4 Best Solutions for Hyper-V Backup in 2022


Hyper-V virtualization is ingraining itself strongly in modern computing environments. However, it’s still subject to the same failures businesses face when their physical systems collapse. Businesses could lose data if they didn’t invest in reputable backup solutions like Nakivo Hyper-V backup. Therefore, it’s beneficial for modern enterprises operating virtualized systems to invest in backup solutions.

4 Best Solutions for Hyper-V Backup in 2022

In the remaining sections of this post, we cover the four leading solutions to protect your Hyper-V environment. Keep reading to learn how these tools can assist you in backing up your data against possible disasters.

1. Nakivo 8.5 Backup and Replication

We start our coverage where it matters the most—Nakivo. This solution is ideal for businesses desiring to do app-sensitive and incremental backups. They can use it to back up their entire virtual machines or separate disks. It comes with the following salient features to boost your storage efforts.

  • Customers can enjoy per-machine licensing that costs a mere $17 per annum. This licensing model eliminates vendor-lock in, allowing them to switch platforms without incurring extra costs.
  • Users can also enjoy backup for their entire Hyper-V machines running on Microsoft’s latest hypervisor.
  • Customers can also use it to replicate their documents and store them on target machines. These copies remain in their powered-off states; thus, they don’t consume power or any other resource.
  • It also supports replication from backups for long-term retention and instant recovery after a disaster.
  • Users can also deduplicate and compress their data across entire repositories.

2. Acronis

Acronis is another supplier you can use to back up your Hyper-V systems. The company offers its Cyber Backup tool that assists users to store their data in easy steps.


It also lets them store their backed-up data in different locations they choose. The tool can recover individual files, apps, and even entire systems in a short time. It also supports different servers, such as cloud, virtual, and physical ones. The package comprises the following features:

  • Ease of use;
  • A one-month free trial version;
  • It works with all types of servers;
  • It offers efficient server protection.

3. Altaro

This has a useful Hyper-V tool you can exploit to back up your virtualized world.

altaro hyper-v backup
Altaro Hyper-V Backup

This product has two commercial versions—free and premium. You should expect to get the following features and benefits when using this backup tool:

  • You can perform your initial backup in less than 15 minutes;
  • It assists you in managing and accessing your backup jobs via one management panel;
  • The tool lets you work with all guest operating systems that Hyper-V supports, including Linux virtual machines;
  • Businesses can use it in backing up all their apps that are compatible with Hyper-V VSS Writer, such as SQL;
  • It allows users to authenticate their Hyper-V backed up data using automated data authentication processes, stress-free;
  • It also helps users in replicating backups to remote locations quickly and dependably;
  • Customers can back up to a minimum of two machines using Altaro’s free edition.

4. Veeam

We end our coverage of Hyper-V backup tools with Veeam. This company has a virtualization backup tool you can use to back up your data. The app lets users overcome the hassles associated with file corruption and hardware failures that also expose user data.


This backup and replication tool helps in bridging the gap between various large ecosystems. It also allows them to perform incremental backup fast and while saving storage space. Below are some of its salient features that could boost your backup efforts.

  • It is user-friendly and assists them in saving the time they could have lost handling errors duplication causes;
  • You can use it to create scheduled backups;
  • It’s easy to launch and use the solution since it requires no cumbersome installation or management;
  • It also has a tape library for supportive storage;
  • Users also enjoy excellent customer support;
  • It has a free and paid subscription. Thus, users can assess what package meets their backup needs before committing to a given premium subscription.

There you go with all the tools you can use to back up your Hyper-V world. The choice is yours to use these details to choose what fits and meets your backup needs.