Twitch is one of the world’s most popular live-streaming apps. Now, applications like Twitch are free to use, generate revenue, and profit from advertisements. So, it’s pretty expected that ads will pop up during one of those intense horror game live streams or a celeb Q&A Livestream you’re glued to. And you can’t blame Twitch for it.

But that is also pretty irritating, which is why free-to-use extensions for blocking ads like Ublock have come up and have gained massive popularity. Sometimes, you’ll come across Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch. To resolve Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch, Restart Your Browser, Restart Your Computer, Use A VPN, Subscribe to Twitch Turbo, and Use The thing is that it’s Twitch that is the main culprit. Every day, Twitch developers develop more innovative and foolproof ways to display ads and trick ad blockers. The next day, the ad blockers are updated to see through Twitch’s practices and block ads again to provide a seamless experience. So every once in a while, Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch issue will happen.

As of late, it’s been seen that uBlock is failing or not efficiently blocking out advertisements on Twitch, to the dismay of millions of Twitch users. But can you blame Ublock for it? Not really. Keep reading this article to know more and fix the issue quickly.

Fix Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch

uBlock is facing the same issues. It’s at the mercy of Twitch developers developing ways to circumvent and render it useless. However, until uBlock fixes Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch issue, here are some other fixes you can run through to block/avoid ads and enjoy that Livestream of yours.

Use a VPN

VPN is private, secure, and safe, effectively filtering out any potential ad, malware, pop-ups, etc. What you need to do is the following- vpn

  1. Install any VPN (there are many, like Nord VPN, Surfshark, Express VPN, etc.)nord vpn
  2. Set the VPN location to a country where Twitch doesn’t run ads. (Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Costa Rica, etc.)

vpn connected to russia

This will help you fix the Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch issue.

Install Video Ad-Block

There’s a trendy browser extension for blocking Twitch ads called Video Ad-Block. To block Twitch ads, you can add them to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).


The video streaming quality will drop to 480p while the ad is running and then go back to normal when it’s finished. So you’ve fixed the Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch issue through another extension.


In this fix, you need to use another website and add “ls” before “.tv” and replace “.tv” with “.com” in the address bar once you come across an ad. 


Switch to Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo is like a paid premium version of Twitch which, according to its statement, helps avoid “pre-rolls, mid-rolls, companions, and display ads.”


You don’t even think Ublock Origin is Not Working on Twitch issues if you’re paying for Turbo. However, this does not remove the ads; specific promotions may still pop up. 

Install the Twitch HLS AdBlock

Enable developer mode on your Google Chrome. Go to GitHub, search for Twitch HLS Adblock, or follow this link. This is not exactly a fix for Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch but an alternative.

Download the zip file available on the website. Then follow these steps.

  1. Open Chrome and go to settings.
  2. From there, select ‘Extensions’ from the left side list.
  3. The extensions tab opens.
  4. Click on the ‘Load unpacked’ button in the top left corner.
  5. Browse to the location of the extracted files.
  6. Open the folder, then select the ‘extension’ folder.
  7. Click on ‘Select folder.’

You have now installed Twitch HLS AdBlock.

Also, discover tips and tricks to prevent Twitch VODs from restarting unexpectedly and enjoy uninterrupted viewing sessions.

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Why Is Ublock Origin Not Working On Twitch?

If Ublock Origin is not working on Twitch, it could be for several reasons, including changes to the Twitch website structure, Ublock Origin updates, and conflicts with other browser extensions. Additionally, Twitch may employ new technology to bypass ad blockers, making it more difficult for Ublock Origin to block ads effectively.

How Can I Fix Ublock Origin Not Working On Twitch?

Update Ublock Origin: Make sure you have the latest Ublock Origin installed.
Disable Other Conflicting Extensions: Certain browser extensions can interfere with the functionality of his Ublock Origin on Twitch. Try turning off other extensions one at a time to identify potential conflicts.
If none of the above solutions work, you can report the issue to the Ublock Origin developer.

Are There Any Ublock Origin Alternatives For Blocking Ads On Twitch?

Ublock Origin is a popular ad blocker, but there are alternative extensions you can try if you are having trouble with Ublock Origin on Twitch. Alternatives include Adblock Plus, Nano Adblocker, and AdGuard. These extensions offer similar ad-blocking functionality and may work better in certain situations. It's worth experimenting with different attachments to find one that fits your needs.

Can Twitch Detect And Block Ublock Origin?

Twitch has introduced measures to detect and combat ad blockers, including Ublock Origin. However, ad blockers constantly adapt to these measures, and developers always try to stay ahead of the curve. Twitch occasionally detects Ublock Origin and attempts to bypass its blocking functionality, but Ublock Origin developers typically respond by releasing updates that fix these changes.

Are There Any Legal Concerns About Using Ublock Origin On Twitch?

Using an ad blocker like Ublock Origin on a platform like Twitch raises questions about the legality and ethics of ad blocking. Ad blockers are legitimate tools, but some websites and media, including Twitch, consider blocking ads to be against their terms of service. It's essential to read the terms and policies of your platform to understand its stance on ad blocking.


Hopefully, this guide will help you fix the Ublock Origin Not Working on Twitch issue. However, there is no sure-shot way to remove Twitch ads unless you want to consider switching to Twitch alternatives. You can use these methods to eliminate most of the ads and enjoy a seamless streaming experience. 

You can also regain control over your Twitch experience and block those pesky ads once and for all.


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