This page isn’t eligible to have a username! The @username on Facebook is an account’s identification. It increases the visibility of your website and makes it easier to tag. Account owners may occasionally encounter a situation where their page gets a red flag as ineligible for a username with the text “This page isn’t eligible to have a username”.

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To resolve the error,
  • Ensure that the fanpage you are attempting to use already has at least 25 Likes.
  • Ensure that you haven’t created more than one fanpage recently.
  • Your personal Facebook account must also be verified, and your profile must not be newly created.
  • Finally, ensure you have defined a username for your personal Facebook account.

We’ll guide you on how to fix the “This page isn’t eligible to have a username” problem on Facebook in today’s issue by simply logging into your account and making a buddy of yours the Admin of the page, logging in from their details, and getting the username done! If you read to the end, you’ll be able to fix your problem and no longer have to worry about it.

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Fixes For “This page isn’t eligible to have a username” 

This page isn’t eligible to have a username! Facebook enables the account owners to give their company page a unique URL. While the process is straightforward, the user may occasionally get the ‘This page isn’t eligible to have a username’ issue.

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This error can arise for several reasons, such as your Facebook page not reaching the minimum requirement of 25 likes, lack of administrative privileges, or a problem with page verification.

You may be facing a page that isn’t eligible to have a username issue due to any of the reasons listed above. This is a step-by-step guide to resolving the problem of “Why isn’t my Facebook page eligible for a username?”

Method 1: Why Did You Face This Issue In The First Place? 

This page isn’t eligible to have a username! First off, to create a username for the page, you need to be the Admin of the concerned page. But that itself isn’t enough, and you have to abide by a few more prerequisites below:

  • At least 25 people must like your page.
  • There should be at least one post already on the feed.
  • You mustn’t have made more than one page on Facebook recently.
  • The personal Account of the user must be verified.
  • The user’s personal profile must not have been created recently.
  • There must be a username for the Admin’s own Facebook account.

Sadly, Facebook fails to mention these requirements beforehand instead of displaying the above-mentioned misleading error message. You must validate your personal Facebook account and establish a username if you have met the first condition (minimum amount of Facebook Likes).facebook like

These two requirements are simple to meet, and you can do it by following the steps mentioned below.

Method 2: How To Verify a Personal Facebook Account 

This page isn’t eligible to have a username!

  1. Go to settings on Facebook ( the little arrows on the upper right of the menu -> settings).
  2. Switch to “Mobile phone.”mobile verification for facebook
  3. Enter your mobile number for the process of verification of your account.
  4. Once the number is in place, click on ‘confirm.’
  5. You will then receive a confirmation code from Facebook to verify your account.
  6. In the provided field, enter the confirmation code you received.verification code for facebook

Method 3: Setting Personal Account’s Username 

This page isn’t eligible to have a username!

  1. Go to settings on Facebook.
  2. Choose general account settings and then go to ‘username.’ facebook setting button
  3. Enter the desired username for your Facebook account, and your work is done.

You can generally create a username for the page on Facebook when you have validated your personal Facebook account and have a username. Like Facebook other social media also happens to have errors or might be difficult for you to catch up. Read this article to learn how you can change your username on twitch. 

Method 3: What is The Fix to This Page? Isn’t it Eligible to Have a Username?

This page isn’t eligible to have a username! Okay, so you have your homework done about the username requirements but still need to fix the issue and no longer wish to receive the ‘this page isn’t eligible to have a username’ text. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll soon be out of this fuss. 

The easiest route is temporarily making a buddy an Admin on the Facebook page and having them add your username. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Open Facebook and log in to your main account. facebook login
  2. Go to settings and open ‘Page Roles’.
  3. Fill in the person’s name or email address you want to assign admin rights to in the text box under “Assign a new Page role,” pick them from the list, click on Editor, change to Admin, then click Add. The assigned person will receive a notification informing them they have admin rights.
  4. Now, log in with the details of the person you just made the Admin.
  5. Select the Manage Pages option from the arrow symbol in the top-right corner and select the page you want to manage.
  6. Click Create Page @username under About. facebook create button
  7. Now, type in the desired username; for businesses, the business’s name is usually preferred for easy identification. create page username
  8. Create a username by clicking the button “Finished.” Before logging out, remove that Account as an admin from the page. If Facebook still says, “This page isn’t eligible to have a username,” try setting up another buddy’s Login as an admin.

So, that was the complete fix for the Facebook page isn’t eligible for username issue broken down into understandable and straightforward steps for the user’s convenience. 


Why am I facing the issue of 'this page isn't eligible to have a username' on Facebook?

As per Facebook, the new page might not be able to create a username right away. A page must fulfil two requirements to allow users to generate usernames. It has to have a minimum of 25 likes on the page and at least one post. After you complete the prerequisites, try to create a username for your page. The error This page isn't eligible to have username will most likely appear if the conditions aren't met, The 'This Page isn't eligible for a username' problem has a solution by making the appropriate changes and assigning another account as Admin.

What is the required minimum amount of likes on Facebook to be eligible for a username?

According to regulations put up by Facebook, a page must have a minimum of 25 likes to get a username.

What is the minimum number of posts mandatory for being eligible for a username?

A page must have at least one post on the feed. If it doesn't want to face Facebook, this page isn't eligible to have a username problem.


I hope you enjoyed today’s “This page isn’t eligible to have a username” fix and are now off to come up with the best possible username for your company. A good username tends to attract new users. You can also use it to mention the other business owners and accounts.

Even though issues can arise from time to time, I hope we were able to get you out of one today.

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