Many Windows users are experiencing a problem when the turn-off airplane mode in Windows 10 is greyed out. A few consumers also claimed that the system’s Airplane mode automatically activates, and others said that the option to use Airplane mode fluctuates by itself.

Here Are ways to turn airplane mode on or off:

  1. Select the Network icon on the taskbar, then select Airplane mode.
  2. Select Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane mode, then select the first toggle for On or Off.

If you are experiencing the “turn-off airplane mode in Windows 10 is greyed-out” problem, several remedies are thoroughly covered.

Fixes for turning off airplane mode in Windows 10 is greyed out

Listed below are some alternative approaches you could take to reactivate Airplane mode.

Activate the network troubleshooter

Run the built-in troubleshooter in Windows to see if it can identify any issues with the network adapter or bandwidth causing this airplane mode on Windows 10 issue.


  1. Press your keyboard’s Win+R keys in tandem. After that, the run command window appears. Execute control.exe /name Microsoft after that.control exe name microsoft
  2. After troubleshooting, select Internet Connections & hit the Enter button. Select the Other troubleshooter link on the troubleshooting page once it has troubleshooter Scroll down the page to the “Network adapter” list box and select its Run option.

Carefully heed any on-screen directions as the troubleshooter window opens, searches for network-related errors, and attempts to correct them.

Inspect the Radio Management Service

The radio management service, a provider that may be to blame for the “Turn off airplane mode in windows 10 is greyed out” problem, is directly connected to this technique. Check the applications tab to see if this service is running or not. Even if it is currently operating, it is better to restart it once.


    1. Click the Windows button, and then, on your keyboard, search “Services.”search box
    2. Then, pick the Services plugin from the search engine results. Find the Radio Management Service from the service list once the Services panel has management service
    3. To access the radio management service’s properties window, double-click on management service properties
    4. When it opens, check the General tab to verify if the service is active or stopped. If it is already running, select Stop; once the service is terminated, select Start once more; select Apply; and then select OK.general tab
    5. Simply click Start to restart the service and select Apply and OK to exit the properties screen after the service starts.restart radio management service Once the services finish, minimize the services window.

Upgrade the driver for the network adapter

Turn off airplane mode in Windows 10 is greyed out” kind of problem frequently occurs on systems if the network adapter driver is out-of-date or not upgraded with the most recent version. It could also be that the Network Adapter could be missing.


  1. After simultaneously hitting the Windows+X keys, push the M key on the keyboard. win+x
  2. This starts the system’s Device Manager window right away. device manager
  3. Search the list of devices in the device manager for the Network adapters option. To enlarge the Network adapters, double-click on them. network adapters
  4. Then, press the wireless network gadget from the menu bar and pick Update driver.  realtek driver update
  5. After choosing to look proactively for drivers, you can find and install the network adapter driver’s most recent version.automatic driver update
  6. You can now exit the device manager after it has finished. Check if the problem has been fixed after a single system reboot.device manager

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Reinstall the network adapter if necessary

  1. Simply perform the previous step of right-clicking the wireless network adapter and choosing Uninstall device from the context menu that appears, as shown below.uninstall device
  2. You can remove Your network adapter from the computer as a result. Simply restart the computer once to reload the wireless network adapter. The computer will then identify the missing driver and install it.restart

Scale back the network adapter’s bandwidth

Some Windows users could fix the “Cannot turn off airplane mode Windows 10” problem by changing the network adapter’s bandwidth.


  1. By clicking the Windows key, entering device manager, and then hitting the Enter button, you may access the Device Manager.device manager
  2. Next, click the Network adapters choice after searching for adapter
  3. Right-click the Wireless connection interface and select Properties from the popup that appears.wifi properties
  4. Choose the Bandwidth choice from the collection of characteristics under the Property section on the Advanced tab of the Properties panel. bandwidth change
  5. Choose 20MHz Only from the listing by clicking the Value drop-down box.
  6. Hit OK after making these adjustments.restarting
  7. Restart the computer after closing the device manager.

The Wireless Network connectivity may need enabling or disabling again

Some customers have reported that their Windows 10 airplane mode fluctuates, and they were able to resolve the issue by turning on and off their wireless network connection, possibly because the connection was the issue rather than the system itself.


  1. Input ncpa. cpl and hit the Enter key by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously. comand prompt
  2. This causes the system’s Network connections screen to load. To start, right-click the wireless network connection. Choosing Disable from the context menu will disable the connection if it is already active. disable wifi
  3. Once you’ve given it some time, click the connection with the right mouse button and choose Enable from the menu to re-enable it.
  4. If the connection is in “disable,” you must activate it by clicking on it and selecting Enable from the menu bar. driver enable
  5. Similarly, you should give it some time before disabling it once by clicking the connection and choosing Disable from the submenu.

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How do you disable airplane mode greyed out windows 10?

You can press the corresponding key on the computer keyboard if the on-screen flight mode selection is greyed out. The majority of modern laptop and desktop keyboards include a flight mode function. You can use the Flight mode and Function keys, both represented by the letter ‘Fn.’

Why is the airplane mode not switching off?

A network troubleshooter could be useful if the airplane mode won't exit. It will attempt to resolve problems preventing the gadget from transmitting and receiving signals. Select settings by pressing Windows Key + X. System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters.

Why has airplane mode greyed out?

On Windows 10, if the Airplane Mode is greyed out for you, your network adapters are the cause of the problem. First, see if you can activate Airplane Mode by using keyboard shortcuts. Ensure the current status of all of your drivers.

Why must I use airplane mode?

Aviation mode is essential to prevent any potential disruption to key airplane systems. These are radio frequency emitting devices that are utilised for correspondence and route planning.


Flight mode is not something you have to use all the time. However, switching through enabling and deactivating the airplane mode is frequently a suggestion to resolve several network issues on the PC. If turning off airplane mode in Windows 10 is grey, then that is not feasible. We talked about the issues and their fixes. Simply put the troubleshooting advice into action to repair flight mode. If your issue is still not resolved, then take the help of Microsoft Support.

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