Windows 10 users do face some common issues. One of these is a critical error start menu, and Cortana isn’t working, during which they lock up and become unresponsive. We can delay Rectifying Cortana errors for a while, but start menu issues are very important for everyday use. This error has several reasons, such as Windows Configuration and other antivirus software.

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You can press Windows + R and click MS settings. Then choose update and security in settings and install any updated if required.This is another workaround to resolve the issue with your PC’s Cortana and Start Menu. Re-Register Cortana. Re-registering (resetting and reinstalling) the Cortana app using the Windows

The start menu is the option that displays everything that is on Windows, so naturally, it becomes annoying when it suddenly stops working and makes it nearly impossible to do anything on your PC.

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How to Fix Start Menu and Cortana Aren’t Working Error

When Windows 10 was launched, it received a great welcome as many people updated their Windows from Windows 8 to Windows 10 in less than 24 hours. But people were troubled and frustrated when the start menu began to misbehave. Sign Out of Current Profile. Simply sign out of the profile you’re currently logged in to and sign in once again. Disable or Update Antivirus. Some antivirus apps can also cause the ‘Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working’ error.


So if you are also facing these issues, below are some ways to fix the critical error when the start menu and Cortana aren’t working, and I hope your mistakes will be rectified soon and your PC will be working like usual again.

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Method 1: Checking and Repairing corrupt Windows files

Window files sometimes become corrupt, creating a nuisance and making it impossible to work on your PC, as it also stops working the start menu. But fortunately, Windows 10 has developed a way to resolve this.

1. Launch Task Manager – Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously; alternatively, right-click on the taskbar and then select Task Manager.

task manager

2. Run a new Windows task– When the Task Manager window opens, click the More details option and select Run new task from the File menu.

run new task

3. Run Windows Powershell– Type PowerShell in the Run new task box and click on the option ‘create this task with administrative privileges’ and then click OK.

powershell create new task

4. Run the system file checker– Type sfc in the window and press the return key. Scanning will take some time and will be done with either of these results. Also, look up any Critical Structure Corruption Errors in Windows too.

Windows found no integrity violations or corrupt files and repaired them, or Windows resource protection found corrupt files but could not fix them.


Method 2: Create New User Profile or Account

Creating a new user account is an excellent option when the starting menu and Cortana aren’t working. All your settings would transfer to the new account when upgrading it from the default one. All the files would require a transfer from one account to the other. Your installed software won’t affect it.cortana

1. Launch task manager – Open task manager and choose Run new task from the File menu. Click on the box for Create this task with administrative privileges and type the new username and password. Neither would contain spaces, and the password would be case-sensitive.

2. Log into your new account – Restart your Windows and log into the new user account. The start menu must be working now. After this, you can change the local account to a Microsoft account for transferring your data.

Method 3: Refresh your PC

  1. get startedClick on the Restart button.startup settings restart
  2. press F5 to access safe mode with networking once your computer gets mode with networking
  3. The problem would resolve by now by entering the safe mode. You need to restart your PC now.

Method 6: Download the Start menu troubleshooter

Almost everyone using Windows 10 confronts the problem when the start menu stops working. So Microsoft developed a troubleshooter that will help you to fix problems with the start menu. However, this would be only a temporary fixation of the issue. You need to click on the download link for the start menu troubleshooter and run it as per the instructions.

start menu troubleshooter

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Method 7: Turn your PC off and on again and again

We can solve a lot of issues only by turning the laptop on and off again and again. It is the most comfortable method to try when the start menu and Cortana aren’t working. pcSo if you are also facing a critical error, try to restart your PC a few times and then check if the problem is solved. If this method works, your PC will run as smoothly as before.

Method 8: Scan File System

We call it a System File Check; it will check your system to determine if anything gets corrupt. Firstly, open the Task Manager window by pressing CTRL+ SHIFT+ ESC.scan

After this, you will see the option for File > Run new task. Click on it, then type CMD in the Create new task box and tick the box displaying Create this task with administrative privileges. Then click on OK.

A new window will appear now. Type sfc/ scannow in it and press enter. Windows will be scanning your files now and will show you if there are any errors or discrepancies.

Method 9: Install the Recent Update of Windows 10

Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter

Keeping your system up to date is always a good idea to let it work smoothly. As Microsoft continually improves its progeny, you should always know its latest updates, as we can solve some critical errors when Windows gets updated. Also, check for any Windows 10 Activation Error if it interrupts your process.

Usually, versions of Windows are automatically designed to report and install newer versions, but if that doesn’t happen, you can quickly update it manually.

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Method 10: Hide Cortana from the taskbar temporarily

Usually, Cortana is responsible for the start menu issue, so try to hide it from the taskbar as it might help temporarily. Also, be aware that third-party antivirus software causes the problem of generating the critical error of the start menu. So try to uninstall it and then reinstall.cortana

So these were ten ways tested and tried by many professionals and users of Windows 10 who face the problem of the start menu, and Cortana isn’t working. If you also face this issue, go for any suggested methods to solve your problem in no time.

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Why don't the Start Menu and Cortana function?

Cortana and the Start Menu issues might stem from a variety of factors. These can include outdated drivers, upgrades, incompatible software, damaged system files, or issues with other programs. To troubleshoot, try restarting your computer, upgrading Windows, utilizing the built-in troubleshooters, or seeking driver updates. If problems persist, contacting online support groups or technical support might be able to help.

Why is Cortana not functioning for me?

The issues with Cortana could be brought on by a variety of factors, such as old Windows or Cortana upgrades, privacy settings, geographical limitations, or program conflicts. Examine your privacy settings, make sure you have the most recent updates loaded, and see if Cortana is accessible where you are. Possible troubleshooting methods include restarting Cortana-related services, using Windows troubleshooters, or contacting a specialist.

How do I launch Cortana on my own?

You can usually perform the following to activate Cortana: Press the Win key on your keyboard to use the keyboard shortcut. Say Hey Cortana to activate your device's voice capabilities if supported by your device. To use the search box, simply click it on the taskbar and type or speak your query. To use Cortana's functionality and communicate with it, click the icon in the taskbar.

Why is Cortana no longer useful?

Cortana's usefulness might alter based on a user's needs and preferences. particular people consider Cortana to be less helpful due to her limited capabilities as compared to other digital assistants, privacy concerns, or challenges with accuracy in particular situations. Due to reduced development and features brought on by changes in Microsoft's strategic focus, Cortana's overall usefulness for some users may have been harmed.


With assistance from this guide, we hope you can completely resolve the Start Menu and Cortana Aren’t Working errors.