In today’s world, technology is advancing at a very rapid scale. Different platforms, services, and applications are developing on a regular basis that helps people to live a stress-free life. But these technologies are not error-free. We will discuss the USPS ak1213 error: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213.

Online shopping from malls or small businesses is becoming a prevalent task. Not only this, many people are working as retailers from home. People are opening small businesses making Instagram account, Facebook account to let their ideas and products reach the people. Not only online shopping, but couriers are also sent here and there. Keeping a track of these packages is very important to ensure they are safe. USPS services are one of the reliable services to keep the path of your package. But what if you want to track your parcel and the error pops up? What if your customer is asking about the details about the package location and you are facing the error? It can be exasperating for both the sender and the receiver.

This article will discuss various reasons and methods to solve the error: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213.

Methods To Fix The Error: This Service Is Temporarily Unavailable AK1213

We will look at the various methods a user can follow if he or she ever faces the error: this service is temporarily unavailable while using USPS services. Read this article, if you want to fix registration services is missing.

Using The USPS Mobile Website

The first method you can try to fix the error is by using the USPS mobile website. The steps are-

  1. Open the USPS mobile website on any web browser you use.
  2. You will see the option of adding the tracking
  3. Write the tracking number of the package and press Enter. The details must get visible.

It is mainly suggested to use Opera as the browser to search for this website as it has many similarities to Chrome and is a fast and lightweight browser.

Disabling Proxy

Another method a user can try to fix the error: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213 is by disabling the proxy. A proxy server acts as a connection between the internet and the user and protects private networks from cyber attackers. The steps are-

  • Write Setting on the start menu and open the app on the device.
  • Click on the option Network and Internet and then visit the Proxy tab.proxy settings
  • Disable the proxy completely and check whether the error still persists.

For Firefox- If you are using Firefox as the browser, you should follow the below steps to   disable proxy.

  1. Open Preferences in Firefox. You can just visit the page: about: preferences#general
  2. Search for the Network Settings and then press the settings button.proxy settings on firefox
  3. Connection settings will open. Choose the option of No proxy and save your changes you made to proxy settings.

Using The Mobile Application

USPS services also have their own mobile application to help the users with better facilities and functions. You can try using the USPS mobile application to fix the error. The steps are-

  1. Open the play store on your mobile. And search for the application.
  2. Please install the application on your device and then open it. usps mobile app
  3. Enter the tracking number of the package, and you must be able to see the details.

Checking The Antivirus Settings

Another way to fix the error: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213 is by changing the antivirus settings. The steps are-

  1. Start the control panel on your device. And then visit the security center.
  2. From there, open the antivirus settings.control panel
  3. Search for the options – HTTP scanning, Secure Connection Intercept feature. Press the button to disable these settings.

These features are not present in all antivirus applications. Some of the applications having these features are Bitdefender, Kaspersky, avast antivirus, etc. 

Contacting The Help Centers

It is possible that there is no issue at the users’ end and the USPS servers are center

You can try contacting the help center, and they can tell you about some other ways or can start working on fixing the error at the server’s end.

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More About USPS Services And Error

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. It is a reliable service responsible for providing the postal services in the US. And it also includes all the insular areas as well as the states associated. It is an independent government agency, and the United States Constitution authorizes this service and is in charge of ensuring proper processing and delivery of the packages and preventing the mails from getting lost and fear of threat. Such services always help people in many ways.this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213

But as with any other technology or service, USPS can also face some errors like the USPS tracking desktop not working, the UPS tracking system is temporarily unavailable, and many more. Such errors are expected as USPS has to deal with a lot of packages within a day. It is possible that the error occurs due to some issues at the end of the server, but if not, there can be many ways we can try to fix the error: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213 at the user end.  

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Reasons Behind The Error

There can be many reasons leading to the error: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213. It is possible that the issue is the USPS server not responding and is down, which is why you cannot track your package.error

But it is possible to have some problems on the users’ end also, and this may include- proxy service causing trouble, problems in remote VPN USPS, antivirus settings, and many more. But fixing the error is not challenging. There are elementary methods you can follow to fix the error without time consumption and external guidance.


What is a USPS service?

USPS service stands for United States Postal Services. It is one of the independent government agencies in the US responsible for delivering parcels properly and keeping them safe. The service covers all the associated states and insular areas.

Why am I not able to track my package?

Keeping track of the package is essential, but it is possible that you are not able to do so, and the reasons can be the USPS servers down, antivirus settings, your browser, proxy settings, USPS VPN, and many more.

How can I fix the error?

If the problem is at the user’s end and the servers are working correctly. Then you can follow the various methods to fix the error like – using the mobile website, downloading a mobile application, disabling proxy, disabling some settings of the antivirus, etc.

Can I fix the error by myself?

If the error occurs due to the issues at your end, then it is effortless to fix the error. Follow the methods we discussed, and you will be able to fix it without much hustle.


Although the USPS service is a reliable service, but it can also face errors, and one of the common errors is: this service is temporarily unavailable ak1213. Thankfully, the methods to fix the error are not tricky, and you can follow them to fix the error.