Nowadays, social media platforms are becoming an essential part of our lives. People love scrolling and watching these platforms for hours. Twitter is one of the famous platforms. But it can also face some errors, and one of the errors is that this tweet is unavailable. Twitter is an American platform where people interact with each other using messages known as tweets. These tweets can be of a maximum of 280 characters. A user can post anything, like any post, retweeted tweets, and more. Like any other social platform, it is effortless to use Twitter as well. Sign in with an account, and follow the people you know. You can also follow famous people. And enjoy different tweets from different people. Besides Instagram and Facebook videos, people love spending time on Twitter, watching posts, and reading tweets.

But what if you open Twitter and see that many tweets are unavailable? Why are so many tweets unavailable? How to see unavailable tweets? When a post is deleted or contains violent or sexual content that violates Twitter’s rules and laws, it will be removed.

If a tweet is not visible, there are two possible explanations. The person who originally posted it may have deleted it, or it may have been unshared. Blocking or muting the account is unnecessary in either case. It’s also possible that Twitter removed the tweet if it was reported as offensive. This article will discuss the reasons and methods to fix the error message: this tweet is unavailable.

How To Fix This Tweet Is Unavailable Error?

We will look at the various ways to follow if you face this error. Read this article if you also want to fix media files that cannot be processed on Twitter.

Unblocking The User

If you want to look at the tweets from the accounts you block, you should unblock them to have permission to view their tweets. The steps are-

  1. Search the username of the particular person you want to unblock.
  2. Visit their profile. You will see that you block the users, and the contents from their accounts are not visible.unblocking users to see tweets
  3. A block option will be present near their name. Click on it and then select yes on the confirmation box that will appear.

Requesting The User To Unblock You

Another method you can try is by asking the user to unblock you. As the user has blocked you, you cannot send a direct message to them. You can try finding them on other social platforms and ask friends

Or you can ask any of your mutual friends to ask on your behalf. Once the user unblocks you, you can read all the tweets without the error message: this tweet is unavailable.

Sending Follow Request

You can try sending the following request to the users to read the tweets from their accounts without any error message. Following an account becomes vital in the case of private accounts.follow requests

As contents from the private accounts are visible to the ones following them. If the tweet is from a public account, then there is no need to follow them, and it is not a solution to your problem.

Contacting Twitter Support

The last method you can try to avoid having an error message: this tweet is unavailable is by contacting the support team of Twitter. There are various ways to contact them.

  1. Contacting them on their account- @TwitterSupport
  2. You can contact them using a toll-free number, that is- 415-222-9670contact twitter support
  3. You can also visit the support page Twitter provides the user.

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More About The Error

Twitter is a prominent social media platform that allows people to view posts, read, retweet, and spend hours using Twitter. Despite all this fun, Twitter will force you to ask why my tweet is not showing up? Why is this tweet unavailable? And why can’t I see who retweeted my tweet? Twitter always makes the tweets inaccessible to users who do not having an authorized right. Users will not be able to watch the deleted tweets from the users you have blocked or if they block you.this tweet is unavailable

Tweets from the private account will also not be visible to you. If you try to access these tweets, an error message will appear: this tweet is unavailable. We will discuss these reasons in brief. Twitter does it to follow safety tips and guidelines, to protect the privacy of private accounts, and to ensure the users that their tweets are secure from the ones they have blocked.

Reasons Behind The Error Message

We will examine the error message’s various reasons: this tweet is unavailable. 

The Tweet Does Not Exist Anymore

The first possible reason behind the error message can be that the tweet you are trying to view is no more available on Twitter.delete a tweet

The user deletes the post. As soon as the user deletes photos or tweets it, it will become unavailable to the rest of the viewers.

You Block The User

Another reason behind the error message: this tweet is unavailable is that you are trying to access the tweet from the users you have blocked.block user

Once you block a user, Twitter will hide the contents from their accounts for you. And similarly, that person will also not be able to see your account’s content.

Other User Blocks You

Another similar reason due to which you see the error message can be that the other user has blocked you. And again, both of you will not be able to see contents from each other’s accounts.users blocks you

In this situation, you will face an error message: this account owner limits who can view their tweets.

Tweets Are From Private Account

Twitter allows all users to set their accounts as either private or public. The tweets from the public account are available to all people. But the tweets from the private accounts are only available to those who follow you.private account

It is possible that the tweet you are trying to read is from a private account, and you are facing the error message: this tweet is unavailable. 

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Is Twitter a secure platform?

Yes, Twitter is a secure platform. Like any other social platform, Twitter also has various functions and facilities to maintain the safety and privacy of a user. From having password-protected accounts to allowing users to select the people, they want to follow.

Why am I unable to read a tweet?

There can be many practicable reasons why you are unavailable to read tweets. Some of the reasons are- you block the user or vice versa, the tweet is no longer available, Tweets are from private accounts, or the tweet tags the people who you have blocked.

How can I read the unavailable tweet?

You can unblock the user or ask them to unblock you if you want to read the tweets. You can send a follow request if the tweet is from a private account. If you want, you can also contact the Tweeter help center for help.

Will I get a reply from tweeter help center?

Yes, the Twitter help center will definitely reply to your query. It is possible that the reply may take some time as Twitter has to handle millions of accounts, but they will give a response to your question.


Millions of people use Twitter to read tweets and watch posts of different people. It can be very exasperating if you try accessing the tweet and face the error message: this tweet is unavailable. It can be more frustrating if you are unaware of the reasons behind this message or don’t know the methods to resolve this error message. Follow the above procedures if you want to read a specific tweet.

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