Fix: Street Fighter V Not Launching [Complete Guide]


Players across the globe frequently experience issues with street fighter v not launching on their PCs. Recently, several gamers have reported that they cannot tap twice on the .exe file or load Street Fighter V from Steam. Most reports about this issue come from Windows 10 users, while it may occur in other versions of Windows. Are you experiencing the same issue? Do not fear; there are various solutions available that have resolved the problem for other players.

steam fighter not launching

That is how you can fix it: 

  • Simple troubleshooting
  • Include the game on your antivirus program’s exception list
  • Stop specific procedures
  • Assess the Integrity of the Game data
  • Upgrade your Windows and drivers
  • Reboot your computer completely

It is not caused due to any critical issue with Street Fighter 5 not launching. Instead, here’re the possible reasons: the firewall blocked the game. Third-party software is preventing your game from launching. An antivirus prevents your game from launching.

We have created a straightforward guide to offer some workable answers. Have you prepared? Let’s examine each of these answers and related problems one at a time.

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Issues Similar to Street Fighter v not Launching

  • The Street Fighter 5 arcade edition will not be released.
  • Street Fighter 5 will not start

issues like

  • When starting it, Street Fighter 5 crashes.
  • The Street Fighter v Champion Edition will not be released.
  • Black screen for Street Fighter 5
  • Street Fighter 5 pc not launching
  • The instruction at 0x0000 for Street Fighter 5.
  • Street Fighter 5 will not launch on Steam.

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Ways to Fix this Issue

Here we have compiled for you the 6 best ways that you can use to fix Street Fighter v not launching.


The ways are mentioned below:

Simple troubleshooting

Make sure you have read all the crucial components listed below before moving on to the Street Fighter v not Running 2023 approaches.


  • The graphics driver is completely current.
  • The system is current.
  • DirectX and MS Visual C++ are among the essential components that you installed.
  • Only the game is operating at the moment.

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Include the game on your antivirus program’s exception list.

Most people prefer to activate Windows Defender antivirus or use other third-party security features to protect their computers from virus attacks. However, some antivirus programs, such as Windows Defender, can obstruct Street Fighter V’s operations and even stop it from starting.

  1. To exclude Street Fighter from the scan, you can consider adding it to your antivirus’s list of exceptions. You must: stop Windows Defender antivirus from disabling the game.
  2. To open Settings, press Windows + I.
  3. Select Virus & threat protection from the right pane by going to Update & Security > Windows security
  4. In the Windows Security panel, under the Virus & threat prevention settings section, select Manage settings.manage settings
  5. Then, press Add or remove exclusions in the Exclusions section after scrolling down to find it.exclusions
  6. Select Add an exclusion, then from the drop-down box, select Folder. Click the Exclude this folder option after finding and selecting the Street Fighter V folder.add exclusions

Afterward, restart your pc to see if the Street Fighter 5 Steam issue has been resolved.

Halt specific procedures

Users have reported that two Intel processes, Intel Driver Support and Intel Usage Intention, may be the root of the Street Fighter v not launching issue. It is unclear how these processes affect the game. However, some users have reported that disabling them has resolved the problem.


task manager

Consequently, if they are open when you get the issue, proceed to shut them off.  Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, select these processes, and then click End task to end them.

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Assess the Integrity of the Game data

The damaged game files contribute to the Street Fighter 5 start problem. You can utilize a built-in feature of the Steam client to check the relevant files if you are using the game there.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open STEAM and navigate to LIBRARYlibrary
  2. Select Properties with the right-sided menu on Street Fighter V. street fighter properties
  3. Choose “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES” under the “LOCAL FILES” room.verify integrity of game files

Be patient and wait till the validation procedure finishes. You should then restore the game to see if it can run properly.

Upgrade your Windows and drivers

Additionally, check that Windows and all your drivers have current versions, especially the graphics card one. Download and install any updates that are available for your machine.

windows update

All you have to do is to run Windows Update, which will also identify any drivers that need to be updated. The operation is indeed simple. To access Windows Update, visit Windows Settings and select Update & Security. Afterward, install and download the updates by choosing the “Check for Updates” feature in the right pane.

You might have to manually upgrade the device drivers if a driver update is unavailable.

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Reboot your computer completely

In this situation, you can perform a clean boot on your computer to see if any software would be incompatible with Street Fighter V. To execute a clean boot, pursue these actions.

Open System Configuration by pressing Windows + R, typing msconfig, and then pressing Enter.


  1. Go to “Services,” then incline toward the box next to “Hide all Microsoft services” to cease all services, including non-Microsoft
  2. Incline towards the “Startup” and Open the “Task Manager” startup
  3. Then, on the Task Manager’s Startup tab, disable each item listed there.disable all
  4. Return to the Operating System window, and make these modifications there. Check whether the Street Fighter 5 Steam issue has been resolved by restarting your computer.

You can decide whether to wipe the booting computer each time you use the game if it can launch successfully. And you can also delete the program or re-enable each of the disabled programs one at a time until you locate the faulty one. You may need to reinstall Street Fighter V if it does not launch. Additionally, it is advised that you take away all of the accessories before beginning the installation.


Why does most antivirus block Street Fighter 5 avast?

They might be snooping through or mistakenly or intentionally leaving your network open to intrusion. To determine which player is a scammer or hacker who might jeopardize the security of your computer, which may be the cause of antivirus software banning SFV.

Why is Street Fighter v not launching on steam?

In terms of potential problems with Street Fighter v not launching on Steam, we would say that there aren't any significant or pressing reasons why the game keeps crashing. Many people claim that if your firewall has prohibited the start of Steam Street Fighter 5, we could say that if the firewall is switched on, you might experience the crash issue

Why is sf5 not on Xbox?

Because Capcom struck a contract with Sony to make Street Fighter 5 an exclusive for the PlayStation last generation, Xbox users missed out on the game.

Who has the fastest walk speed in SFV?

Walk speed is crucial, as SFV Sakura seems to have the Quickest back walk pace (4.7) in the gameplay, outpacing Vega (4.5).

What happens if you run a game as an administrator?

Activate administrator rights to play the game. With administrator rights, you will have complete read and write access, which can benefit with problems like freezes or crashes. Check the game files. Our games depend on certain files to function properly on Windows systems.


The Street Fighter v not launching issue can be fixed in several ways, as demonstrated in the troubleshooting tutorial above. Using the techniques above, your problem will undoubtedly be fixed because the problem is fairly prevalent.

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