Windows 10 is bigger and better than the systems before, but this does not mean it has no faults. If your Windows 10 is slow, try to fix it first. Users have frequently noticed one frustrating flaw: ‘taskbar won’t go away in fullscreen.’ This problem of the Taskbar not going away in fullscreen can be caused by issues like problems with the browser or media player or not updating your PC or laptop. This article will explain all the reasons the problems occur and also the ways to fix them.

To fix this error, Adjust Your Settings, Turn Off Notifications, Update Windows, Restart Windows Explorer, or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Browsers

Also, you can fix mechanical repair errors on your pc by reading this article. In this article, we’ll go through the six methods you may use to hide the Taskbar when it’s open in full-screen mode. These include hiding it automatically, turning off the taskbar lock, repairing the browser, etc.

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Steps To Fix The Issue Of Taskbar Won’t Go Away In Fullscreen

We will discuss six quick steps to fix the taskbar issue that doesn’t go away in fullscreen.

Restarting Explorer.exe

File Explorer is the place where most of your content goes. This application is already built into your operating system. It is in control of the smooth functioning of most of the Windows UI. File Explorer can sometimes malfunction, which in turn causes the issue of ‘taskbar won’t go away in fullscreen.’ 

The solution is to restart Explorer.exe. EXE file contains the codes and instructions, which the system executes and then launches the application directly. Continuing this file means restarting the entire sequence of instructions to eliminate the glitch. Here is how to restart Explorer.exe when Taskbar doesn’t hide in fullscreen:

  1. Firstly, right-click on the Taskbar below and then pick out Task Manager from the pop-up that shows. Another method to launch the Task Manager is to press the keys Win+X simultaneously and open it from the WinX menu. press the keys win+x
  2. Go to the right to the Process tab and search for Windows Explorer in the Apps section. Right-click once you see the Explorer option shown and restart the explorer

Do not worry if your screen falters or goes black, as this is a part of the restart process.

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Disabling The Lock On Taskbar

The Taskbar can be either off or on in Windows 10 so that it is less frequently moved. You might have turned this on accidentally, leading to the issue of Taskbar won’t go away in fullscreen whenever you open an app.

right-click on the taskbar

To solve the issue, you should right-click on the Taskbar and browse the pop-up that shows. In this, examine whether the option that says ‘lock the taskbar’ is checked.

If yes, then uncheck so Taskbar can usually start working. Once you uncheck, go to some browser or media and play something in fullscreen to see if the issue has been resolved. Also, If you want to remove Microsoft news from the taskbar, read this article.

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Repairing The Browser Or The Media Player

If the Taskbar specifically works quirky while you use an app or browser, the problem of the ‘taskbar won’t go away in full screen lies with the app or browser. To fix this issue, you need to eliminate all the major and minor glitches and bugs festering in the apps or browsers that hinder the Taskbar’s functioning.

  1. To achieve this, open Run by pressing the keys Win+R simultaneously. Search for ‘Control’ and say “OK,” the control panel will open. open run by pressing the keys win+ r simultaneously
  2. Go straight to Programs and Features by going through Programs. programs and features
  3. By right-clicking on an app in the list of all the ones you’ve installed, you can choose the one that’s giving you trouble.  Choose one of the two options: Repair or Change, and then follow the instructions your device shows you. clear cachesThere are several methods to clear the cache using the run command.

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The Device Is Not Up-To-Date

Every update comes new methods and security to fix bugs, improve overall Performance, and more. A device must be completely updated and work at par with all its unique functions. 

It means that the issue of the Taskbar showing in borderless fullscreen might occur because the Window is not up-to-date. So to fix the problem of ‘taskbar won’t go away in fullscreen,’ you need to update your device.

Here are the steps to follow on how to update Windows 10:

  1. Go to the settings of your Windows device.
  2. Under ‘Update and Security, look for ‘Windows Update.
  3. Furthermore, you can select ‘Check for Updates, and your Windows 10 will start updating itself. Before that, fix your slow internet if you have any problems with your Windows 10.

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Enabling Auto-Hide

This auto-hide feature in Windows 10 will keep the Taskbar hidden until you need to use it. If you wish to see the Taskbar after the steps are undertaken, you can hover your mouse pointer where it is supposed to be, and you will see it appear again. It can efficiently resolve the dilemma of the ‘Taskbar not going away in full screen.’ If your taskbar is frozen on Windows 10, you can fix this by reading this article.

Here are the steps to hide Taskbar through auto-hide:

  1. Go to the Personalization section after opening up Settings.
  2. Select the tab or section on your left side that says ‘Taskbar.’
  3. On your right, you will see a lot of toggles from which you need to turn on the one that says, ‘Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.’

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Turning Off Visual Effects

Windows 10 uses a lot of power as a result of visual effects. They will even slow down the device’s overall Performance. It can even affect your desktop and cause the issue of the Taskbar won’t go away in fullscreen. Here are all the procedures you need to take to remove these impacts from your system to remedy this:

  1. Open Settings usually or use the Win+I keys simultaneously. open settings
  2. You will see the About section in the System tab on your left. Browse the Related Settings section and choose ‘Advanced System Settings.’advanced system setting windows
  3. You will have three options under this, and you must select the ‘Settings‘ option under Performance. In ‘Performance Option,’ go to Visual Effects first and then circle the option ‘Adjust for best performance.’ performance optionOnce you approve of the process by clicking on ‘OK,’ you can check whether you still encounter the problem of the Taskbar not going away in fullscreen.

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Is the EXE file the same as any application on Windows 10?

These files contain the information and code to launch any application with a single click. In a way, an EXE file is the same as most applications you install on your Windows 10 OS. It is an entire application but in file form. Although this is most useful, you need to be careful as some EXE files contain malware which can be bad for the functioning of your OS.

Is there a better method to fix the issue of the Taskbar from the above-given ones?

If you realize that the problem lies in Chrome and not in your Taskbar, it may be time to say goodbye to Google Chrome and switch to a new browser altogether. Canary can help when the Taskbar doesn't hide in fullscreen Chrome. Still, other ways, like resetting Chrome or using the F11 keyboard shortcut, can also work.

Are their other reasons besides these for the Taskbar not going away in fullscreen?

Notification badges are one reason for the Taskbar to pop up repeatedly. These badges appear on the screen every time a new notification comes up. They can make the Taskbar appear even while hidden.

Does the Taskbar show up constantly, suggesting a problem with the device?

No, it doesn't imply that your device is broken and beyond repair. You can find the root of the taskbar problem and use one of the above-given methods to fix the problem, like a simple reset or a change in the browser.


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We hope this article was truly captivating and insightful for you!! With these questions, our article on quick steps to fix “taskbar won’t go away in fullscreen” ends. The six easy fixes will help get your taskbar functioning right on track. Want to secure your Windows 10? Read this article.

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