If you encounter the error “there is no email program associated with performing the requested action” when attempting to exchange files through the Send To feature in Windows 10 while using the context menu, fix it here with us using the top three methods that will be useful for sure.

there is no email program associated to perform the requested action

Set an email program as default by pressing the Windows key + I, and selecting Apps. Choose the Default Apps, and select the application under the Email section. Select Mail (Or an application of your choice) from the newly appeared list. Delete the Outlook registry keys. Press the Windows key + R. Type regedit to open Registry Editor. Repair the Outlook system. The fixes include the following:

  • Altering Cortana settings.
  • The corrupted registry keys for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Resetting the Email Program default.

The steps you must take will depend on what is causing this problem.

What is causing this issue will determine what steps you need to take. We will outline the top three causes of the “there is no email program associated with performing the requested action” error and how to mend them. But first, let us start with the reasons that make the differences.

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The Error May Occur For One of Three Reasons

  •  This problem requires a primary application for the mail set in a few cases. 
  •  If you are only experiencing this difficulty with Microsoft Outlook, the incorrect Microsoft Outlook keys may be to blame. The corruption of files is a fairly common occurrence.
  •  Cortana may also be the cause of this problem. Cortana has a setting that allows it to permit the calendar and email. This problem has been resolved by unchecking this setting.

Resolve “There Is No Email Program Associated To Perform The Requested Action On Startup” Error

There are three ways to tackle the “ there is no email program associated to perform the requested action on startup” error. Let’s take a look at these ways.

Apply for The Registry Editor 

The error saying “there is no email software connected to complete the requested function for Outlook 2010 may show up” if the registry key is damaged. Other programs are unfit to acquire the necessary data from the registry when they attempt to use the Outlook Simple MAPI interface.

You can apply the below-listed ways to fix it on your own

Registry Disclaimer: The following procedures will entail modifying the registry. Making errors when editing the registry could have unfavorable consequences on your device. Therefore, use caution while altering registry entries and setting up a System Restore point.

  1. To launch Registry Editor, press W8K + R and type Regedit into the Run dialogue box (if you are inexperienced with Registry Editor, check here). Choose OK.
  2. Locate the following registry key in Registry Editor’s left pane:
    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Microsoft Outlook hkey_local_machinesoftwareclientsmailmicrosoft outlook
  3. Right-click the Microsoft Outlook key in the left pane of the previously displayed window and choose Delete. Selecting Yes here will confirm the request to delete the key.
  4. Then, go to System > Default apps in the Settings app. Scroll down and look for the heading “Email” in the notification space of the window. Choose Mail as the primary email client by clicking on the app name listed alongside it and under Choose an App. mail

Complete the repair by following the directions on the screen. Turning on your computer will make the differences take effect. The error does not take place when the system restores.

There you move!

Even after using the preceding solution, if you still have the problem “there is no email associated with Windows 10” error, please take the following actions.

Make The Email Client Default

You can start by making the email program the default option. The steps are as follows:

Although the built-in Mail application can be the default choice, there have been reports of issues with the Send To selection.

  1. Push the Windows, and I keys to launch the Settings app. Next, select Appsselect apps
  2. Afterward, select the program underneath the Email section after choosing Default Apps in the left pane.mail

Lastly, choose Mail (or some other application per your precedence) from the options.

Start your computer again and confirm that the error has been removed. Move on to the following techniques if the matter still needs to be fixed.

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Modify Cortana’s Settings 

The final approach is to modify Cortana’s settings to resolve the issue of no email program associated with Windows 10. Cortana has the option that allows it to permit the calendar and email. The solution to this issue was to uncheck this setting. That is how to go about it.

  1. To unlock the Settings application, tap the Windows, and I keys in one go. Then click it after moving to the Cortana section. in setting go to cortana
  2. Then, select Permissions & History. permissions & history
  3. After that, choose to Manage the data Cortana may obtain from this computer in step three.manage the data cortana

Toggle off Contacts, Email, Calendar, and Communications History.

We hope to find a solution to your issue.


How can I connect my email program?

Switch to the Control Panel. Choose Default Programs after typing DEFAULT into the Search Control Center box. Then, select the program link for the associated file type or protocol. Attach a file format or protocol with a program window by scrolling down the queue until you see Protocols.

In Windows 7, how can I connect an email program?

Firstly, configure Windows 7's default email software. Enter Window Logo + R on your keyboard to unlock the Windows Run command. Enter computer defaults and press OK. Select your desired email client, such as Windows Os, Yahoo, or Outlook Express, in Choose a default email system. Lastly, choose Custom. Tap OK.

I just uninstalled a program; can I reinstall it?

You can use Windows System Restore or a third-party file recovery product to recover deleted programs on Windows 10 and 11, together with their installation media and associated data.

Does removing an application delete it entirely?

Generally speaking, what should occur is that you will unload your hard drive of any remnants of the program. Databases, registry entries, and executable files are all included in this. The installed software is in charge of handling this, but sadly not all programs do it skillfully.

How can I change my Windows 10 email settings?

Open Mail from Start. View the mailbox's advanced settings. You can set up your email account by selecting Manage Accounts. After that, select is located at the left navigation pane's bottom. Choose Advanced mailbox settings > Change mailbox sync settings. Verify the IP and ports of your sending and receiving email servers.

Is Outlook's Mail similar to Windows 10's?

For people who use email seldom, Windows Mail, a free tool included with the operating system, is appropriate. However, Outlook is the best option for those who take their email seriously. Windows 10 includes various software options, including an email and calendar app.


In conclusion, this post has described the potential causes of the “No email program associated with performing the requested action” fault message. In addition, this post has presented three solutions to this problem.

What is causing this issue will determine what steps you need to take. The fixes include altering Cortana settings, removing the corrupted registry keys for Microsoft Outlook, and switching the Email Program to default. Try these fixes if you undergo the exact error.

Above all, we trust that by now you know what to fix if there is this error “there is no email program associated to perform the requested action.