How to Speed up an Underperforming Mac


Macbooks are like any other computer in the sense that they start to underperform after a while. It is only natural and cannot be avoided, especially for those people who do not have a maintenance routine and do not pay attention to smaller details. You can now Speed up Underperforming Mac.

underperforming mac
Underperforming Mac

If you feel like your Mac has also been slowing down recently, now would be a good time to make some changes. And the ideas should be more than enough to boost performance.

How to Speed up an Underperforming Mac

Method #1 Delete Junk Files

Useless files accumulate faster than you expect, especially if you are using the Macbook often. There are caches, temporary backups, as well as app plugins or extensions. And while these files do not take the most amount of space on the hard drive, the sheer amount of data that the system has to process significantly decreases the overall performance.

If you want to clean mac cache as well as other junk, stick to a cleanup utility software as doing everything manually is too much work. This will help Speed up Underperforming Mac.

Method #2 Free up Drive Space

Free up Drive Space

Lack of drive space is a common occurrence among Macbook users. The disks do not provide that much space in the first place. So besides trying to minimize the number of files kept on the computer, a lot of people should also:

  • Delete old files like email attachments and downloads.
  • Transfer some data to clouds and external storage devices.
  • Subscribe to streaming sites and eliminate the need to keep large media files on the computer.

More free space on the disk equals better performance. If you are in the habit of hoarding data on the computer, try to change that. And remember that backing up files is also something to consider since you can never be certain about how long the hard drive will last. This will also help Speed up Underperforming Mac

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Method #3 Clean Dirt Inside

Dust and dirt inside the MacBook are also responsible for a drop in its performance. You should turn cleaning all the filth inside into a regular thing. Do not neglect the issue as it will only continue to grow and cause more problems. 

And if you are not confident in your skills to take the Macbook apart and do the cleaning yourself, take it to a service store and let professionals do the work for you. This will Speed up Underperforming Mac.

Method #4 Scan for Viruses

Always be wary of viruses and malware. Have a reliable anti-malware tool that is running in the background non-stop and detecting potential threats. Also, avoid shady websites and questionable links you receive, even if they are from people you know.

Scan for Viruses

Method #5 Close Idle Applications

Idle applications are consuming resources without offering anything in return. Check the Activity Monitor and see which processes are putting the biggest strain on the CPU. If an app is not necessarily, have it shut down.

Restarting the computer regularly also helps to Speed up Underperforming Mac. As does trimming the list of a startup item menu. The latter will also help you save time as you do not have to wait for applications to load every time you boot the Macbook. 

Method #6 Declutter Desktop

Avoid hoarding your desktop with icons. They have to be processed whenever you switch to another window from the desktop. It may seem convenient to have everything available with a few mouse clicks, but these files should be in another location. A search function exists for a reason, and it helps to find the files you need.

Method #7 Update the OS

System updates introduce new features, overall improvements in stability and security, meaning that you should update the OS the moment there is a new version out. Even if the patch is relatively small, it can make a big impact on the overall performance of your Macbook.

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Method #8 Add More RAM

Adding additional RAM is cheaper than purchasing a brand-new Macbook. These days, you should not have any problems finding a good deal. Though keep in mind that not every Macbook model will have an option for extra memory.

Add More RAM

Moreover, the process is pretty complicated, and it is better to leave the task to someone who has experience. Doing everything yourself will pose a risk of damaging the computer.

Method #9 Get Rid of Visual Effects

Visual effects are not something that pragmatic people should enable in the first place. It is only eating away at the valuable resources but does not offer anything of real value. You should look to turn off visual effects, like the ones in the Dock application. this can help to Speed up Underperforming Mac

Method #10 Optimize Internet Browser

Sometimes, the internet browser causes the most issues while everything else in the system functions without any hiccups. If this is the case with you as well, aim to optimize the browser, or switch to an alternative.

Method #11 Reinstall the OS

Reinstalling the OS is a long and complicated process. However, if other suggestions are not giving positive results, this one should be the one to make the biggest positive impact.

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