Fix: There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10


There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10 is a general issue. But don’t worry as we have 4 Ways to Fix There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10. After following one of these ways, you will be able to understand how to reset windows 10.

“Difficulties are the thorniest part of our lives, but the most motivating one.”- Ruskin Bond

Indeed, difficulties or hard times are the most challenging and taxing phase of our existence on this Earth. But, these times, as explained by one of the greatest writers in the country Ruskin Bond, have an immense role in encouraging and stimulating our decision making in the epoch of crisis and harsh circumstances. Thus, keeping an optimistic view combines with a decisive mindset assists in having fully fledged command over any situation at any point in time.

Resetting, one of the core feature of Windows, is used for solving a variety of problems and is a vital part of Microsoft Windows Operating System. Windows loaded with errors of these kinds and a new sibling of them appears nearly every day on our screens.

Taking examples of our lives, each day we face some problems and quandaries, but under the guidance and supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable person, we can sort out any such dilemma. The same goes for errors and flaws which are faced by us. And we, here in this article, will provide you with such guidance and steps that can for sure fix this error permanently.

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If there was a problem resetting your PC, it might have happened because of some internal file management issue. But, resetting is considered preferable over reinstalling Windows from scratch due to its quick speed and easy process involvement. Sometimes, this function does not work well and while resetting an error pops up mentioning there was a problem resetting your PC, and you would not boot into PC after restarting.

How to Fix There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10

These are a few steps mentioned below, which can be very valuable in the process of fixing the error which is talked throughout the article.

Method 1: Start System Oriented Repair

Firstly, as recommended and also proved, always wait for the problem to be solved traditionally and if it is not booming shift to the unorthodox way of solving it. Make a mark of these rundowns to try the step mentioned above:

1. At first, Restart your PC after putting in the “Windows 10 Bootable Installation DVD.

2. Now Press any key to proceed.

3. Then Select a Language in which you are fully comfortable to proceed.

Select a Language
Select a Language

4. After that click on Repair option on the bottom left side of the screen.

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5. Go for Advanced Options after selecting Troubleshoot from the previous step.

Advanced Options
Advanced Options

6. Locate the Startup Repair choice and wait for the conclusion.

Repair Your Computer
Repair Your Computer

7. Finally, Restart your PC to make it free from the error, i.e. there was a problem resetting your PC.

Method 2: Restructure BCD and Setting up Boot Image

This approach might seem to be intricate but is worthy to consider once. It has been a boon for these kinds of situations, so just give it a try. Here, is the ladder to climb for solving the problem mentioned above:

1. Press Windows Key+X together & choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.

Select Command Prompt
Select Command Prompt

2. Now enter these commands uninterruptedly each after another:

bootrec.exe /FixMbr
bootrec.exe /FixBoot
bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd


3. Then Press Enter key after feeding the commands.

4. Once they are executed, Restart your system. This may also be due to Critical Structure Corruption Error in Windows 10.

Method 3: Software Registry Rash cum System Renaming

The command prompt has a lot to offer and to add to the list, another great function of it will definitively help you when you sort out this problem. Follow these set of instructions to achieve desired results:

1. Again, open Command Prompt as instructed in the previous step.

Select Command Prompt
Select Command Prompt

2. Nosh the following commands and press Enter after you place them one after the other.

cd %windir%\system32\config
ren system system.001
ren software software.001

Type Commands
Type Commands

3. Then Close the command prompt and you will be at Windows Recovery Environment screen.

4. Reboot your system after completing those steps.

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Method 4: Drive Recovery Process

If all those motivated ways did not give air to your problem, then this will undoubtedly entertain your dilemma as much as it can and will relieve from the error there was a problem resetting your PC.

CAUTION: Using this method will ultimately Format your PC and all files and data will be unrecoverable.

1. At first, attach a USB Recovery Drive and Restart your system.

2. Then tap any key to proceed.

3. Select Repair your computer after choosing a particular language in which you find yourself comfortable.

Repair Your Computer
Repair Your Computer

4. Now from Choose an option list, select Troubleshoot.


5. Afterward, on the Troubleshoot screen, select Advanced Options.

Select Advanced Option
Select Advanced Option

6. Choose System Image Recovery on the Advanced options screen.

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System Image Recovery
System Image Recovery

7. Follow the instructions visible on the screen to achieve the desired results.

REMARK: After every method Restart the PC to disregard the flaw There was a problem resetting your PC.

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Final Thoughts

Hence, ending of any article should be on a note similar to its beginning, so that the interest and enthusiasm should look like revolving around in the whole content.

The commonly sought solution for the error, There was a problem resetting your PC. We have discussed the problem thoroughly, throughout the content and will unquestionably solve any problem related to this concern. There may be times that you may not be able to fix this error because of Windows Update Error 80244019.

Errors made up a large part of any operating system and need to resolve efficiently and precisely to get rid of them. If any of the fix does not work, then you can also try to reboot or refresh your system but make sure of not having any random Windows Restart Error in your PC.

Thus, we understand all your dilemmas and troubles and are keen to provide all possible by us while keeping a smile on our face and expecting the same from the other end also. Do share your valuable feedback and vindicated comments below.