When you need a portable Windows tablet to complete tasks while on the go, many Surface devices are available, and the majority are helpful. You can use practically any Surface screen, whether you want to view YouTube videos, surf websites, or perform other tasks. The article discusses fixing Surface Pro 3 Stuck at the Surface Screen.

You can fix Surface Pro 3 Stuck at the Surface Screen by Reset Frozen Surface Pro 3, Determine Your Windows Version, reinstalling Windows on the Surface Pro 3, and Installing a Clean Copy of the Windows.

Tablets are more popular than laptops these days. But having a laptop nearby is critical because some essential duties can complete via the laptop. Microsoft created the Surface Series with this need in mind. The Surface series products are portable computers. They can be used as a tablet or laptop. Read below to learn how to fix Surface Pro 3 Stuck at Surface Screen.

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How To Fix Surface Pro 3 Stuck At Surface?

Here are the different methods to fix Surface Pro 3 Stuck on the Surface Screen.

Reset Frozen Surface Pro 3

When your Surface Pro 13 is stuck loading on the Surface screen, the first thing you should attempt is to force a reset. This approach works for Surface Pro booting issues involving a frozen display or disabling the touchscreen.

Holding the power and Volume Up keys for 15 seconds is required. Please let go of the buttons after waiting for 15 seconds and up to 10 seconds. Finally, you can power on your Surface device by pressing the Power button to check if it can now boot, as Surface Pro 3 won’t boot past the Surface Screen.

Although your Surface Pro 3 has returned to normal, the process is incomplete. Ensure your firmware and driver are current to prevent these and other similar problems. Please follow these instructions to get the drivers and firmware updates:

Please check that your Internet connection is steady and that you log into your Surface with administrator credentials before downloading the updates.

When downloading updates, check if your Surface device connects, powers on, and is at least 40% charged. If not, the download may fail.

  1. Go to the Windows icon > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update to check for updates. If a new version of Windows is available, decide whether to install it.settings optional updates
  2. It is advised to apply any available optional updates. Select View optional updates from the Check for Updates menu, and then on the following page, select Download All Available Driver Updates with Surface Listed.

Determine Your Windows Version

Is Surface Pro 3 Stuck at Surface Screen? On the Surface Pro 3, open the Microsoft Surface app, and you can see your Surface model in the device details. You can do the following to determine your Windows version:

  1. Select Settings by clicking the Windows icon in the menu bar. Select System in the left sidebar, then navigate down to About.about display
  2. Your operating system builds number and version can be found here under Windows requirements as Surface Pro frozen.settings about
  3. Then, by clicking here, you may download and install the most recent sound, display, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi drivers for your Surface Pro 3.driver and firmware download
  4. To get the most recent drivers and firmware for your Surface from the Microsoft Get Center, click Download.

Reinstall Windows on the Surface Pro 3

If your Surface Pro 3 is still frozen on the screen after using the volume key, you can restore Windows to its factory settings. You must utilize Windows Recovery Environment to restore your system because Surface Pro 3 stuck on the boot screen.

  1. Press and hold the Power button three times to turn off the screen. Type WinRE and select Advanced Options > System Restore when you see Preparing Automatic Repair beneath the Windows logo.troubleshoot advanced options
  2. Select the previous restore point on the pop-up box by clicking Next. Choose Next.system restore point
  3. Click Finish to start the restoration process.

Your computer will then restart, and you should update your firmware and driver to prevent further issues as the Surface Pro 3 updates stuck. If your computer takes too long to restart, fix it.

Install a Clean Copy of the Windows

Installing a fresh copy of Windows is another way to start your Surface Pro 3 if you still need to restore points for your computer. Many booting problems fix with a clean installation. The primary problem is that your device’s data cannot be recovered.installing windows Keeping a backup for your laptop is crucial because of Surface Pro 3 freezing. To install a brand-new installation of Windows on your unbootable Surface Pro 3, you must create a bootable USB drive from another PC and plug it into your Surface Pro 3.

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Why the screen on my Surface Pro 3 frozen?

If your Surface Pro 3 frozen on the screen after using the volume key, you can restore Windows to its factory settings. You must utilize Windows Recovery Environment to restore your system because your PC won't boot.

How to fix frozen Surface Pro 3?

Release both when the screen turns off after about 15 seconds of continuously pressing the volume and power buttons. Even if the Surface logo flashes on the screen for a split second, keep pressing the buttons for at least 15 seconds. After releasing the buttons, wait 10 seconds.

Why is the screen on my Surface crashing?

Flickering may be a hardware issue if it continues. The display drivers for your Surface Pro most likely cause the issue. Restart the device after removing the drivers from Device Manager. It should automatically reinstall the necessary drivers and fix the problem after restarting.

How do I take the Surface Pro 3's screen off?

The device's frame and display are both firmly bond together. First, heat the glue to make it more pliable before removing the display. Use an iOpener, heat pad, or heat gun.

How can I clear the touch screen on my Surface?

Press and hold power and volume buttons simultaneously when the Surface is off until the Microsoft or Surface logo displays on the screen. Touch your Surface screen once you are in UEFI to see whether it responds correctly.

How do I remove the ghost touch on my Surface Pro 3?

Till the Surface logo shows, keep the Volume Down button depressed. Release all buttons after that, and don't touch the device until the finish of calibration. Restarting the device and starting the touch calibration procedure will take a few minutes.


It is all about fixing Surface Pro 3 Stuck at Surface Screen. If you know how to assess the situation, problems with the fix of Surface Pro screen.

The solutions in the above list using to solve it quickly. If nothing else works, you may always visit a service facility for all the help.

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