Top 5 Team Management Platforms in 2019


If you’re a team manager in the software industry, it is tough to organize your team correctly. Your solution to a statement must also agree with all the team members. As in a team, each work has to be assigned to a skilled individual. It might be difficult sometimes to keep up with everyone. Checking if someone maintained their deadline or if the project needs to be updated can be hard in such situations.

Since all of these platforms are digital, there is no need for a physical presence, which means that even Remote Workers find these Team Management Platforms very useful. Most of the customers, in fact, are Distant workers or Remote Workers.

5 Best Team Management Platforms in 2019

Well, with these best Team Management Platforms, you can complete your work easily and quite comfortably. Here’s a list of the top 5 Team Management Platforms in 2019 you should look forward to using.

1. Monday.Com

Monday dot com is first in our team management platforms list for several reasons. It has a simple and elegant interface where users can easily find their way around. The design is quite simple, as well.

First, you have to register on with your work Email. This would be the email provided by your employer or the email you use for professional purposes.

Team Management Platforms

Now, creating a working template isn’t that hard. Most of the practical work case templates are already pre-loaded in the interface where you can choose the one that you are comfortable.

If the pre-loaded templates do not suit your work, you can always customize a model according to your needs. You can add multiple columns to track time, departmental representation of the team members, etc. This Team Management Platform makes the work easier to handle.

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Inviting your team would be the next step in this process. You send them the invitations to join. By, making the team management completely digital, you can avoid certain time taking customs such as hours and hours of meets, Debates, etc.

The Subscription Price and Plans on maintains very reasonable prices. A Basic Plan includes Android, IOS apps 5GB of cloud storage, one dashboard, Kanban view, and over 20 column types.

This costs just 280 Rupees per month per user. This plan is usually recommended to small start-ups or companies with not much management required.

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Standard Plan: A standard plan includes all the features of a Basic plan and a lot in addition to that. It has a timeline view, calendar view, map view, and a gigantic 5o GB of storage space. This plan costs 350 Rupees per month per user.

Pro Plan: A pro plan is recommended for high operational teams. This plan includes all the features of the Standard Plan and a lot more. You can have 20 dashboards, to begin with, and the unlimited storage space is excellent. You can have private boards and Google Authentication as well. This plan costs 700 Rupees per month per user.

Enterprise Plan: It is recommended for the whole organization and not just a team or two. It has all the features of the Pro plan and a lot more. You can have unlimited dashboards, VIP support, Higher API rate limits, and nine more such flattering features.

2. Asana Work Managing Platform

Asana Team Management Platforms is also a work managing platform designed to make teamwork easy. Most of the work management platforms have similar features and interfaces.

Asaana’s user interface is similar to that of’s interface. The only difference being the transparency of the theme, which is not a professional problem.

Prominent Features of Asana

Asana features an innovative and useful feature called Workload. With this feature, you will be able to see how much work is assigned to each of the employees, and you can also manage the workload on each employee by analyzing the results. Great news about Asana is the report by Forrester Wav, which shows the usefulness of Asana.

Team Management Platforms
Asana Work Managing Platform

Using Asana is similar to using You first register and invite your employees or team members to join you.

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Asana Subscription Plans and Pricing

Similar to, Asana maintains four subscription plans. They are explained below, along with their pricing.

Basic Plan: The basic plan includes small features like Tasks, list views, Board views, assignees, and due dates. The collaboration limit is 15 users. This is a free plan for small teams just getting started.

Premium Plan: Premium Plan costs $9.99 per month per user. Along with all the featured of the basic plan, it comes with many more features like Custom fields, customizable Templates. Milestones, Timeline, etc.

Business Plan: Business Plan costs around $19.99 per month per user. The best and the latest feature of Asana, Workload feature is available in Business plan. This has around six great features in addition to those of Premium Plan.

Enterprise: This is for big organizations. This has every feature of the Business plan plus SAML, Data export and deletion, Custom Branding, etc. This plan costs around. The cost of this plan is dependant on your organization and the requirement.

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3. Zoho Cloud Software Suite

Zoho is a powerful suite designed to make work easy. The best thing about Zoho One is the flexibility they provide in doing the job. They offer more than 40 integrated productivity applications for their customers.

It is even suitable for major organizations involving multiple development processes since flexibility increased due to a large number of apps.

Team Management Platforms

Similar to the other two, Zoho also provides a free trial which you can cancel any time. The apps are specifically called integrated apps because of the option of integrating them with other apps.

Zoho One Subscription Plans, Pricing

Zoho offers a monthly package and a yearly package. All Employee Pricing means you have to take a subscription for each and all employees. Flexible user implies that you can purchase it for any no of employees.

Monthly Package

All Employee Pricing- 2000/ employee

Flexible User Pricing- 3500/ employee (In Rupees)

Yearly Package

All Employee Pricing- 1500/ employee

Flexible User Pricing- 3000/ employee (In Rupees)

4. Wrike Work Management Platform

Wrike is a platform with top-ratings and is in use by tech giants like Google. Even Hawaiian Airlines use Wrike for management purposes. Wrike functions similar to the first two platforms.

Team Management Platforms
Wrike Work Management Platform

Exciting Features in Wrike

  • Interactive Gantt Charts to easily adjust and keep all the team members updated.
  • Tab model templates for greater visualization comfort.
  • Online work and Project Calendars.
  • Draggable Dashboards

Wrike Subscription Pricing and Plans

Wrike offers subscription plans similar to the top two platforms. It also gives a free trial. If you want to cancel this plan, you can do it anytime.

  • Free: A simple plan with not much features. Can have up to 5 users.
  • Professional: 5, 10, 15 users possible. Price- $9.80 per user per month.
  • Business: 5-200 users. Customization features unlocks. Costs $24.80 per user per month.
  • Marketers: 5- unlimited users. Price is dependant on the requirements.

5. Smart Sheet Work Management

Smartsheet is another powerful Team Management Platforms out there that makes the work easier. It includes most of the features that are in the above platforms. Project plans, dashboards, integrations, calendars, etc.

Team Management Platforms
Wrike Work Management Platform

Smartsheet Subscription Plans and Pricing

There are only two plan categories and four plans in Smartsheet, just like the others.

Standard Plan: The standard plan includes free templates, forms, and such smart features. The best thing is that collaborators can view and edit the sheets for free.

Pricing: $14 per month per user

Business Plan: Minimum of three licenses required to purchase the product. It costs $25 per month per user. This plan includes various features such as Activity log, Connectors, Custom Branding, etc.

Enterprise: All the features of the business plan plus additional features like single sign-on, System, and Group Admin features.

Premier: All of the features of Enterprise and a lot more like Premium support, premium apps, connectors, etc.


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