4 Ways to Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper Not Responding


If you are a computer games enthusiast, it is highly unlikely that you would not be aware of Steam’s platform. It is an excellent platform altogether, but it gets annoying when you come across the message on the screen, which reads as steam client bootstrapper Not Responding. You can fix the problem of the steam image not uploading by clicking here.

This error is also one of the most common errors that the users of this platform have reported to the developers. In this article, we will discuss various methods to fix the Steam bootstrapper not responding error.

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Steam: An Introduction

""Run and type steam.exe.

5. Check the option create this task with administrative privileges.

new task steam.exe
new task steam.exe

After running the steam client as an Administrator, it should get all the necessary permissions and fix the steam client not found the error. But, if this did not fix the issue, then you should try the methods discussed below.

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Method 2: Clear the Download Cache files

When we update the files and games multiple times, the downloaded files and cache files get accumulated in the system and cause the errors such as steam client bootstrapper not responding issue. Thus, by clearing the cache files, you can fix the steam client bootstrapper not acknowledging the error. The steps which can be followed to clear the cache files in the Steam are:

1. At First, launch the Steam client.

2. Then, open settings by clicking on the Settings option on the top of the window.

3. Afterward, select Downloads and click on Clear Cache.

steam settings clear download cache
steam settings clear download cache

4. Then wait for the process to complete.

5. Finally, restart the system.

Now rerun the steam client, and this time it should start correctly. It is an indication that you have successfully fixed the steam client bootstrapper not responding error in your system. If you still face the error, trying the methods below will surely help you out.

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Method 3: Disable Anti Virus Programs

Disable Antivirus Protection
Disable Antivirus Protection

Various Anti Virus Programs delete or exclude the files related to Steam Client, which are needed for the smooth running of Steam. Thus, these files need to be present for the steam clients to work correctly. It can be done by disabling the antivirus protection from steam clients and adding them to trusted ones. After finishing this task, one can efficiently use steam services, and the steam client Bootstrapper it responding issue will go.

Method 4: Stop Running Steam in Compatibility Mode

When we do not have the optimum system requirements and specifications, but we still want to run a program on that old system, we need to run that in Compatibility Mode. This mode enables the program to make some variations and adjust itself according to the specifications of your computer system. But this can work only for a limited time as very old systems would fail to run newer programs even in the Compatibility Mode. To fix the steam client bootstrapper not responding issue, you should disable the compatibility mode and install the latest versions. To disable the compatibility mode, follow these steps:

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1. At First, open the Run Command. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R. In the search box, type in the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

2. Then right Click on the Steam.exe file.

3. Afterward, select Properties.

steam.exe properties
steam.exe properties

4. Then click on the Compatibility tab.

5. Uncheck the compatibility mode.

steam windows compatibility
steam Windows compatibility

6. Finally, Save the changes and exit.

After turning off the compatibility mode, the steam client bootstrapper not responding issue will solve. If required, restart the system so that the changes can take effect.


These were the methods that we could use to fix the steam client bootstrapper not responding issue. These methods are based on the leading causes of the error. Trying these methods will surely fix the steam client bootstrapper not responding issue for sure.

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