Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped is a prevalent issue. But don’t worry, as we have 6 Ways to Fix Unfortunately; Google Play Services Has Stopped. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem.

Google Play Services is a new service created by Google to simplify people’s lives. Now you don’t have to wait for the next Android update (which usually depends on manufacturers and carriers) to enjoy many of the benefits of updated Google APIs. Google can now silently update Google Play Services through the Google Play Store.

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You should also notice that more and more Google apps are now available in the Play Store, such as Google Keyboard, Google Calendar, etc. The best thing about Google Play Services is that it supports old versions of Android up to Froyo. It is a boon in disguise as it saves time and effort for the people and is very convenient. Solve this problem by restating your device by pressing the power button until the shutdown menu appears and choosing the restart option.

They’re preparing an altogether new venture in a genuine Google frame. Google has taken the lead on another advanced excitement goal where you can keep and share your most loved music, films, books, and applications all in one place.

unfortunately google play services has stopped

Google Play utilizes distributed computing to store your diversion so you can get it anywhere. Distributed computing is additionally an excellent method for putting away your

data. Since you never need to stress over moving your records or losing them on the off chance that anything should happen to your PC.

The backbone of all Google Apps is Google Play Services. It has all the necessary functionality, such as contact synchronization, Google services verification, access to the most current user privacy settings, and superior, less resource-intensive location-based services. Maps are supplied in greater detail, offline searches are sped up, and gaming experiences are improved. Click here to learn how to fix it if you fail to connect to the Windows service.

Most Google apps on your device might become unusable if Google Play Services ceases functioning. It is pre-installed on every Android phone and ensures that every Google app you install functions properly.

In addition to this, your app experience can take advantage of Google Play features. The Google Play Services handle everything so you can conveniently resume where you left off in a game.

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“Unfortunately, Google Play Service Has Stopped,” What Is The Cause?

Ineffective software or network problems are the roots of Play Store failures.

A significant exception, though: Your device can receive the incorrect Play Store update. Because the Play Store’s design is specific for particular hardware (or CPUs), the incorrect version is useless.

google play service has stopped fix error

Whenever you alter specific OS parameters, When Download Manager is not active due to utilizing an out-of-date copy of Google Play Store and Google Play Services, If the Google Play Services version that is currently installed has bugs due to the phone’s limited storage when there is a bad internet connection If your device’s time and date are unsuitable, or if Google Play Services cached data is inaccurate.

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Is The Google Play Store Still Down?

To avoid paying certification costs to Google, certain low-end manufacturers will sometimes install unauthorized copies of the Play Store on your phones. Over time, these devices may lose access to Google Play.

By rooting their smartphones and sideloading customized versions of the Play Store, some users have found success with Play Store difficulties. But for most folks, it’s likely best to install a Play Store substitute and carry on.google play store still downSome users may be able to sideload and root the Play Store, while others may need a factory reset. If none of these solutions helped you, you must speak with the maker of your device to address the problem and devise a workable fix for the “Google Play Service has ceased” error message.

You can reach out to Google as an option. Their customer service representatives are helpful, and you may also submit a query to their Help Center. Want to fix the taskbar frozen error? Read This.

How To Fix Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Let’s discuss how you can fix this error.

Method 1: Update The App

Very often, the Google Play app is not updated, and you are using one of the outdated versions not supported by Google anymore. It can create errors in the services offered by Google Play.

update google play services

To update the app, you just have to open the Play Store on your system and go to My Apps; you will find an Update option available; you just need to click on that; as simple as that. The update will happen within seconds if you have a good internet connection and can use the Google Play Services without disruption.

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Method 2: Reinstall The App

You can reinstall the Google Play app, as sometimes errors are embedded and cannot be detected. To reinstall the app, you can go to settings and deactivate the device administrator. Moreover, you should also uninstall updates. After this step, if you go to any Google Play services, a message will show that you need to install Google Play Services. You should then click on install.

device administrator

Lo and behold! Your app will be installed again. You should again activate it by going to device administrators in settings. It will solve the error. Unfortunately, the Google Play services have stopped. You could also download other third-party apps from Softonic, but is Softonic Safe to Download? Find out on our website.

Method 3: Clear The Google Services Framework Cache

You should try to prevent the message. Unfortunately, Google Play has stopped the error from displaying on your screen by clearing the app cache. You can go to settings and then to Application Manager. You should locate the Google Services Framework and click on force stop from there.

clear cache

After that, press the clear cache option and restart your device. It is a useful method for tackling errors but is not always successful. You should try out other ways as well.

Method 4: Re-Add Your Google Account

If the error message says Unfortunately, Google Play Services error shows on your screen, you should try to prevent it by removing and re-adding your Google account on your device. Sometimes, this error can appear due to some error caused by your Google account.

add new account

If it is open in more than one system, an error can cause, and thus, as a precaution, you should re-add your Google account and log in again. It would prevent the error from happening and would relieve you of your worries. You can then continue using the Google Play Services without any hindrances.

Method 5: Reset App Preferences

Another way of preventing the error, Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped, is to reset the app preferences. Go to the Application Manager and find the option Reset the App Preferences.app_managerIt will mostly be at the bottom. All you have to do is click on it and restart your device. This would immediately resolve the issue, and you can use the Google Play services efficiently.

Method 6: Reset Your Device To Factory Version

If none of the other methods are helping in removing the error message saying, Unfortunately, the Google Play Services has stopped. You can resort to this method. In this method, you must reset your device to the factory version. You should reset your Android version device to the factory version. To do this, you can go to settings and click on the backup and reset option.

factory reset

You will find a factory data reset option if you click on it. You will be able to reset your device to the factory version. But, before taking this step, you should have a backup of your data, as resetting removes all the data. And a memory from the device, and you all have photos, videos, and necessary documents that you would not want to lose due to resetting. Therefore, always be careful about backing up your data before resetting your device.

Thus, the above methods are ways to fix the error. Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped. You can continue using Google Play Services without any hindrance.


Disabling Google Play Services is safe?

If you're merely temporarily turning off Google Play Services, it's acceptable. However, over time, it will negatively affect your other apps and services, especially Google apps.

What distinguishes clear cache from clear data?

In contrast to clearing data, which removes the app's data, clearing the cache removes temporary files associated with programs, such as cached images. Be careful when choosing the second app option because it can delete your data.

What occurs if I delete every piece of data from Google Play Services?

When you wipe Google Play Services Data, you remove all saved files, settings, accounts, preferences, and databases. As a result of everything associated with the app being deleted, it's as if you've newly loaded the Google Play Services app on your phone.

Why is my smartphone unable to use Google Play Services?

Disable Android Device Manager by going to Settings > Security > Device Administrators. Go to Apps now, disable Google Play Services, and then clear all its and the Play Store's data. Activate Google Play Services after rebooting the device.


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