What is Split Tunneling VPN? | Completely Explained


Internet usage increases with each passing day in the modern world, especially when we talk about digitalization. Everyone across the globe has internet access that helps to connect or gather information. Moreover, the internet plays a crucial role in sharing important data or files between two PCs. You must have a working router or WiFi connection to enable internet services on your device. Further, these routers are responsible for maintaining a stable network for users. However,  one should be precautions working on a public network or third-party WiFi signals. These networks can be quite suspicious and might gather confidential information from your PC and that’s where Split Tunneling VPN comes into picture. There is no doubt in the fact that you must secure your network before executing important procedures.


For such instances, it is recommended to use Virtual Private Network or VPN to enhance the overall security. Several VPN users don’t know about what is Split Tunneling VPN and other related details. Thus, we are here with all the major and minor points you must learn about how to know if your VPN is working. It would be best to read the blog till the end and get adequate details about Split Tunneling VPN.

What is Split Tunneling VPN?

Before moving further, we will answer the question, “What is Split Tunneling VPN?” As the name suggests, split tunnels are generated to send data packets across the network. They help important information to pass through the secure environment while standard data goes through normal tunnels. Thus, you will experience a much faster connection to receive or send files through a VPN. It also allows you to use both private and public networks for quick communication. Thus, users get more bandwidth to share information across the internet without depending on a single network type.


There are three types of Spile Tunneling available for you,

1. Inverse Split Tunneling

2. Dynamic Split Tunneling

3. Unintended Split Tunneling

How Does Split Tunneling Work?

Let’s understand the whole concept with an example. Firstly, according to their level of importance, packages are divided into two sections. For instance, confidential data like bank details will be considered as classified information. The remaining files, like images or videos, are treated as standard data packets. The major data is sent through a private connection while others go through the public IP address. Hence, it prevents traffic overloading on a single data tunnel.

split tunneling
Split Tunneling

Further, the data will hop from multiple channels before reaching the destination device. It is quite risky as any unauthorized user might access the information on the way. However, Split Tunneling VPN eradicates this issue as the packet directly reaches the desired location.

When To Use?

Now, there are various situations where using Split Tunneling VPN is better than the normal VPN servers. Some of the common examples are,

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Better Security

Split Tunneling VPN allows more security to your sensitive data packets at higher connection speeds. If you are looking for better protection for your emails or bank accounts, you could consider the services. Moreover, it ensures no compromise to the network speed or stability.

split tunneling for better security
Split Tunneling for Better Security

Connecting Overseas

VPN is necessary for any internet-based device, especially when connecting with distant servers. If your geographical location doesn’t allow some websites to function, VPN is the best alternative. The best part is that Split Tunneling VPN will help you bypass all restrictions without losing speed.

Avoid Traffic

Important data packets are sent through a private tunnel. Therefore, it will minimize the chances of overloading traffic on a single channel. Each tunnel could send the respective data without surcharging information. 

internet traffic
Internet Traffic

Using LAN (Local Area Network)

Several LAN users, such as office buildings or schools, prefer Split Tunneling VPN to manage their network. For instance, you can operate the printer on the local network while working on the VPN. Hence, you don’t require to deactivate the server to send a request to a local device.

Pros of Split Tunneling?

Next, we will have a look at some of the advantages that Split Tunneling VPN provides to its users,

1. You can easily hide the true identity and IP address of your system. It is quite necessary while working on third-party platforms.

2. It enables more network speed without overloading connecting tunnels. Therefore, you can send large files quickly, both on public and private networks.

3. Apart from private networks, users can access public and LAN connections without disabling the actual VPN. It even generates a fast and reliable connection to distant servers.

What are the Cons?

Like the other side of the coin, we have some security risks related to Split Tunneling VPN. Also, users might face other problems that could lead to data breaching in the long run. Thus, must be sware of the following points while using the VPN,

1. It leads to a security breach if any user is active on a standard network. Moreover, a less secure connection is a risk to the whole database of your system.

2. The main step is to accurately set up the entire system of Split Tunneling as any wrong configuration could be serious. You must seek extra protection to prevent any intervention from ISP or external hackers.

3. Any employee could create proxy servers to bypass the primary security of the entire corporate system.

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In the end, you are now aware of Split Tunneling VPN and various details related to it. Users should use trusted applications like Pure VPN, Surf Shark, Express VPN, etc., to secure their network. For more information, contact your Internet Service Provider today.