Top 5 Fixes For Steam Pending Transaction Error


The Steam gaming application is one of the most popular and run-down purchasing, downloading, creating, and playing games. If you have downloaded Steam, you might be pretty familiar with the issue of the Steam pending transaction, steam opening on startup or the Steam game wont launch. The Steam pay is usually secure, but sometimes due to network glitches, the payment can get hanged, and it displays your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account.

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top 5 fixes for steam pending transaction error
Top 5 Fixes For Steam Pending Transaction Error

To resolve the error, try to restart and refresh the application, clear the cache, or follow the guide below to get rid of the error completely.

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Top 5 Fixes For Steam Pending Transaction Error

Despite the reason for the steam pending transaction error, one of the following steps will help you eradicate the issue so that it never bothers you again. To do so, follow the steps,

Check for Steam Outages

Before you try another purchase, you might need to ensure that the Steam server is entirely functional.

check for steam status
check for steam status

If Steam’s servers are down, your buy may be in an in-between state; trust that Steam will deal with it completely. You can verify by going to the Steam site or utilizing specific outsider administrations like the informal Steam Status site. Wait for the servers to respond and check if the pending transaction steam error persists.

Verify Purchase History

If you have previous pending requests then remove those and then retry,

  1. In your Steam Client, tap on the Account Details 
  2. Tap on View purchase history
  3. In the list, go to pending purchases and select one.
    view purchase history
    view purchase history
  4. Now tap on the “Cancel this transaction” option.
  5. In the resulting tab, tap on “Cancel my purchase.” 

Once done, do this for every pending purchase and restart Steam to check for the Steam; your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending error.

Disable Any VPNs or Proxy Connections

In most cases, the VPN or proxy connections hinder the purchase because it hides your identity and claims you as fraud. To resolve this, disable your VPN and proxy while purchasing and retrying.

disable vpn and proxy
disable VPN and proxy

If the issue of Steam pending transaction persists, you need to switch your connection while keeping your proxy disabled, like trying using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi.

Use Another Payment Method

Wondering how to view pending transactions on Steam? Once you have cancelled the previous pending purchases, switch the payment method as well when you try for the next one. Steam has various options like PayPal, debit cards, and even gifting options.

use another payment type
use another payment type

Try changing between these to resolve the error and make a secure payment. You can also try using the steam website instead, as sometimes the ports in the app might get clogged.

Contact Steam Support (And Your Payment Provider)

Unfortunately, if nothing works for you, then try contacting steam support. They would be able to pinpoint the error for you and tell you if the payment request was blocked or not accepted only.

steam support
steam support

If they can’t see your request, it’s time to contact the payment provider as the fault lies there. Resolve the steam pending transaction error by contacting the support groups and then retry to pay.


How do I cancel pending purchases on Steam?

Open steam settings and go to View purchase history to cancel any pending transaction. Tap on the purchase you want to cancel and further click on Cancel my purchase in the list.

How to get assistance for the Steam account?

Contact the steam customer section for any help. To do this, sign into Steam.


With assistance from this guide, we hope you were able to resolve the frustrating steam pending transaction error. Now that you’ve dealt with all steam issues and steam cancel pending transaction issues, get back to buying and enjoying loads and loads of games. Happy gaming!