Trustedinstaller.exe | What Is It? Should I remove it?


With the help of Microsoft integration, Trustedinstaller.exe can be a very objective application. Their main motto is to care about updating Windows very much. However, this is usually imprecise, just like an epidemic. This is understandable because TrustedInstaller has an excellent processor.

Usage, and in some cases, completely hijacked by malware. Equip yourself with a good tool in our EXE error center to solve any interference caused to your system. Please also read our disassembly instructions.

what is trustedinstaller
What Is TrustedInstaller

TrustInstaller.exe continuously consumes up to 100% of the PC CPU usage rate, resulting in a sharp drop in PC performance. Surprisingly, Trustedinstaller.exe has more administrative privileges than multiple Windows Vista programs and applications, which shows that it is a reliable installer. However, the exe forces the government to try everything and use many resources, CPU, and RAM as needed. This problem needs to be solved by solving all trustedInstaller.exe problems.

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Is TrustedInstaller.exe A Virus?

This process makes your computer unusable. Now, if this is an epidemic, you have three options to get out of the predicament.

However, before determining that this is an epidemic, you need to deal with it directly. First, check CPU usage: One way to find the TrustedInstaller virus is to check the CPU usage.

Check To Confirm 

You can check the performance of the processor using certain tools. 

Location Of The File 

No matter which method is used, the location of the file will be determined. As mentioned earlier, valid Windows components are located in C: Windows\servicing. If the situation is not within this range, it is only malware processing.

location of the file
Location Of The File

TrustedInstaller malware is extremely dangerous and may use your camera and microphone without your permission. If you think hackers can access your webcam, please use a webcam protection tool to help protect your privacy. 

Use SFC Scan

If you still don’t know whether it is a TrustedInstaller.exe may be malicious. It is now a way to protect yourself from infection. It is recommended that you try to scan the SFC to protect the file. 

Steps :

  •  Type cmd in the search bar, and then right-click the main result that you want to select the “Run as administrator” option. 
run sfc scan
Run SFC Scan
  • Then enter sfc /scannow, wait for the computer to finish, and restart it.

Can You Disable TrustedInstaller.exe? 

After downloading and installing Windows Update, sometimes after restarting, you may find information about re-issuing TrustedInstaller.exe high CPU in Mission Manager. Then, you want to turn it off, but you don’t know if you want to turn it off. Although there are ways to disable or uninstall TrustedInstaller.exe, many websites on the Internet recommend these methods. However, I do not recommend disabling them because you may not remove Windows updates if you disable this service. EXE? 

Update Microsoft Windows

You should update the Windows installation on your computer first. This process can solve all the problems that may occur on the computer. In addition, Microsoft continuously releases updates to its Windows applications.

update windows
Update Windows

This means that you will be reminded of all that needs to be done. That is, you need to be prepared to use any available update program to update your settings to keep your PC running smoothly.

Click Here if Windows Update Service not running.

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Isolate The Computer’s “Problem History”

The computer’s “problem history” from the computer that Windows uses to make animations and write down any problems in the computer. For example, if you want to find the TrustedInstaller.exe application that consumes more than 100% of the system’s CPU resources.

computer's problem history
Computer’s Problem History

It is best to clear all the registers found in that part system to make the computer perform better. 

Stop Running The Windows Installer Of TrustedInstaller.exe

Another way to avoid the TrustedInstaller.exe error on the computer is to prevent the “module” from running.

To try this, you need to prevent the “Windows Installer” from the running-this process very effectively and solve the problem caused by the problem. 

Clean Up Registry

Due to various problems with the computer, the registry is constantly damaged. To resolve this issue, your registry will need to use a clean-up application to resolve any issues that may appear in the registry.

clean up registry by ccleaner
Clean Up Registry By CCleaner

The application will scan your computer and repair any errors that may exist in your organization. 


  • Exe application consumes more than 100% of the system’s CPU resources, and you should clear any registers found in this part of the system to make the computer run better.
  • Isolate the computer’s “Problem History” – the computer “Problem History” that Windows uses to create animations and write down any problems you may have with the computer.
  • If you find yourself in this situation, you want to imagine that the tactic can also be broken or replaced with malware with a similar name.
  • To fix this problem, your registry will need to use a cleaning application to resolve any issues in the written account.
  • That said, you should be ready to use any updater program available to update your settings and keep your PC running smoothly.
  • exe” error on your computer is to prevent the use of the “Module.”