Imagine hearing helicopters fly over you while watching a movie or playing a video game. Using spatial audio, you can! A more advanced form of immersive audio, spatial sound allows sounds to surround and even pass over you in a three-dimensional virtual environment. You get the hang of it quickly and will continue to use it.


If you are experiencing issues with Spatial Audio not playing on your iOS 15 device, you can fix this by going to Settings, then General, followed by Software Update. Check for any available updates and make sure to install them. If there are any updates available, installing them may resolve the issue with Spatial Audio not playing on your device.

If there is any update, install them, as they may fix issues. Read the article to learn “why isn’t spatial audio working on” your system.

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Five solutions to fix your spatial sound issues

Here are the top five fixes to quickly fix your spatial sound issues. Firstly, make sure the most recent Dolby Atmos installation is made on your PC to fix the “Something went wrong at the time trying to turn on spatial sound” issue.

quick fix

It would also be beneficial if you set it as your default set of headphones or home theatre equipment. Before going into depth and using these steps, you can test it by turning “spatial sound on or off.

Update your Sound driver software frequently.

One of the primary factors contributing to “spatial sound not working” on your computer is old audio drivers. Two sound devices are often included with your PC. The third-party audio device and the integrated sound device require regular driver updates.

You have two options for updating your device drivers:

Utilizing Device Manager

  1. Click on the right “Start” to access your “Device Manager.”device manager audio settings
  2. To enlarge it, use the “Sound, video, and gaming controllers” option.
  3. Right-click each sound device one by one and choose “Update driver.”
  4. Select “Search automatically for driver software updates.” Windows will perform an online update search and report the automatically updated software
  5. Switch off your computer.
  6. Locate the Sound icon in the Notification box and then right-click it. Click “Dolby Atmos for Headphones” after selecting “Spatial Sound (Off).” It is “how you can turn off spatial audio.”dolby atoms for headphones

Choose your favorite song, then listen to it to see if the sound quality has changed.

Utilizing Auslogics Driver Updater

There may be better choices than manually updating device drivers because you risk installing the incorrect or outdated version. Just use Auslogics Driver Updater software, which analyses your PC and provides a thorough report on missing and out-of-date drivers, to spare yourself the headache and time of looking online for the driver data. auslogics driver update

You can use the program to upgrade all device drivers to the newest versions made available by the makers. Because the utility only downloads official driver versions, you don’t need to be concerned about driver conflicts.

Auslogics Driver Updater makes duplicates before changing the drivers to make the procedure safer. It ensures that you may undo the modifications if something bad happens or you don’t like the new software version.

Try again to activate Dolby Atmos for Headset after upgrading the sound drivers to check whether the problem: “ went wrong while trying to turn on the spatial sound” has been fixed.

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Execute the Sound Troubleshooter

  1. Starting from the “Start” menu, open “Settings.”
  2. Find “Troubleshoot” under “Update & Security” and open it. update and security
  3. Locate and highlight “Playing Audio.”
  4. To start the troubleshooting, click the button.
  5. “Troubleshoot” will try to identify any audio issues and provide you with a thorough report. Follow the on-screen directions to fix any sound issues it identifies.troubleshooting audio
  6. Next, turn on Dolby Atmos again to see if it still doesn’t function by going to the Sound button > Spatial Sound.

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Verify that Exclusive Mode is on

You must grant permission for third-party applications to function. Windows makes your life simpler by turning them on by default. However, you must perform the following actions to see whether Exclusive Mode is turned on:

  1. In the notification box, right-click the Sound button and choose “Sounds.”
  2. Click the right mouse button on the default audio device while in the “Playback” tab.
  3. Select “Properties.”playback properties
  4. Navigate to the “Spatial sound” tab.
  5. You should have “Dolby Atmos for Headphones” turned on. Activate it using the drop-down list if it isn’t already.spatial sound
  6. Activate the “Advanced” tab.
  7. Check that “Give exclusive mode application priority” and “Allow apps to gain exclusive control of this device” are both selected.advanced
  8. Select “OK.”
  9. Check the Sound icon to see if you may now activate Dolby Atmos for Headphones.

Try updating Windows

After installing Windows Update, some programs, as well as other Windows features, won’t function. If people complain to Microsoft frequently, Microsoft will fix the problem in the upcoming Windows update release. It’s crucial to keep your smartphone updated for this reason.

Follow these easy steps to see if your machine needs any updates:


    1. Start by selecting “Settings” from the menu.
    2. Select Windows Update > Update & Security. windows settings
  1. Select “Check for updates” from the menu. Updates will automatically download if they are available.
  2. Check whether the “Spatial sound isn’t working” problem has been resolved after the procedure.

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Turn off mono audio

Turn off the Mono sound if your computer is using it for another reason.


turn off mono audio

Switch to Off in Settings > Ease of Access > Audio to turn off mono audio. After adjusting, verify that Dolby Atmos is operating properly.

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How can you fix something that went wrong while trying to turn on the spatial sound?

Set the Dolby Atmos speaker as the default device under Playback. Select Configure PC settings on the Dolby Access application, then select the Spatial sound option. Choose Dolby Atmos for home cinema from the Spatial sound system drop-down menu, then click Apply and OK.

How can you correct spatial audio?

Here is how to activate it: Choose a playback device, then choose Properties in the Sound Control Panel by selecting Start > Options > System > Sound > Related settings > Sound Control Panel. In the newly opened window, select Spatial sound. Choose Windows Sonic for Headset under Spatial sound format, then click Apply.

Why is spatial audio not available?

In 2020 and after, only Apple devices will support spatial audio. Additionally, it is restricted to AirPods models 3, Pro, and Max.

Why won’t your spatial audio work?

When spatial audio and head tracking is activated, audio changes in response to head movement. When playing multichannel content, touch and press the volume control to activate spatial audio or Spatialize Stereo when listening to two-channel stereo content. You may see the status icons here as well.

How can you tell whether spatial audio is functioning?

When the vibrations are static, the video you're watching doesn't support spatial audio, which is indicated by a bright blue indicator. Spatial audio is activated and functioning if the vibrations are pulsing. To shut it off and see the impact it makes, tap the icon.


You should be able to solve the “Something went wrong at the time of trying to turn on spatial sound” issue with these solutions. Try these all out and let us know if they are effective.