Numerous clients like to utilize Touchpad rather than a customary mouse. However, what happens when the two-finger scroll suddenly quits working in Windows 10? Indeed, don’t stress; you can pursue this manual to understand how to fix the Two Finger Scroll Not Working issue. The issue may happen after an ongoing update or redesign, making the touchpad driver contrary to Windows 10.

Two-Finger Scroll is only a choice to look through pages utilizing your two fingers on the PC touchpad. These highlights work with no issues on many workstations, yet a few clients face the Two Finger Scroll not working issue. Now and again, Two Finger Scroll not working issue is caused because the Two Finger Scroll is incapacitated in mouse settings, and empowering these choices will fix The issue.

Whether you’re a seasoned two-finger scroll user or just getting started with the operating system, let us guide you to fix the two-finger scroll not working Windows 10 issue and look at helpful tips and advice.

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How Two Finger Scroll Works In Windows 10 

To use two-finger scrolling in Windows 10, you need a touchpad that supports multi-finger gestures. If your touchpad doesn’t support two-finger scrolling, you won’t be able to use this feature.

To use two-finger scrolling in Windows 10:

  1. Open the Start menu and type “Mouse & touchpad settings” in the search bar. Click on “Mouse & touchpad settings” to open the settings window.mouse & touchpad settings
  2. In the settings window, click the “Additional mouse options” link under the Related Settings section. Click on the “Touchpad” tab in the Mouse Properties window.additional mouse option
  3. You should see an option to enable or disable two-finger scrolling in the Touchpad tab. If the option is available, toggle it on to enable two-finger scrolling. If the option is unavailable, your touchpad doesn’t support this feature.enable two-finger scrolling Once two-finger scrolling is enabled, you can scroll up and down on your touchpad with two fingers.

Why Does Two Finger Scroll Malfunction?

Once in a while, Two Finger Scroll not working error is caused because Two Finger Scroll is crippled in mouse settings, and empowering these choices will fix the issue.scrolling on laptop The occurrences when touchpad parchment quits working, as a rule, happen after Windows refreshes or because of different issues now and again.

The Touchpad scroll not working is a common issue seen by numerous workstation clients. For the most part, the touchpad parchment is situated on the right side of the Touchpad of a PC.

With the assistance of a solitary finger, one can look up or down without much of a stretch while perusing the web, records, reports, and so forth.

The cause of the touchpad scroll not working is Windows 10

There are several possible reasons why the touchpad won’t scroll properly on your Windows 10 device. Some possible causes include the following:

  1. The touchpad or mouse drivers need to be updated or corrected.update driver software
  2. There is an issue with the settings of the touchpad or mouse.
  3. The touchpad or mouse hardware is damaged.
  4. The software or app you are using is fine.

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10 Ways to Fix Two-Finger Scroll Not Working in Windows 10

Check the Mouse Properties

Try to change the mouse pointer, had worked since times for Two Finger Scroll Not Working error. To proceed, follow the steps below: If you are unaware of switching the mouse pointer, refer to the steps below.

  1. Click on Windows Key + I to open Settings, then click the Devices icon. In the left-hand menu, look for the Touchpad button and press it.scroll and zoon
  2. Navigate to the “Scroll and zoom” section and checkmark “Drag two fingers to scroll.” Lastly, close the settings.scroll to zoom

Switch the Pointer

  1. Type control in the Windows Search then selects Control Panel from the search result.type control panel
  2. Make sure “View by” defaults to Category. After this, click on Hardware and Sound.
  3. In Devices and Printers, click on the Mouse. Now switch to the Pointers tab under Mouse Properties.
  4. There is a drop-down menu available there. Select the scheme of your choice from there. Click on Apply, followed by hitting OK.

Try Rollback Driver

Update the system with a rollback driver or solve the issue by going step by step as given below

  1. Click Windows Key + R and type devmgmt.msc followed by hitting Enter, which leads to the Device Manager. devmgmt.msc. Open the Mice and other pointing devices.devmgmt
  2. Right-click on the touchpad device and look for Properties. Now switch to the Driver tab and click the “Roll Back Driver” button.
  3. Finally, to confirm, press Yes, and after the driver rolls back is complete, restart your device, which saves the changes made.

Uninstall Drivers in the System

Sometimes removing the existing drivers from the system and installing them again solves almost all technical problems. All the user has to do is follow the steps given below one by one carefully:

  1. Move to the Device Manager and expand Mice and other pointing devices. Click right on the touchpad device and select the Properties option.uninstall devices
  2. Switch to the Driver tab, then click Uninstall. Now confirm the step, and after completing, restart the device.

Update Drivers in the Touchpad

To update the drivers, proceed with the steps given below:

  1. Click on Windows Key + X, then pick Device Manager.Device manager
  2. Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Select the Mouse device and press open its Properties window. Change on the Driver tab and click on Update.
  3. After that, choose to browse my computer for the driver software. Next to this, Select Let me pick from a list of drivers on my compatible hardware
  4. Remember to check “Show compatible hardware, ” choose compatible Mouse from the menu, and hit Next. Restart the device.

Shut Down the PC and Restart

Sometimes a simple restart might fix the problem. For that, reboot the device. Try it twice to confirm that the rest of the equipment is not causing the problem.restarting pc If still Two Finger Scroll not working problem is not resolved, shut down the PC and switch to its Safe Mode.

Check the Virtual Scrolling

Try Enabling the Virtual Scrolling from the Control panel to get the problem solved. For that, go step by step as given below:

  1. In the Start menu, go to Control Panel and open it.
  2. From here, select the Mouse option. Failing to locate the option, Click on the Hardware option to check if the Mouse option is available.
  3. After that, navigate to the Pointing Device Properties and choose “Device Settings.”device setting properties
  4. Move the cursor down and select the “Virtual Scrolling” and “Long Distance Scrolling” options.
  5. Finally, select the Scrolling Region and denote the area where the touchpad scroll is available on the Touchpad.

Enable Two-Finger Scrolling

The error will occur if the two-finger scrolling feature is not on. Follow the steps below to enable it.

  1. Select Hardware and Sound in the control panel. Under the Devices and Printers option, click Mouse followed by Device Settings. Now move to the Synaptics Touchpad and click on the Settings button.multifinger gesture
  2. Elaborate on the Multi-Finger Gestures, and check the box next to Two-Finger Scrolling. Click on Apply button. multi finger gestures

Utilizing the Synaptic Touchpad

Start by updating the Synaptics driver to its latest version. If the Synaptics touchpad driver isn’t installed, download it online. Restart the device if asked to do so. After installing the driver, navigate to Settings > Device > Touchpad individually.synaptics touch pad Afterward, go to the Additional Settings link, which opens the Mouse Properties. Switch to the Device Settings tab, select Synaptics Touchpad in the devices options, and then click Settings to open Properties.

Take Help from Third-Party Tools

Do remember to download the zip file of the Two Finger Scroll tool. This file shows compatibility with 32-bit as well as 64-bit device systems.scrolling with two finger Extract the zip file to the desktop or any other disc drive. After this, click on the TwoFingerScroll.exe file twice to run the application smoothly. This is only what needs to be done.


Why is it that Windows 10 no longer allows two-finger scrolling?

You can access the Touchpad tab by clicking the Settings button. It will then display the Properties window. Make sure Two-Finger Scrolling is checked by expanding the MultiFinger Gestures panel. If there is an empty box, all required to activate it is a click.

Why windows 10 can't scroll with a touchpad?

From Settings, enable two-finger scrolling. Anyhow, follow these instructions to activate this option in settings. Launch Settings from the start menu by logging in. The touchpad may be found under Devices on the sidebar. Turn on Drag two fingers to scroll in the right panel's Scroll and zoom section.

How to turn on two-finger scrolling windows 10?

Press the Start key to select the settings cog above the power button. You may also hit Windows + I. Under the Scrolling direction section, a dropdown option representing your touchpad's scrolling direction will appear. There are two options: Down motion scrolls down and Down motion scrolls up.

How can I enable auto-scrolling?

To enable auto-scrolling, squeeze the scroll wheel inward on a free or empty portion of the screen. One of the three scrolling cursor icons (shown to the right) appears when you click, depending on the software you're using.

Does Windows 11 support touch better?

With Windows 10, you could directly switch a device to tablet mode, but that option is no longer available. Instead, when you remove the keyboard, PCs immediately transition to a touch-friendly mode. Some new motions are accessible, and the taskbar icons space out more.


Although these methods will solve your problem, nobody knows where the actual problem is. If nothing works, the user must contact the manufacturer or the service center to repair the device if there is any other internal problem that might cause the issue.

However, the above-mentioned solutions can make the machine work properly to some extent. If the user looks forward to handling the device manually, follow the above steps carefully.


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