Have you yet to learn why the Twitch vods keep restarting? Fear not—we’ve got you covered. While live broadcasting is the primary function of Twitch, videos on demand, or VODs, also have a significant position on the site. Twitch VOD viewing issues might occasionally arise, which detracts from the overall Twitch experience for users.

Fortunately, there is always a solution to a problem. These are some of the most recent functional solutions for this issue. To fix the Twitch Vods keep restarting issue, try the home button trick or switch to a different browser.

You can also set a VPN for ad-free streaming and clear browser cache and cookies. This tutorial will look at solutions for the Twitch VOD’s restarting issue. Continue reading to learn more if you’ve been having trouble with this lately.

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Twitch VODs Keep Restarting? Here are 4 Fixes

Understanding why this may soon become aggravating is essential, even if it may not initially seem severe. For instance, you may view a video on demand (VOD) after an extended live stream. Your VOD begins to restart at random periods after a few hours. It takes a while to pinpoint the precise moment your watching was cut off, and once you do, it just starts up again.twitch vods keep restartingIf this keeps happening, it can quickly go from a minor irritation to a severe problem. Fortunately, we have a few trustworthy methods to help you eliminate this problem for good.

Quick Fix 1: The “Home Button Trick”

We have discovered a quick solution to the Twitch Vods keep restarting issue, lessening the aggravation when it arises. The secret here is to avoid having to look up the timestamp when the broadcast is finished. As you can see, this simple approach will save you a lot of time. But this isn’t a permanent solution—instead, it’s only a stopgap measure for the restarting problem. You’ll need to employ the following procedure, which is described below, to do that.

Quick Fix 2: VPN for Ad-Free Streaming

Many people have asked how long Twitch Vods last, and several Users have claimed that Twitch’s ad-displaying algorithm causes the restarting issue. This suggests that your video on demand (VOD) will resume if Twitch tries to show an advertisement but fails to complete the operation.

This can only happen when accessing Twitch in a nation where advertising is broadcast. This implies that you can change your location to an area free of advertisements. Installing a VPN can also resolve the unblocking origin not working in the Twitch error.

To make this happen, a VPN is required. Selecting a server that offers consistent speeds is essential to stream movies without interruption.vpn

Quick Fix 3: Browser Cache and Cookies

Twitch’s buildup of cookies and faulty data might result in various issues. This method is also effective when you need help changing the Twitch username. Cleaning your cache and cookies regularly is a quick and straightforward way to address many other platform issues. You’ll finish it quickly if you follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch Chrome on your PC and choose the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.three dots
  2. To access the setup panel, select Settings from the dropdown menu.click on settings
  3. Once you reach the Privacy and Security area, scroll down.privacy and security
  4. To go to the last window where you will be cleaning up, select Clear Browsing Data.click on clear browsing data
  5. Check the boxes next to the three available alternatives. To conclude, select Clear Data, located in the lower-right corner. Ensure that the time range field is set to All time.click on clear data
  6. Once your browser has closed and reopened, try utilizing Twitch once more. Check to check whether the restarting issue still exists by playing a VOD. The problem may have been resolved by now.

Quick Fix 4: Switching to a Different Browser

The two most often used browsers among Twitch users are Chrome and Firefox. Because of this, consumers tend to report the most issues and mistakes of Twitch Vods not showing up when using them.

Even if you are merely using a different browser for VOD viewing, switching to a new one is a good idea if you cannot fix this VOD-related issue on Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft Edge or Brave browsers are recommended as an alternative solution.edge and brave

Follow the above solutions to fix the problem of twitch vods keep restarting.


How do I make my VODs stay on Twitch?

Go to your Stream Settings first to activate archiving. By selecting Stream after expanding the Settings tab on the left, you may access this page from your Creator Dashboard. To activate or disable archiving, tap the slider next to Store Prior Broadcasts in the VOD Settings section.

Why does Twitch not keep VODs?

After a predetermined amount of time—usually between 14 and 60 days, depending on your channel's subscription level and other factors—Twitch automatically removes VODs. Your streams should be automatically recorded as previous broadcasts (VODs) on your channel if you have activated VOD saving in your Twitch settings.

Can Twitch streamers disable VODs?

Always Publish VODs will be turned off in your VOD options under your stream settings. This will not affect your already-uploaded VODs in the past, but it will, by default, stop new VODs from being released.

Why does Twitch auto-delete VODs?

Recorded movies ('Past Broadcasts') are deleted after a few days due to storage constraints. They cannot be replaced once removed. You may save a video by clicking the gear symbol beneath the video player and choosing Save Forever. Similarly, select Delete from this option to remove a video.


In conclusion, addressing the issue of Twitch Vods restarting requires a few key steps. Significant improvements can often be achieved by clearing the cache in your browser, disabling extensions, or trying a different browser altogether. Additionally, ensuring a stable internet connection is crucial in preventing interruptions.

If the problem persists, seeking advice from community forums or contacting Twitch support can provide further insights and solutions. With persistence and effective troubleshooting, you should be able to enjoy your favorite Twitch VODs without interruption.


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