Fixed: Unable to Load: Torrent is not Valid Bencoding Error


If you are one among the 250 million (BitTorrent Estimate) Torrent users and you were downloading your favourite movie, game or software and your torrent client tells you, “Unable to Load: Torrent is not Valid Bencoding.” You’re in the right place to find your solution. But before we jump into the solution, ever thought What is Torrent? or How do Torrent Downloads Work? Don’t worry, we got you!

What is Torrent and How Do They Work?

A torrent is a file containing metadata holding various information like the number of files and folders of the huge file that must be downloaded and the network locations of multiple servers. Torrent is in use to download large files due to their ease of use.

Torrent is not Valid Bencoding Error

But when you download any file using a Torrent client (like BitTorrent, uTorrent). Your data is in many parts, and you can download the same file from different servers as the same file is on different servers. So if the Torrent server is shut down, you can download your file from other servers. This functionality also allows users to pause and resume downloads at their convenience. However, it’s always recommended to use a proxy while accessing torrent sites or clients.

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Few Reasons for Unable to Load: Torrent is not Valid Bencoding

Sometimes our system’s IP might restrict you from accessing these Torrent files, or your ISP may have blocked the Torrent Search Engine, and we face an error saying Unable to Load: Torrent is not valid Bencoding.

We encounter this error because of a corrupted Torrent file that the Torrent client cannot read. Now you can damage the file by two methods:

  • If your Government has strict regulations then your ISP would have corrupted the file, so even if you did manage to download the Torrent file, it would have been corrupted preventing your Torrent client from accessing data from the Torrent file.
  • The Torrent file could be corrupt on the server side of the Torrent Search Engine.

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Methods to Fix Unable to Load: Torrent is not Valid Bencoding Error

You can find few hand-picked ways mentioned below to resolve torrent is not valid bencoding error.

Download from a Different Source

Sometimes your Torrent file could be a corrupt one on the Torrent Search Engine’s server. We cannot solve this problem, so trying an alternative source would work because the same file may not be corrupt on the other servers. Therefore, a different source may remain functional, and you could use that Torrent file.

Use Magnet Link

There are two ways by which one can download a Torrent file, one is by directly downloading the Torrent file onto your PC through your browser, and the other is by using a magnet link.

Use Magnet Link to Fix Torrent is not Valid Bencoding
Use Magnet Link to Fix Torrent is not Valid Bencoding

You would normally download the Torrent file from your browser onto your PC. Open up your Torrent client and select the downloaded Torrent file to begin the download.

But this process isn’t always reliable because your Torrent file will mostly be corrupted by your ISP depending on the country you are in. In that case, downloading from a different source will not work because all the Torrent files are corrupt irrespective of the server.

Therefore it’s highly under recommendation to use the magnet link. The magnet link will not download the torrent file onto your PC but it will download the Torrent Data and send it to the Torrent Client directly which your ISP cannot detect.

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Use VPN Services

Many ISP’s restrict their users from accessing torrent files due to the strict Government Regulations in that country. Now, it is possible to sidestep these restrictions by using VPN Services. VPN masks your IP address and hides your physical location. Then fakes your physical location and thus gets rid of Torrent is not Valid Bencoding issue.

Use VPN Services to Access to the Torrents
Use VPN Services to Access to the Torrents

By this, your ISP considers that you are in a different country and does not corrupt the Torrent files for you. There are plenty of fast and hassle-free VPN services out there that you don’t need to pay for. But if you pick the Premium VPN Services, then you will have more rapid data transfer. And a few added features to your VPN service.

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We hope you have found your answers to Torrent is not Valid Bencoding and fixed the problem with your torrent client with these easy methods. If you still have problems, please don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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