Is Your Steam Download Slow? Here Is The Fix!


If you are a gamer or know the gaming industry, you must have come across Steam. It is a platform where you can buy, play or download PC games. It became a must-have software for PC gamers. Steam works on cloud computing technology to play your downloaded games on your steam account from any computer. They also face some Steam download slow issues. Let’s discuss this below.

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steam download slow
Steam Download Slow

It is a gaming library. Which was launched in 2003 by game developer Valve. It is free of cost software, but the games may not be free. Some games are free, but some can cost $60-70. One can directly purchase the games through a credit or debit card or can buy games with the help of Steam wallet. Also, know how to fix steam pending transaction errors.

As Steam is an online gaming platform, the downloading speed can be a real pain sometimes. No one likes to wait for hours to download a game. There are various reasons behind it. One of the main reasons can be slow internet, but some reasons can cause steam download slow. Sometimes users face this problem irrespective of having a strong network.

How To Fix The Steam Download Slow Issue?

It’s somewhat annoying for all of us to wait this long to play something we want to play at the moment. It takes the will of playing the game away. If you think that you can’t do anything about the downloading speed, you are wrong. Here are some methods that may help you in increasing speed from steam download slow issue.

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Network Issues

When steam download slow, we automatically think there is some problem with our internet connection. To check the internet connection, users can use WiFi Explorer and Activity Monitor.

poor internet might be a cause
Poor Internet Might Be A Cause

Although network can be a problem, few other reasons are making that download take longer than usual.

Removing The Limitation Of Steam’s Download Bandwidth

One of the reasons behind steam download slow can be Steam’s download bandwidth. If there’s a restriction in bandwidth in your computer, then Steam can use only a limited amount of internet and eventually result in slow downloading.

steam’s download bandwidth
Steam’s Download Bandwidth

To solve that problem:

  • Open Steam
open steam
Open Steam
  • Select the Steam button from the top navigation bar and click on Settings
open steam settings
Open Steam Settings
  • Select Downloads from settings
go to steam download
Go To Steam Download
  • From Download restrictions, click on Limit Bandwidth and change its settings to no limit.
set to no limit
Set To No Limit
  • Click OK and then restart to minimize slow speed.

Clearing Cache Might Help

Sometimes caches are the reason to slow the speed of downloading. Removing the cache would be the solution. 

  • Launch Steam and open settings
open steam settings
Open Steam Settings
  • Select downloads
go to steam download
Go To Steam Download
  • From the right section, choose Clear download cache
clear download cache
Clear Download Cache
  • Press OK and re-login to see the effects.


As mentioned above, clearing cache might help with the increase of downloading speed of Mac, so for clearing cache in MacBook, there is a Mac app which is CleanMyMacX.

cleanmymac for mac users
Cleanmymac For Mac Users

With this, you can clear all the cache and detect and delete any software that might hamper the speed. Hence, solve steam download slow.

Alteration of Server Region

Steam has users worldwide, and they try to provide seamless streaming for all its users irrespective of their location. But sometimes, a specific location can cause a lowering of download speed.

Therefore, altering the server region can be effective sometimes.

  • Open Steam and select the Steam tab.
open steam app
Open Steam App
  • Go to settings and select Downloads.
go to steam download
Go To Steam Download
  • From that, choose Download region and select a server near you other than your current server.
steam alteration of server region
Steam Alteration Of Server Region
  • Then press OK and restart. It might solve the problem.

Check If Other Applications Are Running Simultaneously

Solve steam download slow. If any other applications are running in the background, then it can cause a decrease in speed. Any internet-sapping applications such as Windows updates or any movie or song streaming platform can cause that. Closing down those applications while downloading something on Steam can be beneficial.

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Go Wired

Wireless connection is surely the easiest and frequently used in the internet era, but it sometimes slows down. Because it has to cross walls and fight with other bandwidths and connections, hence, if you want a really strong internet, go WIRED!

prefer wired nternet
Prefer Wired Internet

That increases the speed a lot solving the steam download slow problem.

Turn Off VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Proxy

Turning off VPN can also speed up your downloading process.

turn off vpn
Turn Off VPN

VPN does not directly affect slowing down the speed, but it can consume the internet and, in terms, can decrease the speed. 


There is one VPN that can increase the downloading speed that is ClearVPN. ClearVPN can accelerate and smoothen downloading Steam.

use clearvpn
Use Clearvpn

It has the same functions as any other VPN, but it can create shortcuts to stop ads and make the connection more secure for effortless downloading games. It is designed specially to increase downloading speed. Click Here to view the best VPN list.

Antivirus Can Cause Lowering Of The Download Speed

If your computer has some antivirus or firewall extension, then it might hamper the speed of downloading games in Steam.

antivirus can be the cause
Antivirus Can Be The Cause

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PC Repair Tool

After doing all these, if the user is still facing issues, then they can download PC Repair Tool.

download pc repair tool
Download PC Repair Tool

It can be downloaded from and scans the PC to detect and repair any problem like steam download slow.


Steam is currently the largest gaming platform. Millions of downloading and transactions happen there every day. It’s quite common to have downloading issues with such a huge platform where traffic is mostly overloaded every time. Above mentioned points are some suggestions that you can do to alter the steam download slow and go seamless on Steam.

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