The Latest Trends for Music Lovers This 2019


The world is constantly evolving, embracing new forms of technology which tend to turn our entire lives upside down. And like there are new trends and innovations every year in pretty much every category, the music industry is no different.

Trends for Music Lovers
Trends for Music Lovers

With 2019 almost coming to an end, here are the latest trends of 2019 that every music lover should keep in mind: 

Streaming is Taking Over the Radio

With more and more apps emerging, providing the option of streaming songs based on favorite genres or artists, the need for listening to the radio, along with the randomness of the songs being played, is decreasing immensely. Not only that, but based on The High Tech Society, smart headphones have also redefined the standard headset. Making it even more fun to stream your favorite songs.

Having access to the streaming apps via an intelligent headphone makes it easier to access the music on the streaming apps with great sound and quality without having to resort to listening to the radio for good music. With smart headphones, you have access to everything your phone can do, minus the photos, making the technology evolve to keep up with the rest of the gadgets. 

Vinyl is not only back, but here to stay 

A few years ago, Vinyl records made a comeback. While many thought it was just a phase, in 2019, it has not only started to sell more than CDs but has also begun to outsell digital downloads in the UK.


With this trend only growing, there is no doubt that many artists and labels will focus on making vinyl records to suit the growing market. 

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Global collaborations are easier than ever

One of the advantages of technology is that it has made the world feel a whole lot smaller. And while music used to be bound by location and territory as it used to be mainly spread through local TV and radio stations. The internet has made it easier to not only be aware of the music industry in the rest of the world. But also opened up endless possibilities of collaborations.

With Latino music being a hit within the past couple of years, many western labels are pushing for more global partnerships. To bring fusions that many different people would appreciate. There also is a trend in bringing Indian music to the western world and pushing for further fusions and new additions to the music industry. 


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