Steam Friends Network Unreachable | 5 Quick Fixes


Steam is a video-game digital distribution service by Valve. You can also buy and play games on steam. They also provide options for server hosting, video streaming, etc. You can also add friends and play with them online. Steam has its fair share of issues. Just think for a minute, what if you can’t reach your friends? Users who face steam friends network unreachable have exactly this issue. Won’t it be annoying, but there is no need to worry. This article is to rectify the “steam can’t connect to a friend’s network” problem.

We will show you ways to solve steam friends network unreachable errors.

You can visit steam from here.

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What Causes The Steam Friends Network Unreachable Error? 

There are no particular reasons why the steam friends network unreachable error can occur. But common reports suggest this might be because of the following reasons: 

  1. The website is taking a heavy load
  2. Beta mode testing
  3. Increase in the cache memory
  4. Slow internet connection

Steam Friends Network Unreachable

Let us look at how we can solve the steam friends network unreachable error.

Try The Old School Way

The old-school method is always worth giving a shot. Sometimes the old-school methods do wonders. So what is this old school way: 

  • Try restarting your system. 
  • Now, log out and then log in again into your steam account. 
  • Recheck your internet connection. If this works, then brilliant! You have solved the problem.

 Well, if the steam friends list not working continues, then head on to the next method. 

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Say No To Steam Beta Version

The Beta version of Steam can be a real headache sometimes. The Beta versions are always under improvement. So they are associated with a lot of bugs and errors. Beta versions are brought out so that users get an on-hand experience with the software. In turn, might suggest some improvement.

So the question now is -How do I opt-out of the Beta Version, so here we go: 

  • Start the Steam Client and log in to your account.
  • Now, from the upper left corner, click the Steam button →from the drop-down menu select Settings. 
no to beta version steam friends network unreachable
No to beta-version
  • Next, click the Steam button →from the drop-down menu click on Settings.
  • Then, under Account → under the Beta participation heading,→ click the change and from the menu choose the NONE-Opt out of all beta programs.
  • And save the changes, click OK. If the error is solved well and good, if not, head on to the next solution. 

Try Deleting Cache Memory

Cache memory is a type of temporary memory that gets stored in our systems. This memory can get corrupted and then can cause errors. It is the most effective way to solve this issue. Now let’s see how we can delete cache memory: 

  • Now, from the upper left corner, click the Steam button →from the drop-down menu select Settings. 
delete cache steam friends network unreachable
Delete cache
  • Head towards the Web Browser section→, click on the Delete Web Browser Cache and Delete Web Browser Cookies. Most of the time, following this method solves the problem. 

If the steam friends network unreachable problem persists, then follow our last method.

Changing Steam Properties

Changing the properties is also one of the common methods to solve our issue. Properties are the components that define and control what a particular app does. So now let’s see how we can modify Steam properties: 

  • On your desktop, right-click on Steam shortcut on your PC > then from the context menu select Properties.
change steam properties
Change steam properties
  • Then on the Target window > add –nofriendsui > click Apply and OK to save it (as given below): “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” –nofriendsui 
  • Now check if the friend list is accessible but if adding -nofriendsui won’t work for you, then in the Target field add -nofriendsui -nochatui > click Apply and OK for saving the changes. 

Poor Internet Connection

The steam friends network unreachable error might be a result of a poor internet connection or simply a login issue. So first off, try logging out of the Steam application and turning off your computer. Check your internet connection if you are using wifi or connect a wire and restart your router, and the modem is connected with a modem. You can wait for a few minutes before restarting your computer and logging into your Steam account. The unreachable network popup is most likely gone now. But, if it still appears, then you can move on to deleting the cookies and caches of your browser.

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These were the simplest ways in which one could tackle the ‘Steam friends network unreachable’ error. Hopefully, these ways are enough to solve the steam friends network unreachable issue.

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