Solitaire Bliss
  • Triple Dot Solitaire

At first, you might think all solitaire games are the same in appearance, but gradually you’ll know each game has its specific features and rules to play. However, as soon as you start playing them, you’ll realize every game has unique rules and playing techniques. Finding an excellent solitaire game can take a while for you. We’ve created a list of the top solitaire games on Steam to keep you busy when bored.

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Regency solitaire

Play this luxurious game of Solitaire to experience the romance of Regency England. Assist Bella in shaping her future and building the ballroom of her dreams.

regilePlay your cards well as you visit historical sites, including stately homes, abundant gardens, and the smart cities of London, Brighton, and Bath. Decorate the family ballroom to access game features and raise Bella’s chances of finding true love! 

The main Features of this game are:

  • This is enjoyable, fluid solitary play.
  • It has 20 chapters and 180 different levels.
  • Unlock 31 fun game improvements when you proceed
  • Two types of Modes (Hard and Normal)
  • A composer created classical music specifically.

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Faerie Solitaire

This is the most captivating card game Faerie Solitaire, and it has magical fun! Utilizing the resources obtained by completing each level, locate and raise a Faerie pet and replenish the magical continent of Avalon.

faerie solitaire gameFaerie Solitaire will keep you captivated for months and offers the best value compared to other games. It features eight planets, 40 levels, over 400 hands to play through, tons of upgrades to buy, and one thrilling experience. Earn enough gold to buy fabulous upgrades and one-of-a-kind powerups to make every stage a breeze.

Essential features of this game are that You can play it in adventure mode for 14 hours, and there are 40 imaginary locations you must visit. You’ll find 32 beautiful pets to discover, hatch, and evolve.

Solitaire Harmony

Do you have to unwind? Do you need a straightforward puzzle? If so, Solitaire Harmony, which features Cute Dragons, a Calm Environment, and Difficult Puzzles, is the perfect choice for Solitaire games on Steam.

harmHowever, consider that Solitaire Harmony is a relatively small game while considering purchasing it.

With its original puzzles, Solitaire Harmony perfectly captures the essence of the solitaire peg, making it a great buy for the price of a mediumsized cinnamonpistachio latte to go. This game offers a convenient way to spend a few minutes in a wellmade and calming minimalist atmosphere solving puzzles that can be difficult perfect for solitaire games on Steam! If you love puzzle games, check this out.

Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire

It is a gloomy and threatening night for Solitaire!

jewel match twilight solitaire gameExplore this spooky Solitaire adventure that will send shivers down your spine! Find and restore abandoned castles, but watch for vampires prowling the area.

Two hundred total levels with 50 additional Mahjong levels to be unlocked! There are dozens of ways to play the classic game of Solitaire, including versions with frozen and locked cards, obstacles to clear, and powerups like wild cards, jokers, and shuffles.

Go for the elusive “Perfect” in each level by searching the shadowy, cobwebby crevices of every last level for gems and gold to buy new castle improvements and powerups. Take a deck of cards and play a Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire game on Steam to get your spine chilly!

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Mystery Solitaire Grimm’s Tales

Let‘s dive into the fantastical world of the Brothers Grimm‘s Hansel, which provides a mysterious solitaire game.

mystery solitaire grimms tales gamesDiscover 20 locations from this enchanted tale to earn many unique awards. Several hours of thrilling gameplay are provided daily by varied complexity levels and unique Golden Cards up the ante.

This game is for fans of card games like clock solitaire, spider solitaire, hearts, pyramid, klondike, free cell, crescent, golf, addiction, three peaks, forty thieves, scorpions, and Montana. But despite its variety, Solitaire is a timeless game that never gets old.

If you’re looking for solitaire games on Steam, this Solitaire is a winner thanks to its vibrant graphics and pirate-themed soundtrack that you will love.

So these are some of the best and most played Solitaire games on stream, but for instance, if you don’t find them and craving to play a solitaire game that is easy to access and doesn’t require a download so here, we have given 2 all of the time famous solitaire games as an alternative.

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Solitaire Bliss

This game is played by arranging shuffled cards in proper order. Various types of solitaire games on Steam are available in solitaire bliss, including classical Solitaire.

blissThe most popular form of Solitaire today is no other than classic Solitaire. This version is found on nearly every Microsoft computer or PC and online solitaire games on Steam. If you have previously experienced playing card games like Solitaire, then the rules are easy to understand and master.

While Steam has many solitaire games, like Regency Solitaire and Faerie Solitaire, alternative options are available for those interested in exploring other types of card games, such as blackjack games.

Triple Dot Solitaire

Classic Solitaire (commonly known as Patience) is the most played card game in the world and is an exciting way to develop your brain, enhance your problemsolving abilities, have fun, and unwind. Steam offers a variety of solitaire games on Steam for you to enjoy, including the traditional classic.

tripleA standard 52-card deck of playing cards without jokers is used in this classic game, Tripledot.

The game aims to reveal and slide every card into the foundation piles. A screen with the letter “A” printed on it represents the four foundation piles (one for each suit).

From Aces to Kings, these piles are stacked up in ascending suits. Construction of seven tableau columns in Solitaire alternate colors, going from Kings to Aces in decreasing rank. (red and black).

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Solitaired features many of the popular variations of solitaire games which are available on Steam. However, it also features other games, such as the dice-rolling Yahtzee. Each game features a look into the rich history and a rule book, making the games suitable for players of all skill levels.


Play single or multiplayer in many games, and additionally, players can create an account to track their scores and records.


Which solitaire game is the finest of all time?

Today, 'Klondike Solitaire' persists to enjoy in its traditional form. Its simple but captivating gameplay, which provides players with a challenging and rewarding experience, is likely the cause of its enduring appeal. Its status as the greatest and most beloved solitaire game in history solidify by its popularity and the ease with which it can access various devices.

What are the rules for solitaire?

'Klondike Solitaire' is played with a conventional 52-card deck. The target is building four foundation piles with an Ace at the top and a King at the bottom, oriented according to suit. Tableau columns assemble using alternating colors and in decreasing order. As long as you stack all of your cards into the foundation piles, you succeed. According to these rules, cards may transfer between tableau columns and foundation piles.

How does solitaire scoring work?

Points tend to award in solitaire scoring depending on the moves made. Each time a card move from the tableau to the foundation in 'Klondike Solitaire,' you score points. As you move through the game more swiftly, your score rises. Using tips or reversing moves might result in a points deduction in some games.

Why is it called solitaire?

The French term 'solitaire' is the source of the English word 'solitaire,' which means 'alone' or 'solitary.' The title accurately conveys that it is a single-player card game made specifically for solitary play. Since it was primarily enjoyed by one person alone, it became more prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, earning the nickname 'solitaire.'

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You’ve played several popular online card games to date, but Solitaire is more than a simple and easy game that anyone can play. It enhances your problem-solving abilities and increases your IQ level. So it’s the best choice for a person looking for an in-one game.

In addition to being available on mobile platforms, solitaire games can also be found on Steam’s digital distribution platform. Many solitaire games are available on Steam, including classic solitaire, solitaire puzzle, and solitaire card games with unique themes. So if you’re a solitaire fan and want to try out some new variations, check out the selection of solitaire games on Steam. Before playing, you can purchase these games on Steam and download them to your computer.

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