Gboard is one of Google’s best keyboard apps for Android and iOS smartphones. However, when using the Gboard keyboard to type, numerous users have suggested receiving the “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped” error. Now, you must be wondering what Gboard keeps stopping. A faulty cache causes this error, an app problem, or even a tool malfunction.   

If your app is not working correctly or misbehaving, a quick solution is to force-stop the app. Force stop allows us to kill the running app, stopping it from accessing any of its cache files. app to resolve the issue. Your Gboard may stop running simultaneously as you’re using the service. It may be pretty frustrating. I’ll review the first-rate manner on Android, iPhone, and iPad to repair the Gboard error message. Check out how to fix your Windows 10 keyboard if it stops working.

Methods To Fix “Unfortunately, Gboard Has Stopped”

The best solution to fix the Gboard error message on Android, iPhone, and iPad is below. Most Android devices, including Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony Xperia, and Android, should work with the solutions.

Restart Gboard Keyboard

Restarting the keyboard can be extraordinarily useful in resolving the problem. It turned taken into consideration to be beneficial using numerous readers. While a few users said that the trouble recurs later, others observed a past concern resolved through restarting the keyboard, which has solved the issue “Unfortunately Gboard Has Stopped.”

  1. Go to Settings of the smartphone menu. Then, scroll to the Apps section and select Application Manager.application manager
  2. Apps and notifications segment. To get to the “All” tab, swipe properly. Open the Gboard App.gboard app
  3. Now press the Force button. To stop the keyboard, press the prevent button. Force stop gboard. Exit the Settings menu and attempt the keyboard again to see whether it works. force-stop-gboard

Suppose the tool producer has set up its keyboard. Users will word that they’re using the opposite keyboard. You should be searching for the keyboard if you use a 3rd-birthday party keyboard.

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Precise Data And Cache Gboard Keyboard

The Google keyboard has ceased running. Trouble may be constant. With all wanted rights granted, clear records of the Google keyboard app. To do so, comply with the stairs beneath and fix the issue “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped”.

  1. Go to your smartphone’s settings and pick out Manage Apps (apps).
  2. From the higher right corner, choose the three-dot alternative. It will display all apps, each general and system-associated. Show all apps is chosen.
  3. From there, look for the Gboard App. Select it by way of clicking on it. Then pick out Clear cache from the drop-down menu.
  4. Precise Data And Cache Gboard Keyboard
  5. The app permission choice is now available. Select it via clicking on it. Then, from there, enable all options.

Now pass in advance and test whether or not your Google Keyboard is working or now not. If you experience some other mistakes, please allow us to recognize them. Then continue to the subsequent step to fix the issue “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped”

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Ensure Gboard is Your Default Keyboard

  1. Open “Settings” on your Android cellphone and select “System” or “General control.”settings
  2. After that, select “Languages and input,” then “Default keyboard,” which are the alternatives.default keyboard
  3. Language and input. “Default keyboard” has to be opened. Gboard default keyboard. Select Gboard from the pop-up menu that appears.gboard default keyboard

These were the easy methods to solve the issue “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped.”

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Restart The Device

There can be some problems with the app, because of which Google keyboard has stopped. A phone reboot can clear up fundamental app troubles and minor device malfunctions. Check whether the keyboard is working after restarting the device. Many readers have located that this is a protracted-time period technique to the hassle.restart device

For many Android and iOS customers, a quick reboot appears to have fixed the Gboard crashing trouble.

  1. Keep the power key pressed and held.
  2. Select Power Off from the menu.
  3. Let the Device be idle for a minute or two.
  4. Check to peer if the Gboard app blunders have been fixed by restarting the telephone.

Update Keyboard From Google Play Store

Gboard Keeps Stopping Error is the most customary gift because we by no means replace our Google keyboard app.update gboard on Iphone

  1. Open the Google Play Store. Select the navigation bar on the left aspect of the screen. Select the My Apps and Games option.
  2. Check to see in case your Gboard app has been up to date. If you notice an updated alternative, you must replace that app.
  3. You also can use the Google Play Store search bar to replace your app. Simply kind Gboard into the quest bar. Then, if it’s available, you’ll get an updated choice.
  4. Please update your app. After that, strive for the usage of your Google keyboard. You can use this method for your smartphone and see if it solves the “unfortunately, Gboard has stopped” issue.

Reset The Keyboard Settings

You can reset your settings by using the following these steps:

  1. Go on your tool’s Settings menu.
  2. Look for Language and Input beneath System and contact on it.reset keyboard settings
  3. Select Gboard Keyboard from the menu.
  4. Now scroll down and choose Reset Settings from the drop-down menu.

Update The Device Software

Your Device’s software program is critical to maintaining all your apps working easily. Updates make sure that everyone recognizes flaws and problems are addressed. If you haven’t mounted a software update in a long time, you should accomplish that now.update device software

  1. Go to your Device’s Settings menu.
  2. Select About Device from the menu.
  3. Select the Software Update option.
  4. The machine will attempt to find new updates.

If your Device has been up to date, you may obtain proof that it runs the most current software program. Updates are to be had. You ought to install them. Then look if the fault has been constant once your smartphone restarted after the upgrade.

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Install Updates For Google Keyboard

To fix Gboard has stopped on Android, follow these steps

  1. Open the Play Store app and seek Gboard.update gboard
  2. To install the update, tap the Update icon.
  3. Check for any adjustments by relaunching the app.

Google employees said that the engineers know the problem and feature supplied an update to deal with it. 

On your iPhone, manually update Gboard.

  1. Start by going to the App Store.
  2. At the lowest of the phone screen, press Today.
  3. Select the icon to your profile (pinnacle left display).
  4. Gboard is located at the lowest of the web page.
  5. Check to peer if the app has any pending updates.
  6. To deploy the pending update, tap Update.

These were mediocrely lengthy methods to solve the issue “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped.”

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Restart In Safe Mode

We can decide whether trouble has happened due to one of the 1/3-celebration apps on this segment employing restarting your tool in a secure mode. It means that beneath Safe Mode, your Android cellphone keyboard could be the one that works. If the problem persists, continue the following step inside the troubleshooting technique.

  1. Hold the Power key till the Power menu appears at the display.
  2. Now, click and hold the Power option at the menu until a pop-up window asks if you need to restart in Safe mode.
  3. To affirm, click OK.
  4. Then, to verify, the words Safe Mode will seem on the screen. Check to study if the keyboard works in Safe mode now.restart in safe mode

If it works, it’s 0.33-celebration programs you’re using are in charge. Ascertain the app that is causing the problem. You must first figure out what applications you recently installed earlier than trying to disable them.

Disable every app one by one. Then, check if the keyboard works when disabling a selected app. Uninstall the app that triggered the problem once you’ve diagnosed it.

It does now not work in case you use a 3rd-birthday party keyboard. Hence, that keyboard has to be uninstalled. You can use the native Android tool keyboard app. Install a third-party keyboard from the Play Store.

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Factory Reset your Device 

When your manufacturing facility resets your Android or iOS tool, all of the records within the internal garage are erased. It includes apps and personal documents. Hence, to ensure backup of your information earlier than doing a manufacturing unit reset on your device. This could also solve your “unfortunately, the gboard has stopped” issue.

iPhone Factory Reset

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the General tab.
  3. Go to Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to erase every content and setting.factory reset iphone
  4. If you prefer, you can permit iCloud to back up your information earlier than getting rid of it.
  5. Select the option to Back up, Then Erase.
  6. Then, put your passcode in right here.
  7. You’ll want to enter your Apple ID password to verify the motion.
  8. Allow for a factory reset of the Device.
  9. Install Gboard and see if the trouble ” Unfortunately Gboard has stopped ” has been resolved.

Android Factory reset

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Go to the General Management section.
  3. Reset utilizing pressing the Reset button.
  4. Then, select Reset Settings from the drop-down menu.
  5. Tap on Reset Settings over again.factory reset android
  6. The Reset Settings picks will not erase any programs or statistics from your Device; as an alternative, they’ll repair the tool’s basic settings.

If resetting the settings didn’t remedy the hassle “unfortunately, Gboard has stopped”, you need to perform a factory reset.

Android 2nd technique 
  1. Go to General Management > Settings.factory reset android 2
  2. Reset > Factory records reset is the choice.
  3. The data and apps affected by this are displayed on the telephone.
  4. After this, reset by using the urgent Reset button.
  5. You may also need to enter your pin or sample to end the method.
  6. Allow the tool to reset to its manufacturing unit settings.
  7. Then check if the fault has been constant, and reinstall Gboard from the Google Play Store.

These were the most straightforward methods to solve the issue. “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped.”


What does Gboard not responding mean?

They store data and applications that your apps frequently use on the neighborhood device. The cache allows your apps to reply and perform quicker. New updates are now and again rolled out. Your program still uses cache reminiscence, inflicting conflicts and app crashes. Gboard may be unable to open or load as a result of this.

Why has my Gboard stopped working?

Your cellphone's cache partition stores temporary device files. It will no longer affect how the Gboard app or your smartphone works. Tap the option that asserts clean cache partition on the principle recovery mode display screen. Enter healing mode for your Android Phone.

Is Gboard safe?

Of course, since the maximum of us just like the comfort of utilizing them, that is not a sensible solution. So, in case you believe Google and use Gmail, Google Calendar, or other Google apps or offerings, it's probably secure to use GBoard.


The error “Unfortunately, Gboard has stopped” might get up for a ramification of motives. A faulty cache is one of the most common causes of this hassle. If clearing the app cache doesn’t restore the trouble, follow the following troubleshooting steps in the put-up.

We hope to solve your problem of why Gboard keeps stopping and how to fix it.